Full Understanding Of What is A Reflection Paper

It reflects a student’s points of view and opinions over a certain topic or subject. Most of the time a teacher would assign such tasks to evaluate students’ analytical thinking abilities and more.

According to the American Psychological Association, reflective writing exercises, including reflection papers, significantly improve critical thinking and learning outcomes.

Speaking of which, are you confused about what is a reflection paper and how to write one like a pro? Don’t fret as you have all coming in this very exciting blog post. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Quick Tips on Writing a Reflection Paper

Everything You Need to Know About a Reflection Paper

Here’s all the information you want to know about such paper and write one well.

What is a Reflection Paper?

Let’s understand it from the literal meaning of the word ‘reflection,’ which refers to the throwing back of light by a body or polished surface without absorbing it.

  • Just like that, reflection essays and documents are the throwbacks of a certain topic from the perspective of students who have critically analyzed that topic.

  • In such papers, students are tasked to analyze a topic thoroughly and then express their opinions.

What makes a reflection document different from other papers? The best thing about such reflection essays and assignments is that you can express your opinion and personal views regarding that topic. There will be no wrong answers in such papers, and every student has a chance to prove their point of view.

Students will learn to develop effective thesis statements that will resonate with their interests It helps bring out the originality of each student and how they perceive different phenomena. Reflective documents can be professional, educational, or personal.

Importance of Reflection Paper

Why are reflection essays and papers so important in academics? If you pursue a course or degree, you will cross paths with reflective writing occasionally. Instructors assign such assignments to the students to evaluate their understanding of the course and their opinions and interpretations. The primary objective of reflective papers is to express your thoughts, points of view, thinking, understanding, interpretations, and feelings toward certain topics.

Students can express their true experiences and feelings towards the topic. Such assignments act as a motivation factor for students because there are no wrong answers in such assignments. Everyone can state their opinions and have the freedom to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas regardless of the strict rules of academic writing. It will also help the instructors to witness student’s judgment, understanding, and knowledge.

Types of Reflection Paper

Two different types of reflective assignments are usually given to the students. What are the types of reflective papers? The name of them are experiential and textual paper. These two papers differ in the research method and structure. Let’s take a detailed look into these two apa reflection paper types.

Experiential Reflective Paper

This type of paper is written for student’s opinion and analysis skills development. In such papers, students are more likely to analyze a statement, a phenomenon, a concept, someone’s experience, or an observation.

After the analysis, they must state their opinions, personal experience, or analysis report on that subject. Students provide a detailed review or reflection report on the given topic by summarizing and highlighting the concepts and principles in their support. Such papers help in bringing out a student’s individuality and knowledge level.

Textual Reflective Paper

These papers deal with written textual documents, like books, articles, columns, or research papers. Students need to conduct a thorough analysis of such documents, and then they can state their opinions, personal views, and interpretations with the help of credible statistics, evidence, and quotations.

These papers have a reflection report focused on the theory and academic evidence. Students may have to put a lot of work into these documents compared to the experiential papers.

How to Start a Reflection Paper

Are you hassling with how to start a reflective paper? Well, this might be the case for all students when they are assigned such assignments. Here are some tips you will have even when you hire a professional essay service online.

Solution of Your Problems

The pro tip to writing a perfect reflection essay or document is “reading” the material thoroughly. You may have to reflect on a newspaper article, an activity, an event, a research paper, or an essay. Every essay writing practice starts with reading the available sources.

  • Reading will help you develop an understanding of the concepts and main points of the given topic.

  • A thorough read will help you establish your opinion regarding the reflective essay or topic, and you will be able to outline the main points of discussion.

  • It will also lead you to the right direction of the content by summarizing all the main points. It helps you deliver your ideas in a better light and understanding.

What comes next after reading? “Brainstorm”. Now it’s time for you to start asking yourself questions about the topic and brainstorm new ideas and points of discussion. These questions will help you develop your understanding of the topic. After answering these questions, you can write a reflective essay or paper easily and effectively.

Ask yourself some basic questions like:

  • What did you learn from the article/book/essay?

  • How does the article catch the reader’s attention?

  • How does the article change your mind or view about a certain concept?

  • Are there questions left in the articles that need to be answered?

  • What are some issues that weren’t discussed in the article but should be addressed?

  • What did the article change from your past perspective or experience with that topic?

  • What is the crux of this article?

  • What learning objectives has it achieved?

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How to Write a Reflection Paper

Are you facing issues while writing such a paper? Check out this step-by-step guide of professional essay writers for hire to start writing your paper effectively.

Establish the Main Theme

The first thingyou need to identify is what your main theme of reflection will be. For that purpose, you need your APA style reflection paper to thoroughly provide a short summary of what you’ve understood and concluded about that topic. Then start stating your opinion about the topic after going through it. It will help you establish the main theme of the paper that will be followed throughout the writing process.


Brainstorm your ideas, thoughts, potential points, and past experience with that topic. It would help if you listed those ideas to develop your understanding and effective interpretation of that topic. Brainstorming will help you connect the topic with your experiences, influences, memories, and popular quotes. You can also explain your true feelings and opinions regarding that topic. You should also shortlist some good APA style reflection paper topics before you begin writing one.


How do you analyze the reflection topic? In reflective documents, you need to explain the ideas of the topic with the help of how it has influenced you and affected your interpretation of that theme. You must have picked out some important points and ideas of your understanding from the brainstorming step. Now, you need to analyze those important points in this step and then develop a final statement of agreement or disagreement with the subject. A very important step of a reflection paper APA format.

Ensure Connectivity

Always connect the ideas you have discussed in your context to maintain the proper flow of concepts and ideas. Everything you have discussed and every evidence or statistic you have provided needs to be interconnected to form a complete picture of your paper. The whole piece must connect well with ‘title for a reflection paper.’

Follow the Outline

Always proceed with your assignment according to the outline that you have made before writing. That outline will guide you in properly structuring your ideas and thoughts. An outline will always organize the paper into different sections and keep a close eye on the presentation of the content. It will also help you not to miss an important step or guideline.

Reflection Paper Structure

The structure of writing all kinds of papers like assignments and essays is necessary to be followed by students. Even if you hire paper or assignment writing service to help you still you should have an idea about structure so no one can scam you. Every reflective paper should follow the standard outline structure to ensure efficiency, effective work, and idea flow. Those three main parts in the structure are:


What to write in the introduction of reflective essay paper? This is a frequently asked question regarding such assignments. The introduction section is all about introducing the topic you are reflecting upon. It should contain a “hook sentence” to grab the attention of the reader. The most important part of the introduction is the effective thesis statement detailing your general position, opinion, and main point of the discussion.

Body Paragraphs

What comes under body paragraphs of reflection essay or paper? Everything you’ve analyzed and every supporting evidence you’ve collected will be divided into potential body paragraphs. It has the main context of the paper, topic sentence, and you will examine your ideas and interpretations with the help of credible sources and concepts. You can review topic sentence for body paragraph examples for clarity. Every new idea will be discussed in a different paragraph to make it easy for the reader to understand the context.

Closing statement

The closing statement is essential to every impactful research paper written by students or professional scholars. The conclusion of your paper will summarize all of your ideas and points of discussion at the end. It will declare the key results that you’ve found and how the topic has impacted your learning and knowledge. This section describes how the overall paper will impact the reader’s learning and how it has helped you to learn something significant.

Common Challenge of Reflection Paper Faced By Students

Reflective papers are quite challenging because they are based on personal observations and experiences. Following are the common challenges that students face while writing such papers:

  • Unable to Express your Thoughts

  • Failure in understanding the perspectives

  • Lack of content structure.

  • Complex and complicated language

  • Might offend someone with your statements.

  • Incorrect citations

  • Grammar Errors

5 Pro Tips To Overcome These Challenges

To have an effective reflection assignment, make sure to follow the below-mentioned expert tips:

  • Short and Simple: Keep your document short and simple. The standard word limit of such a paper is between 250 to 750 words; that’s why refrain from adding irrelevant information and keep it short.

  • Clarity of Language: Always use simple and comprehensive language and avoid using jargon. Have a clear thesis statement with a strong argument building.

  • Content Tone: Keep the tone of content professional and academic, even if you are writing a personal reflection.

  • Cite Your Sources: Always collect information from credible and repeated sources and cite them properly in the references section of your paper.

  • Editing and Proofreading: Don’t submit your paper without conducting proper grammar and spell checks. Proofread your work carefully to eliminate any errors or unnecessary information.

Example to Help You Write a Paper

Here’s a class reflection paper example to help you understand such write-ups well.


Title for a reflection paper:

“Reflect on the Jonestown Massacre 1978”

“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.” This quote sent chills down the spine of not only Americans but the whole world. Not because of how accurate this is, but due to this quote’s presence in the pavilion of Jonestown Guyana, where 918 people lay lifeless in the tropical heated climate of triple canopy forest. That event is considered the most tragic event in the history of the United States, with the deaths of nearly a thousand civilians in an unnatural cause.

I remember watching the news regarding Jonestwons; honestly, it terrifies me to this day. It is always so shocking to me when I see how those residents drank cyanide-laced Kool-Aid and even forced their children to drink that as well. What breaks my heart is the youngest victim of this massacre was only two months old. What did that baby even see in the world in that limited time? He could have been a significant member of society, but instead, he was killed by his parents, who were brainwashed by an evil like Jim Jones.

The more you dig into this tragedy, the more secrets will be uncovered. The most shocking revelation was that not all of those people died willingly; some were injected forcefully at the order of Jim Jones. The massacre didn’t happen just out of the blue; Jim Jones drove those people to helplessness and hopelessness to the point they saw no escape except from death.

Jonestown was a commune of a group known as Peoples Temple, living in the remote jungle of Guyana. After the mass suicide of the entire commune, along with their leader,third-personon 18 November 1978, Jonestown is now just an overgrown jungle. Reverend Jim Jones, the pastor and the charismatic leader of this cult, was an activist in the 60s and 70s who preached about social segregation, black rights, and socialism. He had a large following of every race. The temple was first in San Francisco and then moved to Redwood Valley, California.

Jim Jones moved his whole group into the remote jungle of Guyana in the mid-70s with a vision of creating a social utopia. But soon, the utopia became an armed prison for the residents. The ultimate control of Jim Jones and his paranoia led the group to commit mass suicide, which they used to call ‘Revolutionary suicide.’ The story of Jonestown opens new interpretations and discoveries of how the human brain can be so manipulated and washed by an evil pastor that those people killed their children and themselves at his command. The tragedy of Jonestown always has something to learn to understand, identify, and avoid the harmful practices of cults and cultists.

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Final Thoughts

It might be a challenging task assigned to the students. However, this blog details all the necessary guidelines and solutions for reflective documents that will help students to effectively write a paper with the help of a structured guide, expert tips for a perfect paper, a step-by-step process, and an understanding of the importance of reflection assignments. Moreover, we have also included an example of a reflection paper on a class to help you understand it well.


Most of the time, such papers or essays have a word limit between 300 and 750 words. That’s why it is recommended to be clear and concise. Be brief about the introduction and background of the topic.

Reading and brainstorming are the two ultimate steps of an effective paper. You can also go through this blog to unlock all the information regarding reflective papers.

Yes, since these papers are based on your personal opinion and experience regarding that specific topic, you can use the first-person pronouns. But some assignments may require you to write in a third person point of view.

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