Does Life Get Better After College?

Completing college is a big milestone in life but it is also the end of an academic life. After tough years of study, students wonder does life get better after college. According to Grand Canyon University research more than 56% of students reported that life after college has been stressful.

The end of college life ends up with confusions and students feel lost because they don’t know what to do. Let’s take a look at life changes after college and sort out the confusions.

Who Should Be Concerned About Life After College?

The students graduating are more likely to be wondering about the practical life that has been awaiting them. People that are confused about their career path and doubting themselves are in dire need of a path to follow.

A Look At Survey

A recent survey involving college graduates have shown that:

30.59%Graduates feel pressured to have a successful career.
17.43%Graduates are pressured into buying their own house.
11.55%Struggle with starting a career related to their study major.
16.40%Graduates reported that they were not ready to settle in life.
56.2%Graduates said that adulthood is emotionally challenging.
56%Reported that they experienced a quarter life crisis.
37.1%Graduates mark the workload in adulthood as difficult.

Source: Grand Canyon University

Why is Life After College So Important?

Why is there so much focus on life after graduation? Well, it’s the time of life you have been studying for. You have achieved your academic goals and now it’s the time to do your dream job and fulfill the goals you have in your mind. You are now educated and the dreams you waited for are ready to be discovered.

Challenges In Life After College

Does life get better after college? The answer is it depends. For some it does, for some, it doesn’t. Life after college is not a bed of roses. You have faced challenges in college and now there are more challenges waiting for you.

Feeling Of lack of Purpose

Most graduates suffered from what they call lack of purpose. You are done with your classes and your degree, but you are not sure what to do now. There is pressure to do better and sort your life but you don’t know how.

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Frustration of Job Search

Let’s be honest, there is an employment crisis and graduates are having a hard time finding their place in the competitive job market. Job search is demanding, tiring, disappointing, and it often leads to self doubt and depression.

Financial Instability

The sudden shift from living in college dorms to finding your own place and handling your finances and bills leave graduates overwhelmed and tense. You will have to adjust into different situations in order to save money and survive in this inflated economy. A search for passive income for college student ideas should be our priority.

Student Debt Pressure

Now that you graduated, it’s time to pay back your student debt. Many students fall into depression and couldn’t handle the sudden pile up of stress given to them and they found no way to earn enough for themselves.


Loneliness is one of the top 5 factors behind college students mental health problems and issues. The lack of empathetic community, friends, a social circle, and a laid back routine boosts loneliness.

Describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college

There was a time in life when I was a careless student who was spending hours in a club and drinking alcohol. I was partying and indulging myself in activities that destroyed me mentally and physically.

Now that I look back as a successful graduate, I always quote one incident when someone asks me to describe a life event which you feel has prepared you to be successful in college. For me it was my car accident.

It was a September night when I was speeding while drinking when my car went out of control and hit the tree. My head hit the dashboard and I was bleeding and watching the starry sky at my last breaths. At that moment when death flashed in front of my eyes, I regret so many decisions and choices I made.

I recall the opportunities I turned away because of laziness and dreams I gave up on. I realized I was anxious and I didn’t want to die without accomplishing something better and worth remembering at last breaths.

I survived that accident due to the quick medical care but that silence of death haunted me for weeks. So when people ask me, does life get better after college? My say is, mine got a lot better during college as well. The sad event changed my entire perspective of life and helped me discover my purpose of life without wasting it on things that don’t help me grow. I studied, I volunteered in community work, I witnessed nature at its finest, and I found myself. I will always be thankful to that near death experience.

Life Events That Prepare You For College

Below we are sharing some of the responses we got when we asked the students to describe a life event that prepared you for college and does life get better after college. You can get lessons from them and learn how they tackle the challenges and stand strong. Let’s get started.

Julia Smith From Manhattan Shared

julia Smith

Johan Oliver shared his response

Johan Oliver

Sasha Adam spoke about her college experience

Sasha Adam

Resources That Helps You In Life After College

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Looking For After Graduation Research Partner?

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Does Life Get Better After College Or Not

Wrapping up the entire debate, life after college depends on how you are taking a hold of if. It is definitely not a piece of cake but there is nothing you can’t achieve with hard work and consistency. Life after college is all about how you make more from the opportunities given to you, how you perceive the view of life and work for it.

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