Mastering Nursing Essay Writing Tips and Techniques

Nursing essays are the most crucial requirement of almost every nursing school in order to evaluate the student’s judgment, thought process, abilities, and research skills. Students are assigned the task of writing essays during their studies and also at the time of applying for admission. Having a strong admission essay plays an important part in ensuring your enrollment to the nursing school.

You are required to write such an essay that it will help you stand out against other applicants and prove yourself to be a suitable candidate. Crafting a perfect nursing essay might be challenging, but it surely isn’t hard if you are equipped with expert nursing essay writing tips and techniques. In the following blog, we have listed down some expert tips for writing an impressive nursing essay.

Expert Nursing Essay Writing Tips

These expert tips and techniques are applicable to all types of nursing essays, whether you are writing for admission or as an assignment. Without further delay, let’s dig into the tips and techniques to write a nursing essay.

Write What Is Asked of You

The most common mistake students make is to get sidetracked from the main question of the essay. You are required to focus on what the instructor wanted you to focus on. Although it’s alright to touch some other terminologies or topics within your essay, your main focus should be on what is needed from you. Emit all irrelevant and unnecessary information to clarify your essay from ambiguity.

Understand the main question of your essay because comparing, analyzing, explaining, describing, and evaluating are all different terms, and they require a distinctive approach while discussing the main idea of your essay. Understand what is required from you and what each term means in the essay question, and then start your essay.

Strictly follow the guidelines given to you by your instructor and stick to them throughout your essay. It will help your speech to become clear and easy to focus on. Listen to what your professor wants you to focus on. For example, if you are asked to write an essay about Practices for pediatric Nurses, you shouldn’t go on explaining some irrelevant side topics like geriatric nurses or oncology nurses.

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Make a Structure

Before you start putting down any of your work, you are required to make a proper structure of your essay to determine what you are going to discuss and how you are going to proceed in your essay. Having a structure is like having a plan for what you are proceeding towards. Since every step of the essay has some fundamentals to follow, you need to structure the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion of your essay.

Having a structure will make it easy for you to follow the given guidelines, along with focusing on the topic. You can estimate what points you need to discuss in the introduction paragraph, what references and evidence you are going to add in the body, and how you are going to wrap it all up in the conclusion. Essay structure also helps determine the tone, significance, and approach of your content to win any audience.

Revise the Essay guidelines

One of the most important nursing essay writing tips is to go through the given guidelines at every step of writing and editing your essay. It will help you become concentrated and focused on what is needed from you. Keep those guidelines in front of you and revise them at every step of your journey to write the essay. Make sure you are following the required formatting style, structured outline of your essay, avoiding the common mistakes that your instructor might have mentioned, and doing what is asked of you in the context.

Students tend to read the guidelines once and then start working on their essays. This style of writing has led countless students to get sidetracked because they didn’t even focus on the main question of their essays. You need to revise, reread, and repeat the guidelines at every step, whether it’s research, structuring, paragraphing, conclusion, and proofreading. You need to keep those guidelines in front of you to make sure you are following the right track and pull yourself back to the right track if you ever get lost. Sometimes, we made a big mistake in the essay but never realized it until we went through the guidelines multiple times.


Research varies for different types of nursing essays because each essay serves a different purpose. Research differs for candidates writing nursing essays to get admission and for students who are already enrolled and writing essays for assessments.

So, if you are writing an essay as the requirement of an admission application, you need to be very careful about following the right content intent. It would help if you researched the nursing school you are interested in to get an overview of the standards of that institution and what they value the most.

Once you are done with knowing the whereabouts of the school, move on to get to know what the assessors wanted to know through your essay. Their main goal is to evaluate you as a candidate on the basis of your answers to questions like why you want to study nursing, why you are interested in the field, and how you can contribute to the nursing field.

If you are a student writing for an assignment, your research should focus on what the instructor has asked from you. You have to analyze where the instructor is coming from and what exactly they require from you through your essay. You should heed the guidelines given to you and find what is the actual question from you. In this case, your research will be focused on one particular topic or branch of study.

Check out the Essential Reading List

Most nursing institutions provide essential reading guidelines or lists for students to get information from the most credible sources. Many instructors mention the reading list in the essay guidelines to guide students toward the helping material.

Many students tend to skip that reading list and search for their information on their own because reading the whole list would be time-consuming. Obviously, you can’t read it all, but you can still go through some of the content in the reading list to make an outline for your essay. Your instructor may have mentioned journals or resources to follow and to avoid. That’s why check out the reading list to make your essay crafting easy.

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One thing that’s going to be really helpful is to write down the references as you proceed with your essay. If you’ve found something similar or relevant to your essay topic, it would be really helpful to write down the full reference to that source in the list. Make sure you are following your intuition’s formatting style while referencing, whether it’s MLA or APA.

Having a prepared list of references will be really helpful in summing up your essay and sharing that supporting information with your audience. Most of the time, you go back to those sources to fetch a quote for your essay, and having a list will save you from the hassle of researching it again. Already having a list of references will save a lot of your time during the editing of the essay. They will help you plan through your essay writing journey not only one time but for future assignments relevant to that topic as well.

Formative Assessment

Before submitting your final work to your instructors, make sure to have a formative assessment of your essay. For those who don’t know, formative assessment is to monitor your piece of work in order to identify strengths, weaknesses, target areas, and the main goals. It’s like a step before submitting your final essay to identify if you’ve made any mistakes that really don’t resonate with the actual goal of the essay.

You can conduct a formative assessment by writing summaries, critically analyzing your essay, reading it from the point of view of the instructors, arranging short quizzes to get quick feedback, and conducting open-end discussions. All of these activities are going to help you make your essay perfect and boost it to another level with all the needed information and findings. It will also help you to identify if you’ve made some massive mistakes in understanding the intent of the topic and if you are on the right track.

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Nursing essay writing tips makes the whole process of writing extremely easy and quick. To have a good nursing essay, you are required to focus on the nature of the essay question, make an essay structure, revise the essay guidelines, check out the reading list, write down the references, and finally conduct a formative assessment to evaluate your own work before submission.

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