Declassifying Myths of Writing a Critical Analysis Essay

There comes a time in every student’s life when they need to pour soul in their work and make it alive. College students are pushed on this path when they start writing a critical analysis essay. It’s an assignment that helps them demonstrate their creativity and displaying it like a giant billboard in Times Square New Work City.

Similarly, for reaching on top and shining like a New York City’s billboard, students must delve deep into a topic and present their analysis. This analysis is based on a research and calculated opinion that can differ or support an existing idea. All in all, it’s a delicate assignment and requires the finesse to further polish your academic skills.

What is a Critical Analysis Essay?

A critical analysis essay is an assignment that allows students to choose an existing literature / idea or philosophy and present their objective opinion on it. Analysis essays are a part of the expository essay genre and take your audience closer to the truth.

Additionally, when students are provided with an analysis essay prompt, they must dig deep and analyze the topic from 360 degrees. This enables them to pay attention to details and thoroughly establish ground for the debate. Lastly, students who garner skills at analysis essays can become good curators for literary debate. So, we know you all are excited to start this journey with us today and keep honing your academic skills. Without further ado, let’s start!

How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay?

Writing a critical analysis essay takes the skills of an expert researcher and typically involves years of expertise. This is why it’s considered a tough assignment and reserves the role in literature, art, creative writing and poetry, etc. Fear not, for students who don’t know how to do a critical analysis of a topic or starting one, we will share all the details in this section. 

Additionally, our professional writers will present their take on this difficult task and make your understanding deeper. For writing critical analysis essay you must follow the steps mentioned below:

how to write a critical analysis essay

Pick a Topic

Choosing a topic is the first step of many that you will take to write a critical examination essay. Typically, there are two instances, one where these topics are already provided by your professor / college, etc. The second one is where students themselves get the discretion of choosing a subject while staying within the defined parameters of their discipline. In both cases, a topic is the first step you must take and make it work for your assignment gradings. 

On the other hand, a topic selection is a difficult task and requires careful evaluation and a well-thought process. A common oversight may cause you to deviate from the established principles and find yourself in a hole. To avoid such obstacles, students must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Don’t just read the prompt, chew on it (in case already provided by the professor)

  • Critically examine your abilities and skills required by the topic

  • Availability of the research material on the subject from oldest to latest

  • Time required by the topic and how you maybe able to segmentize your schedule 

  • Think carefully about the psychological pressure that you might or might not be able to handle

  • Capacity to engage your target audience and allows you a sufficient room to learn

  • Approval from college aboard in case you’re doing a research project

After going through the steps our experts mentioned here, you can easily choose a topic that suits you and perfectly fits with the discipline. 

Doing a Thorough Research

The second step that will help you write a research analysis essay is doing a thorough investigation on the subject. A research work is composed of many types depending on the requirement of the topic. If you are a literature student you might have to research famous writers such as Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, Dan Brown, Haruki Murakami, etc.

Similarly, for performing arts, acting, screenplay writing discipline’s students, they can research renowned movie makers, directors, etc. Usually, critical analysis essays are based on literature review of books and movies. Hence, you’ll be reading and watching countless movies and books until you get hands full of useful research material.

For example, if you are a drama or script writing student, you can choose “Christopher Nolan” movies for doing research on his direction and script writing style. Here is an example of research on the aforementioned Hollywood director Christopher Nolan movies.

Example: “Batman franchise reboot in 2005 starts with Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises demonstrate how a hero starts its journey and what obstacles they face in the shadows of hopelessness and becoming a symbol of justice for entire society”

Without doing extensive research you wouldn’t be able to present your opinion in such a way. So, it’s essential for students of all disciplines to conduct research on their part and move forward on the next step. 

Make an Outline

A third step involved in this guide is outlining your essay. This step becomes easy after students gather all the relevant research data and try to make sense of it. This step is also known as structuring the arguments into sections and dividing your attention accordingly. 

Just like any other college essay type, analysis essays also contain the same parts of outline. This includes:

  • Introductory paragraph

  • Body paragraph(s)

  • Concluding paragraph

An intro section is the first part of an essay’s outline that serves both as an entry and captivating content. If the introduction of the essay fails to please your readers that results in a catastrophe. You can use a hook sentence to literally hook your reader’s eyes on the essay by adding a thought-provoking quote, fact, etc. Then, add information related to the background of the topic and educate your audience. Finally present your thesis statement to stamp the essay with your expertise and capabilities.

The middle section of a critical analysis assignment consists of body paragraphs. These paragraphs contain some of the best evidence that helps authors compliment their research. This section requires meticulous information without adding irrelevant details. 

On the other hand, your assignment needs a typical of three paragraphs and maximum of five to convey your message effectively. Each paragraph discusses new points and addresses the audience’s question with the author’s research and its corroborating evidence. Although every paragraph discusses new findings, still each one is tied to the thesis statement of the essay. By using transition words, every paragraph remains connected to one another. 

The last part of the essay’s outline is the conclusion paragraph. This is where students must end the debate. As an author you must summarize the main discussion of the topic along with restating your thesis statement that leaves your readers with a lingering impression. 

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Start the First Draft

After completing the previous three steps, it is time to put the pen to the paper. You can start writing all the details of the critical analysis assignment right away. These steps involve many complexities from going back and forth to outline details and getting them right on the paper or your laptop. Although, it’s your first draft and you should treat it such, because any grammatical, punctuation or structural mistake can be revised later on. 

Since your first draft is a carbon copy of your outline, you just have to arrange the position of your arguments in different sections of the essay’s outline. You can add a hook statement, background and thesis sentence in the introduction paragraph. Your arguments and their supporting evidence should be placed in body sections. Lastly, students must add a summary of key findings and connect them with a thesis statement and throw the last punch. 

This way, you can add a powerful impression on your audience and emphasize your command over the subject matter. 

Revision of the Draft

This next step is too important for a successful assignment submission and its grading. The first draft you’ve completed is not going to be the final draft you will submit to your professor. So make appropriate adjustments structural and grammatical to make it your best version on the topic. 

There are many methods that can help you achieve this objective. Students can ask their friends, family members or their professor and they’ll be delighted to help them sort this out. A second set of eyes or opinion is always a good sign and helps you navigate the intricacies of academic writing. 

Students generally think their professor’s job is just giving lectures, but they can also play a good role in your academic growth and development. Their opinion may just be the thing lacking in your write-up and can highlight a pivotal mistake that was overlooked in your revision. 

Lastly, you must check the flow of the arguments in the body paragraphs because your answers might not be following logical flow and conciseness. For lengthy irrelevant sentences use succinct statements that help you express a clear message to your audience. 

Proofread your Critical Analysis Essays and Bring Perfection

The last part in our expert’s guide is proofreading your work. Although it does seem like revision and proofreading are the same thing, they are not. Revision relates to examining structural issues whereas proofreading only deals with grammatical errors. 

It may seem tempting to start both the process of revision and proofreading at the same time. However, for maintaining the creativity and logic in your take on the topic, it’s recommended to do them separately and with some time apart. You may do the revision in one day and next day can focus on proofreading, etc. This way you’ll be able to divide your workload in a perfect balance and get tangible results.

When proofreading, keep an eye on precision and appropriate use of grammar. Lengthy sentences and use of jargon should be pruned and eliminated from the content. Doing this helps in making your essay useful for the audience, peers and your professor. 

By taking these steps students from disciplines can write an amazing analysis essay. This expert guide tackles all academic problems one may face in their studies and help them overcome the shortcomings in their understanding.

How to Make a Critical Analysis Essay Outline?

Making an outline for a critical analysis essay is the same as making an outline for any other type of essay. An essay has three parts in their outline such as:

  • Introduction

  • Body paragraphs

  • Conclusion

Follow the steps that’ll help you create an outline for your assignment:

Creating an Introduction

The first part of making an outline for a research analysis essay is starting from the introduction paragraph. An intro is the first paragraph of the assignment paper. This section has many purposes, it helps your readers understand the topic, its depths, scope and finally the author’s thesis. This part is so critical that more than 70% of the students underestimate its value and usage. A student can create an introduction in three steps such as:

Hook Sentence

A hook statement is the first line of the paragraph that allows an author to use persuasive language to impress the readers. A hook can be a historical fact, a famous quote or your research into a matter that invoked a certain emotional response from your audience. 

Similarly, a hook contains a quality that helps students to use persuasiveness in it. This is known as precision and exactness. Since it’s a single line sentence that has the powerful punchline to the topic, thus it requires extra effort. Here’s an example:


You’re a book in the love’s library unexplored by many readers. A single verse from it can make you fall in love even with death!”

A hook statement like this will make a jarring effect on your readers and captivate them instantaneously. It all depends on what an author wants their audience to feel such as anger, love, hate, empathy, etc. The next part of the introduction is background. 

Topic’s Background

A background information comes right after adding the hook sentence. Its main function is to provide information on the topic in a historical context. This section also enlightens your readers about the origins of the subject and its progress till recent times. 

It helps them realize that a solution is imminent for this problem and the author’s take on this topic justifies the need. An example for background section is following:

Example: “According to the US Census Bureau World War 1 caused more than 40 million deaths of military and civilians.”

The statement we mentioned here provides appropriate knowledge to the audience and educates them on the topic of world war. 

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a topic’s research based argument that will be the basis of your entire work. It is composed after you go through all the research and analysis. A premise statement connects to your entire essay and presents your weighted opinion on the subject matter. Look at the example below:

Example: “Incomplete combustion from gasoline and diesel engine is the biggest reason for carbon dioxide CO2 emissions and global warming”

This example provides a carefully curated statement that shows an author has studied various research material before reaching this conclusion. Simply, students must go through all sources of information and collect evidence that back them up for producing a strong thesis sentence.

Making Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs are the middle part of the essay that encompasses a writer’s research arguments backed by collected evidence. This part is complicated and students must understand the techniques that must be employed to make it closer to perfection. Here are the 10 steps to making body paragraphs with sufficient detail and credible evidence. 

  • Start the body section with a topic sentence that shortly describes what’s inside the paragraph. 

  • Only present your objective opinion completely devoid of bias or subjectiveness to demonstrate your content as purely research oriented.

  • Each argument presented in this section must be backed by supporting evidence and its opposing or contrasting statement. 

  • A rebuttal must be added in the paragraph to demonstrate academic transparency and unbiasedness in the publishing research material. 

  • It’s essential to use transitions when connecting two paragraphs covering the same point of discussion or transitioning from one discussion to a different one.

Ending Discussion by Providing a Conclusion

The last part of the critical analysis essay outline is a conclusion paragraph. This is where you end your debate and provide a closure to your readers. Concluding section’s main job is to provide a synopsis by summarizing the main points discussed in the essay. It helps your audience by providing a reminder of already mentioned arguments and adding emphasis to them. 

Finally you need to add a clincher that reiterates the thesis statement and also serves as concluding remarks by the author. A common slip-up by college students is adding new information in the conclusion section that puts a bad impression as well as confuses the readers. Since all the evidence and arguments are shared in the body paragraphs, there’s no need to add extra arguments in the conclusion. This section is reserved only for providing a reminder of points that the author has discussed in the body. Hence, it’s important to just keep the conclusion as brief as possible and add your last words and close the chapter.

Students can make an outline of their assignment essay by following the above structure we presented here. Adding a structural approach in writing your assignments enhances the student’s effective communication skills. This way, they can create a big difference in their essays.

Best Critical Analysis Essay Topics for College Students

College and university students feel themselves stuck when it comes to finding a good critical analysis essay topic. Although with the availability of internet and online libraries, still a need for having a strong subject is far from becoming a reality. We have formulated some of the top rated critical analysis topics for your college assignments. You can choose any of the following that suits and resonate to your skills.

10 Critical Analysis Topic for Students

  • Social media role in psychological issues

  • Decline of morality in new generation

  • Lack of physical activities among students

  • Addiction to online gaming 

  • Rise of artificial intelligence 

  • Role of teachers in assimilation of knowledge

  • Psychological health and its outreach in students

  • Gender diversity and lack of understanding 

  • Changing trends in social media marketing

  • Body shaming in our society. 

Critical analysis essay topic we presented here helps you pick a good subject for your college assignment. These topics will help you deep dive into the sea of research and offer unique solutions and make a mark on history.

Examples of Critical Analysis Essay

Students, if you’re still confused about how to choose a topic and structure your thoughts into a proper outline, here we will present a live critical analysis essay example. After reading this each one of you has a thorough understanding of the subject and how its discussion should be carried out.

100+ Words Critical Analysis Essay Example

“Social media has caused a stir in our society. Since 2006 and onwards with the inception of Twitter, Instagram, facebook and Threads, our lives are dependent on these platforms for entertainment, information and sharing our opinions. The most affected people in society are students who use social media as a primary mode of communication and social interaction. This has resulted in ever high record cases of psychological problems faced by students in on and off-campus reports. 

Students in the early years of college find it hard to make new friends and tend to gravitate towards social media from the start. This results in surface level relationships and one-night stands that hurt either one of the participants and in some cases both. It’s important that students should find inspiration in nature, books, poetry and recreational activities rather than online fake relationships.

As discussed before, since the start of the new millennium, social media has created a dramatic effect in our society. One of the most affected populations consist of students aged between 13 to 21. Psychologist suggest minimum use of these apps, mobile and maximum usen of books and activities that helps in maintaining healthy lifestyle.”

This live example of approximately 200 words will help you compose topics related to science, technology, engineering, etc. if you’re struggling in writing productive words, then this example will serve as a guidance for students. Following this will help you in making a similar or even better essay like we added here. 

Understanding Critical Analysis Essay Structure 

Students make a lot of mistakes in their academic years. The structure of a critical analysis essay requires meticulous devotion to perfection. Here we will discuss how and where you can add your thoughts, ideas and words in an organized way. A structure of an essay is composed of three parts such as:

  • Introductory paragraph

  • Body Section

  • Conclusion

Each of these structural parts serves a different purpose. Introduction serves a limited but useful purpose for the students. It’s the first part of the puzzle, if written appropriately can create a ripple of change and interest in your reader’s mind. 

For understanding this first section you must know that there’s no need to add evidence to the intro. Although it’s an important part of the essay, it still consists of just one paragraph. Introduction hooks your readers and indulge them in intriguing hooks, background and thesis statements. By writing this section, your readers feel a strong compulsion to read the entire content. This is why it needs to be precise and must ace the objective you’ve had set for your audience. 

The body section sits in the middle of the essay structure, and has introduction above and conclusion below. It’s also the most important part and bulkiest one considering the paragraphs and detail a student must add in it to win the argument. Each argument, and its corroborating evidence go hand-in-hand when it comes to structural approach one must employ in writing a body section. 

Critical analysis essays also contain rebuttal in the body paragraphs because you can’t make your assertions without acknowledging the opponents. Body section becomes more strong when an opposing narrative is added and it helps you prove the superiority of your arguments. 

The last part of essay structure is a conclusion that works by summarizing the main findings and providing a closure to your audience. Restating your thesis statement helps to provide a reminder to your readers on the topic, and brings the amalgamation of different ideas and presents the final perspective on the topic.

By understanding critical analysis essay structure, students can create better assignments. It helps them bolster their creative skills and learning abilities. 

Critical Essay Writing Tips Every Student Need to Master

An analysis essay is a tough assignment and requires students to have all the knowledge of pre-requisites. Today, we will share stunning tips for writing a critical essay. Read them all and leave a lingering impression on your audience. 

Create a Schedule

The first thing a student must do is create a schedule for their essay writing endeavor. It’s natural to write only when you’re free and have ample time to clearly express your point. That’s why you should plan and create a timetable suitable for getting all the creativity out. The best time is after 9pm when most of the students are free, so best use the time when you’re mentally free from other distractions. 

Chew on the Prompt

When you’re given the essay prompt, take some time and understand exactly what is required from you. Therefore always don’t just rush-in to start your work and write without thinking and understanding the academic requirements. 

Always read the prompt and chew on it, think about “What, Why, Where, How and When” about the subject to appropriately make an outline. When you think like that, more than half of the arguments will be generated in your mind, leaving you useful information for later stages of writing. 

By understanding this technique, students can easily make themselves aware of pre-requisites of essay writing. 

Ask for Assistance

The third tip to write a good critical analysis essay is asking for assistance if you think it’s becoming difficult to complete it. You can ask your professor, a classmate or your friends and family members to help you navigate it. 

Avoid Procrastination

It’s only human to find yourself indulging in procrastination and finding it hard to focus on assignment writing. The best way to tackle this stage is by setting an early deadline for yourself. This way, you can have some time for a breather and then focus on work again.

Improve Research Skills

The best writing tips for writing a critical analysis essay is improving research skills. We all know poor research results in poorly written assignments. Hence, it’s essential to keep honing those “Sherlock Holmes” skills to gather solid research that will enhance your assignments. 

Enhance Writing Skills

In academic years, writing skills are the bread and butter to achieve top grades. Inadequate skills can only damage your efforts and results in increasing the difficulty in commuting the intended message. It’s recommended to join a workshop or a course where you can learn the logical flow of the arguments. By doing this, you can have the skills that will help you out till the end of the academic year and degree completion. 

Completing a successful critical analysis essay requires dedication, focus, and discipline. You can turn your academic goals into a reality by implementing the tips for successful assignments as discussed above.

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To sum up the entire discussion, we have learned today how we can write a critical analysis essay. Additionally we have discussed making an outline, choosing topics, taking inspiration from live examples, understanding the structure and writing tips from our experts. Although it’s a lot to take in, understanding this step by step guide will help you in the long term and let you create unique assignments and express your opinions more effectively.


A critical analysis essay requires skills like critical thinking, critical reading, and critical writing. This essay involves reviewing any kind of work by a particular writer such as a novel, short story, book etc. It could be a movie or anything that could be reviewable. So in a critical analysis essay, the person researches the subject and provides their own argument and claims. The purpose is to describe the argument of the author, and provide your own argument and back it up with a good amount of evidence that could help prove your stance in the essay.

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