A Guide to Writing Cohesive Essay with Example

In academic writing, people mostly focus on grammar and spelling, but they don’t know much more is needed for good writing. Without cohesion, your essay writing may lose control of the idea or concept you want to deliver.

In Halliday’s and Hasan’s words, “the concept of cohesion is a semantic one; it refers to relations of meaning that exist within the text and that define it as a text.” In order to engage your reader throughout your cohesive essay, make sure you use transition words in different ways.

What is Cohesive in Writing Essays?

Cohesion is a quality of a piece of writing that keeps the reader hooked till the end. Same as all other essays, this essay also has a starting point introduction, a middle section, which is called the body section and finally, the conclusion section.

But what makes it different from an ordinary essay is the interlinking capability between each section and paragraph. Cohesive academic essays follow a fluent and fluid approach in content to convey the thoughts of writers directly to the readers. All the paragraphs in such essays are interlinked and connected.

Difficulty Level in Maintaining Coherence and Cohesiveness in Writing

Maintaining coherence and cohesiveness in academic writing is a difficult task for most students, and this is proven by research. According to Researchgate, a test was conducted on 35 students from a university to assess students’ skill levels in the field of coherence and cohesiveness.

Criteria Outstanding Good Work Could Do Better Need to Improve
Main Idea/Topic Sentence Main idea or topic sentence is clear and accurate.
Located either in the first or last paragraph.
Main idea or topic sentence is fairly clear. It is located either in the first or last paragraph. Main topic is somewhat unclear or inaccurate. It is not located in the right place (neither in the first nor last paragraph). The main idea or topic sentence is not stated at all or is unclear.
Supporting Details Main idea is well-supported by six or more sentences with explanations. Main idea is adequately supported by four or five sentences. Main idea is weakly supported by one to three sentences with fewer details There are no obvious supporting detail sentences to back up the main idea.
Transition Signals in Use Effectively used signals (e.g., sentence connectors, clause connectors) throughout, managing them well. Writing uses a range of transition signals appropriately. Transition signals are used, but there may be faulty or mechanical usage in some paragraphs. Writing lacks accurate use of transition signals, which leads to confusion.
Spelling & Punctuation All sentences show correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Sentences contain a few errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. A fair number of errors in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Sentences lack control over spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

These were some assessments that were taken from the research. According to results from research, 25 students need help to make their writing coherent and cohesive, while almost 9 students were good at writing. Between these, there was only one student who was outstanding in writing in terms of coherence and cohesion.

Based on the above research, we have collected some steps that can help you in writing a cohesive essay more effectively.

How To Write A Cohesive Essay?

As you see, cohesive writing can be challenging because it’s not always easy to bring cohesion in an essay and hook the reader till the end. Many students ask about what is cohesive in writing, and they consistently make mistakes in writing cohesively because they are not well aware of the structure and outline of such essays. Following are some expert tips on how to write perfectly by keeping the cohesion in an essay.

Brainstorm your idea

The very first thing you need to do is to brainstorm ideas to write an essay about. It would be best if you pick some satire essay topics to write this essay. Selecting a topic for your cohesive essay that you can relate to is always a good idea because that will help you write more cohesively and aid in persuading the audience with your ideas.

Brainstorming will also help you gather the potential points and essay questions you will unfold in your essay body. It will help in outlining your essay in a more comprehensive and cohesive way. Read Will Advise quotation about brainstorming.

“To storm, a mind, it must be balanced,by what can’t be it must be challenged”

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Identify the Thesis Statement

Thesis statements are very important to identify because they describe what you are trying to defend and support through your cohesive essay.

The thesis statement should be made clear in the very first paragraph of the introduction to make it easy for the reader to detect what the essay is about and what they can expect from it. If you feel like your thesis statement is not strong enough, you can always change it or modify it in this initial step.

Bonus tip: Get stuck with thesis writing? No need to exhaust, just read our blog on how to write a thesis statement and start crafting a killer thesis statement on your own.

Outline The Cohesive Essay

Outlining your essay helps in gathering and positioning all the potential points of discussion and structuring them in a way that ensures fluency of essay content.

A clear outline will make the essay more accurate, comprehensive, and concise. Essays that follow an outline will have a natural flow of events in the context and will have more chance to be cohesive.

Ensure Connectivity Between Paragraphs

The primary aim of a cohesive essay is to write in a way that everything is connected to each other in the context. It would help if you made sure that the last line of every paragraph is linked with the first line of the next paragraph.

Your essay shouldn’t have irrelevant information or evidence that doesn’t link with each other and to the main thesis statement of the essay. Make sure that every essay has cohesion in paragraphs and that every point of discussion is tied together and focused on the longevity of the thesis statement for your essay.

Proofread Your Cohesive Essay

After you are done cohesive writing in an essay, make sure you proofread your piece of writing to ensure that there are no errors. As A.D. Aliwat says that “All writing is guilty until proven innocent.” Proofreading also helps eliminate unnecessary points and irrelevant information from your essay and makes it more concise.

You can also simplify some difficult sentences that you first thought could reflect your thoughts perfectly. Make sure to make the content as simple and easy to understand as possible. Thoroughly read your cohesive essay or use free tool options online that will check your content for spelling and other potential errors that you might have missed.

difference between coherence and cohesion 4

Structure of Cohesion Essay

The cohesive essay follows a comprehensive structure to ensure coherence in the contents of the essay. Let’s take a look at the checklist of sections in your research paper:

  • Add an abstract to your essay. The abstract is basically a summary of your essay that summarizes everything you have discussed further in your essay. It includes hypotheses, research methods, and key findings of your research.
  • After that, add the introduction. The introduction is the very first section of a cohesive essay that plays an important part in hooking the readers to keep on reading the essay. But before that, read our guide on how to start a writing process to get a better idea about essay structuring.
  • The research hypothesis is going to discuss what your research is about and what the main research question you will be proving with the help of supporting evidence.
  • This methodology section details what would be the research methodology the writers are going to use in proving their research question and thesis statement.
  • Furthermore, the literature review section provides all the available information regarding the subject briefly and helps the readers to get to know more about the background of the subject.
  • This data analysis section discusses the supporting evidence, research, articles, and statistics regarding the subject in a cohesive essay.
  • The conclusion section of the essay will summarize all the important points discussed in the essay and what are the key findings and results of the essay.

Additional Tip: An argumentative essay is quite different from other types of essay in terms of the body section and conclusion section. To clear your thoughts, Our blog on how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay will help you out.

A complete example of cohesive essay

To completely understand the concept of cohesiveness in writing, we have compiled a detailed example for a cohesive essay, which is described below.

Title: The Impact of Technology on Education

In today’s changing world, technology has also changed our living aspects, including education. This essay will tell you the different ways in which technology has revolutionized our educational learning and capabilities.


Technology has become an important part of modern education and it changes the way of how students learn, and how teachers teach. In this essay, we will explore deeply the positive impacts of technology on the education system.

 We will also look at its role in enhancing learning environments for students and how it provides access to educational resources and materials. Furthermore, we will also tell you how technology has prepared the students for the demands of the 21st-century workforce.

Body Paragraph 1: Interactive Learning Environments

One most important benefit of technology in education is its ability to create an interactive and engaging environment for the learners. With the advancement of multimedia tools and educational software like projectors, PPTs and interactive whiteboards, teachers and instructors can follow different teaching styles, which will grab the student’s attention more effectively.

For example, virtual reality or augmented reality technology allows the students to explore historical places or depths of the oceans, which brings their learning to real life. A traditional book-reading approach can’t give you this sort of real-life experience.

Body Paragraph 2: Access to Educational Resources

Furthermore, with the rising technological advancement, students around the world now have access to more educational resources. Additionally, a lot of online platforms are now giving free educational content on different subject levels, including mathematics, science, arts, and history.

Furthermore, digital libraries and databases like Google Scholar provide instant access to a wide range of scholarly articles, research papers and textbooks, which empower students to conduct in-depth research and explore new ideas.

Body Paragraph 3: Preparation for the 21st-Century Workforce

To overcome today’s knowledge-based economy, having a firm grip on technology is vital for success in the workforce. Adding technology into the curriculum, schools and colleges help students with digital skills enhancement.

These skills make them ready to compete with the needs of today’s technology to become successful in the 21st century. The use of technology in learning, from coding and programming to digital collaboration, guarantees that students are ready to face the challenges of today’s world.


In conclusion, technology has completely transformed today’s education system. It has changed the way of students learning, how teachers teach, and how knowledge is accessed and shared.

With the help of new technology in the market, educators are now expanding the knowledge of education and preparing students for the demands of a 21st-century workforce.

Overall, technology has provided interactive learning environments with access to educational resources and prepared students for 21st-century workplace demands.

The main points that are covered in the above examples (additional tips for you).

  • The use of different transition words like (we explore, in this essay, furthermore, in the conclusion) makes the cohesive essay more interlinked with other sentences.
  • Moreover, the word “technology” is repeatedly used in the essay because the whole essay is about technology.
  • As you see, the whole essay is explained in subheadings, and multiple sentences and shows cohesion in paragraphs to make the essay more engaging.
  • Furthermore, Interlinking is perfectly done to relate each section from the introduction to the conclusion.
  • Finally, the consistent use of active voice throughout the essay makes it more cohesive writing and easily understandable for the reader.

Need more help? We have gathered some examples of creative writing that will be beneficial for your cohesive essay writing.

Cohesion Words To Use In An Essay

The below table has the most relevant collection of words. These words are mostly common in cohesive writing.

Useful scenariosList of Cohesion Words
ExampleFor example, Just like, such as, for instance
ExplanationIn other words, That’s why, That is.
Addition in sentenceMoreover, additionally, furthermore, in addition, and.
ResultSo consequently, thus, as a result, for this reason, owing to this, therefore, accordingly,
To add attitudeNaturally, certainly, fortunately, undoubtedly, strangely enough, predictably, of course, obviously.
Contrast and ComparisonHowever, nevertheless, on the contrary, in contrast, on the other hand, in comparison, still, yet, but, that’s why.
Representing TimeAt first, next, then, later, in the end.
SummaryFinally, in conclusion, in short, to sum up, To summarize.
Showing OrderFirstly, secondly, thirdly, lastly, finally, previously.
Back ReferenceThis, That, These, Those, Such.

Need expert help in writing an essay cohesively?

A cohesive essay can be quite challenging due to its requirement to write every point of discussion cohesively. If you are struggling with your essay and need assistance? worry not, just get in touch with our quick essay writing service and get help in writing a perfect essay on your own.

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Putting the Final Touches

To write a perfect essay, first, you have to understand what cohesion is, which is thoroughly explained in this guide. To overcome your problem, we have curated a list of steps that will help you in writing a cohesive essay on your own. 

But still, if you get nervous, look at the comprehensive example which we discussed in detail. So, what is stopping you right now? Just choose a topic and start writing cohesively now.

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