How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay Like That Nerdy Fellow

Critical analysis essays are all about analyzing a piece of literature, art, film, or any other work. You get to look at what makes it tick, what themes, techniques, and implications it has, and then express your view on it in a well-thought-out and reasonable way.

This expert guide is your best bet if you’re having trouble writing critical analysis essay. Hence, ensure you read it until the end to make the most of it.

A Detailed Guide on How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Pick a Subject

Choose something you know well and are interested in studying. It could be a novel, a poem, a film, a picture, or any other creative piece. It must be detailed and complicated enough to allow for a thorough analysis. 

Secondly, you might be concerned about how to title a critical analysis essay you are working on. Well, just keep it simple, on-point, and concise. Include words that will quickly give the idea to readers what this essay is all about.

Form a Good Understanding of the Work

Before you start your analysis, immerse yourself in the work. Read or view it several times, take notes, and examine its context. Look up the creator, the history behind it, and any other information that can help you get a clearer picture of the purpose. 

A Solid Introduction is Important

Start your essay with a captivating intro to give your readers context about the work and its creator. Follow that up with a statement that clearly communicates what your essay will be about. Ensure your thesis is precise and the central point of your paper.

(Example) How to Write an Introduction to a Critical Analysis Essay:

In George Orwell’s novel 1984,’ he uses a scary, depressing setting to show how bad it would be if an oppressive government took away our freedom. This essay will look at the book’s characters, symbols, and writing techniques to show why Orwell wrote this story as a warning to us today.

Summarize the Whole Piece

Give a short overview of the story, concentrating on the main elements, the characters, and the important events. Make it precise and impartial so that it serves as an introduction to your evaluation.

Example of the Summary:

In the novel ‘1984’, Winston Smith is the main character trying to fight against the oppressive government that Big Brother runs. The book takes place in a dystopian future where people have very little freedom and individuality. Winston is determined to take back his independence from the totalitarian regime.

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It is the center of your essay, where you’ll get into all the parts of the piece and provide proof to support your understanding. Break down the work into its parts and look at each separately. Talk about their importance and how they help make up the whole.


Analyze what drives the characters and how they change and interact with each other. Think about how their actions and interactions help convey the story’s main ideas.

Example Analysis (Characters):

Winston Smith goes from being a good little follower to standing up for himself. Reflecting how humans want to be in control and push back against unfair authority. His relationships with Julia and O’Brien show us how complicated loyalty, trust, and manipulation can be.

Themes and Symbolism

Figure out what the main topics and symbols are in the piece. Explain how they are used to get across more significant implications and ideas.

Example Analysis (Themes and Symbolism):

The idea of Big Brother always watching you makes it feel like you have no privacy, and it’s really messed with people’s heads. It’s a reminder of how dangerous it can be to give too much power to one person, and it’s relevant to today’s issues about government control and monitoring technology.

Writing Techniques

Examine the author’s writing style, word choice, and storytelling techniques. Consider how these elements shape the reader’s experience and enhance the piece.

Example Analysis (Writing Techniques):

Orwell’s writing draws you into the dismal world of Airstrip One. His use of descriptive language makes you feel connected to the characters and what they’re going through. Plus, writing it in a broken-up way mirrors Winston’s world and gives you a sense that everything is out of control.

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Time for a Critical Evaluation

In this part, take a close look at the pros and cons of the work. What elements worked, and which ones didn’t? Back up your opinion with some examples from the work.

Example of a Critical Evaluation:

Orwell’s depiction of a surveillance state is shockingly on point. Some have argued that Julia is too shallow of a character and only truly defined by her relationship with Winston. However, it could be viewed as intentional to demonstrate the government’s ability to erase individuality.


In conclusion, it is important to emphasize the work’s main points, reiterate the thesis, and analyze the interpretation of the work. Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the lasting impact and relevance of the work to understand its importance.

Example Conclusion:

To wrap it up, George Orwell’s ‘1984’ still serves as a powerful reminder of the risks of authoritarian rule and the disappearance of individual rights. This essay has demonstrated how the novel’s characters, symbolism, and narrative techniques remain relevant to modern conversations about control, monitoring, and the fight for personal liberty.

Proofreading and Revising

Once you’re done writing your essay, remember to go over it and check it for mistakes. Your points must sound believable and that you have enough evidence to back them up. Plus, run a spell checker and double-check your grammar.

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An effective critical analysis essay should be more than just a summary of the work. It should also include an interpretation that considers the piece’s complexities. When writing your essay, use examples from the work and provide evidence to support your points.

Additionally, your essay must have a logical flow and structure. Hopefully, you now have a thorough answer to how to write a critical analysis essay.

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