How to Use Compare and Contrast Transition Words in an Essay To Achieve Top Grades

Using transition words in any college essay enhances its quality and demonstrates a writer’s capabilities. Transition words are used literally to jump from one paragraph to another and build a connection between them.

These contrast words or alphabet build connections between two different narratives and let the audience understand both statements. College students must know everything from A to Z about them to get the best out of their writing. 

Today, we will discuss how, where, and why to use comparison transition words in an essay. So pick up your pens and start taking notes of these words and phrases for a better start.

Important Transitions Words and Their Use

Students, as we discussed earlier, transition words are used to link two different or opposing statements to show as one. Transition words are used a bit more frequently in compare and contrast essays. Let’s look at some of the most common and uncommon social transition words we should use whenever we write.

Common Compare and Contrast Transition Words


Moreover, whereas, nonetheless, in order, as a result, consequently, some of the few are also, on the other hand. We can use various transition words according to the circumstances and demands of the context. For example, on the contrary, besides, firstly, secondly, lastly, in addition, too, moreover, whatsoever, yet, but.

Other transitions words are as follows:

  • In comparison, 

  • vis-a-vis, 

  • vice versa, 

  • since, 

  • because of this 

  • In fact

  • Evidently 

  • Comparatively 

  • Contrast to popular belief 

  • In case of this 

  • Once in a while 

  • Somehow

  • Despite this

  • Went on and on 

  • Surprisingly 

  • Definitely 

  • Subsequently 

  • So on and so forth

  • Hence 

  • Next in line 

  • Soon to be 

  • Simultaneously 

  • As a result

  • To conclude 

  • The conclusion 

  • In short 

  • Briefly 

  • Summing up

  • After careful review

  • A short analysis, etc. 

These transition words are used throughout the entire writing by professional writers and students worldwide to enhance writing effects.

How to Use Compare and Contrast Transition Words in an Essay?

How to Use Compare and Contrast Transition Words in an Essay To Achieve Top Grades

Students, since compare and contrast essays are somewhat tricky and require different methods. We will practically use them to demonstrate how you can achieve better results or grades. 

As we all are familiar with comparing and contrasting essays and their use in colleges, we can write them with the best details. If you still need more clarification about writing one, use the contrast essay writing service for the best results. Here we will share some of the best examples of using contrast transition words in an essay.

Example 1

“Nephrologists and urologists both are equally qualified medical doctors for treating kidney disease-related patients. Their expertise in dialysis and the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) are unmatched by any other medical specialty. However, these specialties differ at many stages as well. For example, a nephrologist is not trained in doing surgeries or invasive surgeries like removing kidneys (Kidney Transplant), etc.

On the other hand, a urologist is a trained surgeon who can do all types of renal surgeries. These procedures include invasive surgeries like removing kidney stones, kidney transplants, etc.”

The above example shows how we can compare and contrast transition words in an essay. The bold words are all transition words that we use specifically in a high school compare and contrast essay. Don’t worry. If you still need clarification, we will give you one more example to understand better.

Example 2

“Computers are one of the most important inventions of the 21st century. The use of computers has expanded rapidly from industries to daily life. Whereas in today’s life, we use two types of computers, desktop computers and laptop computers. Despite many advances in computer technology, we still use these two types. 

Desktop computers are fast, reliable, and get the job done, no matter how complicated. Similarly, laptop computers are fast and safe for doing any work simultaneously. In fact, the computers we use today are the fastest in history. 

Despite sharing many similarities, many features are not standard in them, apart from design and look. Firstly these two types of computers are designed to be used by different types of users. Secondly, the performance gap is still big between them. Desktop computers are big, heavy, and not mobile. Therefore they are better suited to be used in offices and fixed spaces. 

On the contrary, laptops can be used anywhere and taken anywhere since they are lightweight and have a small form factor. Besides being mobile and easy to carry, they are also energy efficient compared to desktop computers. Because of these features, laptops are used extensively in offices as well. Lastly, it all depends on your use. A desktop should be your first choice if you want a fast computer. And laptops are best for you if you move around a lot and constantly attend meetings on the go.”

Why We Should Use Compare and Contrast Transition Words in Essay

How to Use Compare and Contrast Transition Words in an Essay To Achieve Top Grades

It is evident that compare and contrast transition words play an essential role. Therefore, using them creates dramatic effects in your essays. For instance, if you have requested a dedicated college essay writing service, you can get a mesmerizing essay. By using credible assignment writing help, you can get the best write-up without such research hurdles. 

Transition words change the context of your essay as soon as you add them to the sentence. Also, it helps to connect two different ideas and sayings and connect them for the audience’s understanding. This is why using transition words in your compare and contrast essay is vital. 

On the other hand, an assignment with the proper use of transitional words is considered good writing. One more thing is that comparing and contrasting transition words helps compare two things. They help in comparison and show their opposite qualities to each other. In short, they are the best resource for writing an assignment and ensuring top grades.

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Students, we hope you have gathered enough understanding to help you write any assignment. Furthermore, using compare and contrast transition words in an essay is the best way to impress your professor. You can note down all the essential transition words you can use in your following task completion. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to writing outstanding assignments, which you have learned now. Without wasting much time, pick your pen, start writing, and follow the tips we have provided you. If you like this blog, leave a comment below.

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