Challenges and Impact of Online Learning on College Students

Technology has been advancing in every field of life, whether it’s education, medicine, business, architecture, agriculture, or engineering. Virtual learning was already in the game, but it peaked when Covid 19 global pandemic hit the world like a storm. Even though the lockdown impacted every other field, education was the most effective victim of it. Students stayed at home, and all classes went online, and the overall system witnessed a drastic shift towards online learning.

Now, almost every academic institution around the world promotes and encourages online learning. This shift impacted students strongly and changed their whole perspective of education. This blog is shedding light on the effects of online learning on students and what are the common challenges of it.

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Effects of Online Learning

This debate was quite a hot topic when online learning was introduced and popularized. It is obvious that it will have some challenges because shifting to a new form of learning from the traditional learning methods is difficult. When students and teachers were compelled towards online learning during the pandemic, it took them a lot of time to get used to it.

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Online learning comes with challenges, effects, and not to mention, advantages. This blog highlights the overall impact of online learning on students. Let’s dive right into it.


Even though online education comes with the slogan of easy accessibility and availability to everyone, in reality, not everyone has the accessibility to it. The reason? Well, not everyone is well off enough to afford a stable internet connection and a laptop or other tech devices to engage with online classes. Virtual learning is accessible only for the people with the internet and computer. This was one of the biggest challenges students faced when they needed to get laptops and internet connections to learn from home.

Students are scattered all over the country, and there is a high possibility that some students might not have access to the Internet due to their remote locations. A stable internet connection is another challenge that comes with accessing online learning. Poor internet connection impacts the learning and performance of students because they won’t be able to keep up with the classes and the assignment submissions.

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How to Access Virtual Learning?

To overcome this challenge of accessibility, you need to look for low-cost internet packages and connections that will provide you with stable connectivity to view online study materials and attend virtual classes. Online learning can’t be done solely through a smartphone; that’s why you need to get a second-hand laptop or low-cost tablet that will aid in making assignments and reviewing the classes. Check your local library because most of the libraries provide free internet connection and open wifi that you can use for classes.


Increasing Distractions

The major negative effect of online learning is that students can easily be distracted from their classes and studies when they are already on their tech devices. There is a high chance of students gaming or using their social media while being in their online classes. Online classes failed to create the same effect as traditional classes in terms of engagement and student interactions. Students might be eating meals, watching TV, or getting distracted by other events happening in their homes, leaving no time to focus on their online classes.

How to be More Concentrated in Online Learning?

You can combat this challenge of distraction by adopting effective measures and strategies to be more focused on your classes and not fall into the temptations of other distractions. Turn off all the social media notifications and block all the distracting apps during your study session. Implement some time management strategies to take little breaks between the hours of focused work. Make a schedule for yourself, engage more with your classes, and leave other activities for another time. Set study goals in your mind and hold yourself accountable for your actions. Your future is more important than the chit-chat with friends and streaming TikToks; that’s why you need to pull yourself into studying better.

Low Confidence

The major negative effect of online learning is that students will develop low confidence and self-esteem. Social interactions with peers, teachers, and other people on a daily basis at school are compulsory for students to develop confidence and polish their communication skills. Online classes limit the interactions of students with each other and with the teachers as well. Students tend to not participate in virtual sessions and hesitate to speak on occasions due to low self confidence and no proper social skills. Low self-esteem and confidence directly affect the performance and engagement of students in learning and other co-curricular activities.

How to Develop Confidence during Online Learning?

Traditional learning will give students a chance to learn more from teachers by asking questions and listening to the teacher’s answers to the questions asked by other students. Online classes are more like individual study, and you can turn it to your advantage by making your own study plan. You can customize your learning practices by making notes, asking questions from the teachers, and keeping an active record of daily learned topics. Volunteer to speak to the online class and present your ideas regarding study.

Poor Physical Health and Self Discipline

One thing students love about online classes is that they don’t have to get up early in the morning, put on a presentable outfit, and hurriedly reach the school. Students simply start attending classes straight from the bed. It seems convenient for a day or two, but this schedule will ultimately affect the student’s physical health and self-discipline. Laying down or sitting improperly for a prolonged period of time will promote back pain, bad posture,eye strain, and even weight gain. Students might sleep through the session. Such a routine will deteriorate the self-discipline of students and enhance procrastination.

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How to Be Self Disciplined and Healthy during Online Sessions?

There is no best solution to this challenge other than being a responsible person. You need to understand that online learning is a big responsibility, the same as the regular school. Establish self-discipline even though you are studying online and there are no teachers to correct you. Make a timetable for yourself and get up before classes. Take care of your hygiene even if you are staying home.

Attend classes while sitting properly on the chair and maintaining your good posture. Work on your time management skills by eating your meals on time and attending lectures at their specific time. Don’t take the relaxation for granted, and engage yourself in daily exercise alongside your assignments and online sessions. The more you learn to manage your time, the more efficient you will be in your career and in your future.


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End Note

The impact of online learning is not always negative nor always positive. It can be a great opportunity to make education accessible to all students, but it comes with plenty of challenges like accessibility problems, distraction, low self-confidence, and bad physical health. Online learning is great if students take it seriously and indulge themselves in the sessions as much as they did in traditional learning. It’s all about student’s free will and how they will customize their study plan to be effective and productive.

How online learning effects students? Is online learning the future? What are the similarities between online classes and face-to-face learning?
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