5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating And Start Studying

Who procrastinates? All of us! But that’s not a question, then what is it? You need to know who is the most effected one. As per the studies, students goes through this phase more. If we talk about which grades of students, then mostly high schoolers and college goers. However, we have reviewed concerns from research level students too.

If we go through the research studies then “Beutel et al. examined 2527 individuals aged 14–95 years and showed that procrastination behavior is highest in the younger age groups (14–29 years) and decreases with higher age.”

So if you are procrastinating and stuck in the loop and looking for solutions to start studying again, you are not alone. Every student wonders where can I go to study effectively with all the distractions. Thus, you author is sharing the answers below. 

Where Did this Distraction Come From? 

The procrastination comes on to you when you have tons of work due and deadlines are approaching you soon. It affects students and professionals alike, but students tend to make it a constant practice, and that leads to a serious downfall in performance. 

It’s a high time to talk about who is most affected one. As most of our readers came here to find out answers on how to start studying with focus? 

Statistical Data Of Procrastination 

Let’s take a look at what different studies have found regarding the ratio of students procrastinating. 

20%Adults procrastinate chronically.
50%College students procrastinate in a consistent and chronic manner.
75%Students consider themselves to be procrastinators.
80 to 90%College students overall procrastinate during academic years.
50.7%People procrastinate using the internet.
94%People indicated that procrastination has a negative impact on them
Source: Solving Procrastination

6 Ways to Solve Procrastination

A million dollar question: How to overcome procrastination as a student? People perceive that procrastination started with the new age of technology and social media apps, but let us disclose it to you, distraction has always been there even in the older times. People always find ways to lay back from their work, but we can’t ignore that social media and the internet have increased the number of distractions that promote procrastination. It’s a real challenge to learn how to start studying in this era of technology. 

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Are you a procrastinator? Below, we have listed five potential ways to stop procrastinating and start studying efficiently. Check them out to break the cycle of procrastination and become more productive.

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Create A To Do Checklist

One of the most popular questions of students is how to overcome procrastination as a student. The very first thing you need to do is make a checklist before starting to study. 

  • The checklist helps students to monitor their work and the progress they are making with time. In the checklist, you can set small goals and monitor how you are progressing with time. 
  • You can also schedule little reward breaks once a goal is achieved. This will help you stop procrastinating and start studying in no time.  
  • The checklist will help you remember how much you have done at the end of the day and how much you need to do more. It will remind you to stay on task. 
  • Make a schedule and set some deadlines for yourself. Learn to study in a limited timeframe. 
  • Break down big tasks into smaller ones to achieve them one by one.
  • Establish some studying goals before lunchtime and leave the rest for after lunchtime, then set milestones before dinner.
  •  Do the most challenging work when you are more energetic and fresh. 
  • This is one of the best ways to solve procrastination. Because you will be able to stay more productive and focused on what you are doing.

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Eliminate Distractions 

The best way to stop procrastinating and start studying is to understand that your study is more important than any other distractions you might find on the way. We all know how productive group studies are? They are not, because you are studying one minute and the next minute you are getting busy talking and playing with your friends. Procrastination is the major impact of online learning for students and it is enhanced with the increasing online education. It’s the time to become responsible students and take the lead into your hands.

  • Take charge of your studying performance, put down your phone, and turn off the notifications of your social media apps. 
  • Studying alone will help you stay more concentrated and enhance your memorizing power. 
  • Put your game controller away and turn off all the distracting tech devices for the time being. 
  • Motivate yourself with your goals. After studying, you can schedule a group study with your friends to check on each other’s knowledge and clear concepts that you haven’t understood on your own. 

Go to Library

Students will be like distractions are everywhere, where can I go to study? Well, visit the library to stop procrastination and start studying. It’s a fact that you are going to study better if the environment is helpful and not cluttered and messy.

  • Nothing is better than studying in a quiet library where others are also indulging in studying. It will help you learn how to study more productively. 
  • The non-distracting and peaceful environment of the library will help you focus on your studies and give you access to hundreds of books to get help. 
  • There might be seniors in the library you can get help from regarding your studies.
  • Libraries make it hard for you to procrastinate because there won’t be a bed where you can sleep while studying. 
  • There won’t be your dog or your video games to distract you. Choose a quiet corner of the library to study to effectively stop procrastinating and start studying.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Procrastination also comes from an unhealthy lifestyle where you are consuming unhealthy drinks and foods and being lazy in bed when it’s time to study. There is a large number of students who have never exercised or stepped into the jogging field. Such unhealthy lifestyles also impact college student’s mental health that lead to procrastination. There is no problem sleeping in and eating junk food once in a while, but following this routine for a prolonged period is not recommended. 

  • Eat a balanced diet with whole grains, berries, nuts, and fish. 
  • Avoid sugary drinks to keep your sugar level on a healthy scale.
  • Go for healthy foods that are high in nutrients and have a positive impact on your academic performance. 
  • Playing a sport also helps in releasing your stress, clearing your head, and keeping you physically fit. 
  • Go for jogging, do some light exercise to relax your muscles. Adding exercise to your schedule helps to freshen up your mind and exert energy healthily. 

Stay Motivated, But How? 

You might have heard that staying motivated will help you stop procrastinating and start studying, but few people talk about how to be motivated. Demotivation is one of the biggest challenges in college these days. You need to understand what motivates you and what is the main reason you are studying.There might be a big goal in your life that you want to achieve or a profession you want to work in the future.

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  • Always keep the bigger picture in mind when you are working towards a better tomorrow. 
  • Having a dream will keep you motivated. There must be something you are yearning for, and you need to work constantly to achieve that milestone. 
  • Set a vision, and there is no problem if it’s unrealistically big and seems impossible to achieve for someone like you. If you want to go to the moon, it’s ok; set that goal. Who knows, your hard work will take you to space. Dream big because big dreams need big motivations and strongest wills. 

Read the Studying Materials

If you are assigned a new topic and thinking how to write my essay for me, and you are still procrastinating, it might be because you don’t have much to write. You might be stuck in your paper after writing one line or one paragraph, and the frustration of not knowing what to write next will lead you to use your phone and scroll through social media. Many students procrastinate in writing their assignments because they don’t know what to say. 

  • The best way to stop procrastinating and start studying is to go through the studying material, books, articles, videos, and charts. 
  • Learn how to study and read the material properly.
  • Read, read, and read until you know everything you need to write in your paper. 
  • Gather all the potential points of discussion and outline how you are going to structure your paragraphs and the whole research paper. 

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Want Help to Get Rid of Procrastination?

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Summing Up

Procrastination is a common problem among students, and it is more likely to be adopted by students who have less or no idea what they need to do in their assignments. Putting off words can be good to some extent where it does not affect your performance, but adopting it as your coping mechanism is not only impractical but also damaging. Our blog shared tips and solutions that you can adopt to stop procrastinating and start studying.


Procrastinating more or less stays with you until you commit yourself to the tasks. You can get rid of it once you know what you want to achieve. Always keep in mind the result of procrastination in the past and how that affected your development.

Procrastination does not always mean that you are lazy or distractions are tempting you; it might be linked with depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, ADHD, weak physical health, mental stress, studying pressure, and poor studying habits.

The 54321 rule by Mel Robbins is very useful for the procrastinators out there. It says that the moment you feel hesitation, and some distractions take away your time, you can count 5-4-3-2-1 in your head, and the moment you say 1, start doing the task without a second delay. It's like a rocket launching in space where you prepare your mind and go all out on 1. This rule is helpful in staying focused on your work.

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