Understanding the Fundamentals of A Perfect Cohesive Essay

Cohesiveness in writing is one of the most important traits of good writing pieces because it helps convey a writer’s thoughts to the readers. Check out this blog to learn more about how to write a cohesive essay. We, as a top custom essay writing service, are dedicated to assisting students in achieving the best grades.

What is a Cohesive Essay?

Cohesion is a quality of a piece of writing that keeps the reader hooked till the end. This essay focuses on a particular subject and then moves on to support the main argument with evidence and relevant statistics to maintain cohesiveness in writing. Cohesive academic essays follow a fluent and fluid approach of content to convey the thoughts of writers directly to the readers. All the paragraphs in such essays are interlinked and connected.

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How To Write A Cohesive Essay?

A cohesive essay can be challenging because it’s not always easy to bring cohesion in an essay and hook the reader till the end. Many students make mistakes in writing cohesively because they are not well aware of the structure and outline of such essays. The poor organization of ideas and irrelevance of the paragraphs with each other will destroy the primary task of making the essay more cohesive and structured. Following are some expert tips on how to write perfectly by keeping the cohesion in an essay. 


  • The very first thing you need to do is to brainstorm ideas to write an essay about. It would be best if you pick some satire essay topics to write this essay.

  • If your instructor has already assigned you a topic, you need to sit in silence and let your brain think about ideas that you can incorporate into that topic. 

  •  If your instructor has given you the freedom to choose a topic, then select something you are passionate about.

  • Selecting a topic you can relate to is always a good idea because that will help you write more cohesively and aid in persuading the audience with your ideas.

  • Brainstorm for the new and unique ideas you can write about. You can also look into the previous research on that topic in order to get a clearer idea of what you are dealing with and what more you can add to the already existing research.

  • Brainstorming will also help you gather the potential points and essay questions you will unfold in your essay body. It will help in outlining your essay in a more comprehensive and cohesive way.

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Identify the Thesis Statement

  • Thesis statements are very important to identify because they describe what you are trying to defend and support through your essay.

  • A clear thesis statement is the foundation of a perfect essay.

  • The thesis statement should be made clear in the very first paragraph of the introduction to make it easy for the reader to detect what the essay is about and what they can expect from it.

  • Identifying a thesis statement is the first step of writing a cohesive essay, and it should include the main argument and point of discussion.

  • The thesis statement mirrors your thoughts and ideas and helps proceed with a powerful approach to convey the message perfectly without leaving any confusion and ambiguity on the writer’s end.

  • If you feel like your thesis statement is not strong enough, you can always change it or modify it in this initial step.

Outline The Cohesive Essay

  • Outlining your essay helps in gathering and positioning all the potential points of discussion and structuring them in a way that ensures fluency of essay content.

  • Outlining your essay will help you not miss any important discussion points and cover every logical evidence that will help you explain your topic better.

  • A clear outline will make the essay more accurate, comprehensive, and concise.

  • Essays that follow an outline will have a natural flow of events in the context and will have more chance to be cohesive.

  • Outlining your essay will help you arrange your thoughts in a way that makes it easy for readers to understand your point of view and perspective.


Ensure Connectivity Between Paragraphs

  • The primary aim of a cohesive essay is to write in a way that everything is connected to each other in the context.

  • It would help if you made sure that the last line of every paragraph is linked with the first line of the next paragraph.

  • Your essay shouldn’t have irrelevant information or evidence that doesn’t link with each other and to the main thesis statement of the essay.

  • Everything that you will add to your essay body should be interlinked with each other and arranged properly, like the scene sequence in a novel.

  • You can’t add something that doesn’t reflect your initial thesis statement and the main argument of your essay. Because doing this will only make your reader confused and your essay ambiguous.

  • Make sure that every paragraph and every point of discussion is tied together and focused on the longevity of the thesis statement for your essay.

  • You can make your essay more connected by answering the main question of the essay after every paragraph and how every piece of evidence you mentioned contributes to your essay.

Proofread Your Cohesive Essay

  • After you are done writing with cohesion in an essay, make sure you proofread your piece of writing to ensure that there are no errors.

  • Proofreading also helps eliminate unnecessary points and irrelevant information from your essay and makes it more concise.

  • Your first draft might not be as well arranged as you want it to be; that’s why proofread thoroughly to arrange your content to convey your thoughts even better.

  • You can also simplify some difficult sentences that you first thought could reflect your thoughts perfectly. Make sure to make the content as simple and easy to understand as possible.

  • Thoroughly read your essay or use free tool options online that will check your content for spelling and other potential errors that you might have missed.

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Structure of Cohesion Essay

The cohesive essay follows a comprehensive structure to ensure coherence in the contents of the essay. Let’s take a look at the checklist of sections in your research paper:


The abstract is a summary of your essay that summarizes everything you have discussed further in your essay. It includes hypotheses, research methods, and key findings of your research. It contains a single paragraph that precisely provides an overview of the entire essay to inform readers what they can expect from the essay.


The introduction is the very first section of an essay that plays an important part in hooking the readers to keep on reading the essay. It provides an overview of the subject which the writer is going to discuss further in the paper. It gives a clear idea of what the essay is about and what the main point of discussion would be.

Research Hypothesis

The research hypothesis is going to discuss what your research is about and what the main research question you will be proving with the help of supporting evidence. It introduces the audience to the thesis statement and research question and clarifies what this particular essay is aiming to discuss.


This section details what would be the research methodology the writers are going to use in proving their research question and thesis statement. It will describe the techniques and procedures used to identify and analyze the available literature and evaluate it to find the answers to research questions.

Literature Review

This section overviews all the available information regarding the subject briefly and helps the readers to get to know more about the background of the subject. It also covers the history and the results of the previous research done on the topic. By discussing the previous research, the writer will be able to introduce their research question and explain how it is going to be different from the previous research.

Data Analysis

This section discusses the supporting evidence, research, articles, and statistics regarding the subject. The writer aims to analyze and explain how the result of the data information contributes to the main thesis question of the essay.


This section of the essay will summarize all the important points discussed in the essay and what are the key findings and results of the essay. It also lists the key suggestions that writers wanted to give regarding future research opportunities on the topic. The writer will make sure that the main research question is answered and that the results of the research align with the main thesis statement.


This section cites all the sources of information used as supporting documents in the essay. References help in giving credit to the original researchers of those articles and research papers. References are formatted according to the recommended style by the instructor. Popular referencing styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago, which are used in worldwide academic institutions.

Cohesion Words To Use In An Essay


Cohesion Words


For example, Just like, such as, for instance


In other words, That’s why, That is.

Addition in sentence

Moreover, additionally, furthermore, in addition, and.


So consequently, thus, as a result, for this reason, owing to this, therefore, accordingly,

To add attitude

Naturally, certainly, fortunately, undoubtedly, strangely enough, predictably, of course, obviously.

Contrast and Comparison

However, nevertheless, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand, in comparison, still, yet, but, that’s why.

Representing Time

At first, next, then, later, in the end.


Finally, in conclusion, in short, to sum up, To summarize.

Showing Order

Firstly, secondly, thirdly, lastly, finally, previously.

Back Reference

This, That, These, Those, Such.

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Still Confused?

A cohesive essay can be quite challenging due to its requirement to write every point of discussion cohesively. If you are struggling with your essay, you can always contact our assignment writing service to get professional assistance.

Ending How to Write a Cohesive Essay

The primary aim of a cohesive essay is to convert the thoughts and ideas of the writer in such a close-knit way that it reaches the audience accordingly. In this blog, we have discussed how you can effectively write a cohesive academic essay by following some expert tips.

What is coherence in an essay? What are cohesion words in an essay? What is cohesive and coherent? What is a cohesive sentence? Why is cohesion important?
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