Curious To Know How Many Pages A Research Paper Should Be

According to the new survey, 5.24 million research papers have been published all around the world till now since 1996. They are the most assigned documents to students. However, the question of how long a research paper should be and what length is ideal for a paper remained a debate. That’s why let’s explore the answers regarding research paper length at different educational levels.

How Many Pages a Research Paper Should Be?

While you are learning how to write a research paper, you must know how long it should be. This is a popular debate among students and even professional researchers, as it is used to find out what length of a paper would be considered ideal. Well, the easy answer is that it depends on which educational level you are at, your country, and which institutes you study at.

To understand the research paper’s diversity, we need to see how many countries contribute to the research. According to the study, the following countries have the most published research papers:

CountryResearch Paper Published AnnuallyGlobal Share
United States702,84017.04%
United Kingdom236,1457.50%

As you can see, different countries contribute to global research, and the length of their research paper is also varied from one another.

How Many Pages Should a Research Paper Be?

A typical research paper is 15 to 25 pages long and follows the structure of an abstract, introduction, research methodology, body paragraphs, tables, charts, and key findings.

For example:

The following research paper was published by Jama Network as a public health investigation:

“Original Investigation | Public Health| Experiences of Interpersonal Violence in Sport and Perceived Coaching Style Among College Athletes”

Cheryl K. Zogg, PhD, MSPH, MHS; Edward B. Runquist III, BS; Michael Amick, BS; Gabrielle Gilmer, BChE; Jeffery J. Milroy, DrPH; David L. Wyrick, PhD; Katharina Grimm, MD, MSc; Yetsa A. Tuakli-Wosornu, MD, MPH”

This exclusive paper investigates why interpersonal violence is so prevalent among college athletes. The length of this paper is 17 pages. Let’s break it down to see which section took how much space:

  • Abstract and research objective: 1 page
  • Introduction: 1 and a half pages.
  • Methodology: 2 pages
  • Results: 6 pages (Since this research includes many tables, the results were explained in detail.)
  • Discussion: 2 and a half pages (Covering main argument, results, and limitations)
  • Conclusion: Half page.
  • Article information: 1 page.
  • References: 3

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How Many Pages Should a College Research Paper Be?

The ideal length of a research paper in college is 8 to 20 pages. However, the length of research papers assigned to college students varies by subject. For example, a research paper in finance will take up more space because it will have plenty of tables, statistics, and charts. A research paper in psychology or narration will take less space to cover the content.

For Example:

“Billboard Evolution,” The Four Peaks Review. Cat Chien 1.1 (2011), 86-97.

This college research paper comprises 12 pages. The Washington college students have compiled this research by covering the following sections:

  • Title Page: 1
  • Introduction: 1
  • History: 1
  • Discussion: 6 pages (covering limitation, background, evolution, what is no longer static, and future applications)
  • Conclusion: half a page
  • References: 2 pages.

How Many Pages Should a Graduate Research Paper Be?

Two questions are most popular among undergraduate students; one is, can I use I in a research paper, and the other is how long should it be. Graduate levels are longer and more comprehensive than college research papers. The typical page range for graduate research is between 15 to 20 pages, but some complex papers can also reach up to 40 pages.

It depends on the different guidelines. The thesis and dissertations will have different page lengths, and they vary from professor to professor and subject to subject.

For Example:

Too Rich for Aid, Too Poor for Tuition: The College Affordability Dilemma for the Middle and Upper Middle Class

Jeffrey Prince ‘2022

Course: SOCIAL 1104, Sociology of Higher Education, at Harvard

This is a graduate research paper by Harvard that consists of 33 pages. The writer has spread the pages into different sections:

  • Abstract: 1
  • Introduction: 1 and a half
  • Literature Review: 3 and a half pages
  • Methods: 3 and a half pages
  • Findings: 11 pages(contains graphs, interpretations, and tables.)
  • Conclusion: 1 and a half.
  • Bibliography: 2 and a half pages
  • Appendix: 3 and a half pages
  • Survey interview: 2 pages

How Many Pages Should a Research Paper Outline Be

TypeOutlinePages Range
General Research PaperAbstract
15 to 25
College Research PaperTitle Page
8 to 20
Graduate Research PaperAbstract
Literature Review
15 to 40

Does a Research Paper Have To Be Lengthy?

Sometimes, students believe that a research paper has to be lengthy and consist of hundreds of pages. That is somewhat true, but other variables play their part as well. We have shared a popular post on one of the discussion forum that asked these questions, and the responses will help you clarify many things.


The OP (author of this post) has asked about how to lengthen their paper and whether it really has to be length in the first place. There are plenty of responses from the community who came to help the OP.




And the following commenter has explained it so well how to lengthen your papers logically:


Research Paper Length in Popular Universities Around The World

The following are some of the prestigious institutions around the world. The page length for research papers at educational institutions can differ depending on many factors. So, if you are wondering how many pages a research paper should be, stick to your guidelines and institution.

Harvard University

Recommended Length For Research Paper: Maximum 50 Pages

A Case for Higher Education: Addressing Financial Sustainability in Community Colleges

Hannah Liu Harvard College Fall 2022 Independent Project Dr. Manja Klemenčič December 16, 2022

Oxford University

Recommended Length For Research Paper: 50 Pages

Cambridge University

Recommended Length for Research Paper: 25 to 50 Pages

University of Pennsylvania

Recommended Length For Research Paper: 20 to 40 Pages

University of Manchester

Recommended Length For Research Paper: 20 to 40 Pages

Health and Knowledge Externalities: Implications for Growth and Public Policy By Pierre-Richard Agénor

Growth and Business Cycle Research Group, Economic Studies, University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK October 2018

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Final Note

This is all for the answers to how many pages a research paper should be. Remember that your research is different from anyone else in the world. So follow the instructions and word count your professors have shared. Research pages depend on the topic and subject you are writing for, so be careful.

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