Discussing The Different Types of Nursing Essay

For students pursuing nursing, essays are important assignments given for the purpose of testing their analytical and critical thinking abilities. Different kinds of essays come under this vast term of nursing essay discussion. Different types of essays serve different kinds of purposes in the field of research, and that’s why it’s important to pick a topic from the corresponding type of essay.

This blog is the ultimate guide to differentiate between types of nursing essays and to understand their significance in the field.

Types of Nursing Essay

Choosing the correct type of essay for your nursing assignment is very important because it will estimate the overall intent of the content. Different types of essays have distinctive research methods, content approaches, purposes, and the nature of thesis statements. Following are the different types of nursing essays:

Descriptive Nursing Essays

The primary purpose of a descriptive essay is to focus on one single point and provide a detailed analysis of how the student or writer has perceived it. Descriptive essays demand the writer to follow an analytical and critical approach to provide a detailed discussion of a particular patient, medical conditions, nursing phenomenon, or medical procedure. These essays use precise language and vivid details to introduce the audience to the main subject of the essay.

Professors give descriptive essay assignments to evaluate students’ analytical abilities and understanding of patient care. A descriptive essay is also a popular type of essay to pick by students applying for nursing school. Those applicants can pick one particular topic about medical problems, healthcare phenomena that they observed, a common issue with nursing staff, or anything that describes their best interests in the field.

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Reflective Nursing Essays

Reflective essays serve the purpose of enabling students to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, areas of interest, understanding of the nursing field, and growth in their studies. These reflective essays help students to critically analyze their experiences and provide suggestions or solutions to make improvements.

Reflective essays deal with the student’s understanding and emotional approach towards a certain topic. Instructors might have given your reflective essay in order to observe and judge your emotions, thoughts, understanding, research skills, reactions to specific situations, and your learning and growth from that situation. Since nurses interact directly with patients and their families, having strong reflective analysis skills is a must for shaping the entire nursing practice.

Research Nursing Essay

Research essays are undoubtedly one of the most popular types of nursing essay. Nursing education mainly focuses on research essays because they help explore and develop student’s research skills and implementation of evidence-based practice. Research essay topics vary from conducting thorough research to test and reflect on a certain medical treatment or phenomena, analyzing research findings of already available sources, and presenting a well-structured hypothesis or argument.

Research essays hold a lot of significance in the nursing field because they contribute to the research as well as the practice. They are also assigned to students in order to test their reasoning and research skills regarding current healthcare issues. Research essays propose solutions and provide suggestions or recommendations with the help of thorough research and opinions from credible sources.

Case Study Nursing Essays

As the name suggests, case study essays aim to conduct a thorough case study to test a student’s theoretical knowledge and ability to apply it to real-life scenarios. Students are mostly assigned a patient’s medical case and asked to analyze the apparent symptoms, assess the additional tests, make a diagnosis, and plan treatment. Case study essays help students to get proper interaction with a patient’s medical history and condition and evaluate their learning and critical analysis skills.

It determines how students are going to respond to certain patients and health problems and also how they are going to solve the problem. These essays provide a roadmap to a student’s thinking process and problem-solving skills. Since health care is a serious field, case study essays require students to apply the legal and ethical implications in their critical analysis.

Argumentative Nursing Essays

Argumentative essays are considered quite challenging by the students because they require strong credibility and extreme accuracy and authenticity of the evidence. These essays are mainly assigned to judge the student’s argument-building and the research skills to back that main argument. These essays also serve the purpose of observing how students perceive different situations and what unique things they could possibly introduce in their essay.

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Students are asked to present a well-reasoned argument on a specific nursing practice, phenomenon, situation, treatment method, or certain medical problem. Argumentative essays require thorough research, an understanding of different points of view, persuasive arguments, and effective counter arguments. These essays also help evaluate student’s reasoning ability and the skill to defend their main argument with enough supporting evidence.

Comparative Nursing Essays

Comparative essays aim to compare and evaluate two different theories, medical treatments or conditions, and consequences of the same issue. For example, you are given an assignment to compare why two patients with the same medical problem meet two different ends. Maybe one of them has died, and the other one made it out alive. You are required to compare their cases with the help of evidence and theories, and gave a final statement on what differentiate both patients from each other.

Students are required to conduct an impartial analysis of both situations, build an argument, support one opinion with the help of evidence, and provide a solution or endnote on the situation. You can also give your personal opinion or observation on the basis of your understanding of the situation to declare what would be the most effective out of those two opinions you just compared.

Admission Nursing Essays

Admission essays are crucial to include in nursing school applications. It increases the chances for you to get admission to a reputed nursing school. They usually serve the purpose of evaluating the student’s enthusiasm, motivation, and research skills. Since they are your first encounter with any nursing school, you are expected to sway them with a well-researched essay that highlights your passion, interest, motivation, and suitability for the nursing profession.

You can start by compellingly introducing yourself and mentioning what makes you intrigued and committed to healthcare. You can also list down some inspiring role models or any specific situation that led you to make the decision to choose nursing as a profession. Another productive approach is to discuss what you plan to contribute to the field and what makes you a strong candidate against other applicants.

Nursing Essays Expertise Levels

Different types of Nursing essays, when executed have multiple degrees of expertise, and they differ from each other based on who wrote them. Although all essays serve the same healthcare sector, their credibility, structure, research methods, and affectivity vary from each other.

Nursing School Application Essay

Nursing school application essays are the very initial writings by the students willing to get admission to a nursing institution. These essays might not be of high credibility because they are usually asked to submit only to judge the motivation, commitment, passion, and future plans of a student who wants to pursue the field. They might be mostly hypothetical or third person point of view, with not much personal opinion from writers because they are newbies with no experience.

Nursing School Student Essay

These essays are written by students studying in a nursing school. It includes the assignments and thesis given by the professors to evaluate the students. These essays hold more credibility and authenticity because the writers are in the process of learning and experimenting with different situations and medical phenomena.

The most impressive thing about these essays is a breath of fresh air into existing traditional nursing research. The new students are coming into the field with different ideas and observations and also with different solutions. Many popular research papers are written by students who’ve analyzed some problems during their studies and proposed excellent solutions to improve them.

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Research Paper by Practicing Nurses

Now, here is the final and most authentic research paper level, written by the practicing nurses themselves. These essays or research papers hold the highest level of credibility and authenticity because they are written by nurses who’ve encountered real-life medical situations, scenarios, patients, and complications. There is so much to learn, observe, and analyze from the experience of nurses in the fields.

These essays may include the types of patients the nurses encountered, the complications of those medical conditions, the biggest challenges that they might have faced, and how they actually tackled them. Nurses who’ve observed some problems and difficulties can write about the improvements and solutions to make nursing a better field. Most of these research papers are published in reputed journals and then studied in nursing school to let the students learn from the experience of professional, practicing nurses.


There are several types of nursing essays, and each serves distinct purposes in evaluating students’ knowledge, critical thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, reflective response, and reasoning abilities. Students can choose a type of their interest to meet the specific requirements of each.

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