How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Essay To Impress The Audience In 2023?

Who doesn’t want to impress the audience or readers? And how good it makes you feel when everyone quotes your words. This opportunity usually comes in the shape of a rhetorical essay to college students completing their Master’s degree and Ph.D. You all must be excited to nail this chance to take full advantage. Right? But the real question is, do you know how to write a rhetorical analysis essay?

Even if you send a request to “write my essay” to your friends, they might still not know how to do that.

Is it the same as writing any essay about your subject, school, or favorite type? Well, it’s different from what you have written before. But there’s no need to tremble. Fasten your seatbelts because today, you will be lucky to get this treasure of wisdom. We will let you have all the information from our best talents to guide you. Let’s begin.

What Is A Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

What Is A Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

Before we directly move on to the rhetorical analysis essay writing process, let’s learn a bit about rhetorical analysis. And why is it so important to know what is a rhetorical question? A simple answer is it’s an essential part of academic discourse and higher education of college students.

A rhetorical analysis essay is an author’s argument with relevant background information on a selected topic. Authors are required to present specific examples with hard evidence to invoke three feelings. These three emotional appeals include ethos, pathos, and logos. The intended audience must feel these connections with the idea, the context of the speech, or the story.

A rhetorical analysis essay satisfies the audience’s logical, ethical, and pathetic appeals. For this purpose, you need to write and present your rhetorical analysis and main argument that is ethical, emotional, and with reason. This is the only way students can attain and retain a writer’s credibility. We hope this brings enough light to make you understand the basics here. Let’s start the entire essay writing process.

7 Steps of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing Process

7 Steps of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing Process

Students, since you know what an effective rhetorical analysis essay is, it’s time to take steps forward. There are still loads of things left before you become an expert and win a debate with your main argument. First, you must do this as soon as you decide to sit down for a scholarly article.

1. Choose A Topic That Breaks The Barrier

Rhetorical analysis essay writing is as good as its topic, so choose one based on three appeals. College students tend to choose easy ones and fall into the pit. So please select a subject topic that appeals to its intended audience. Your topic’s writing should endorse the writer’s credibility at every step.

Have a look at the following example of a topic that is both controversial and has an objective tone as well.

  • LGBTQ community segregation and the role of religious leaders
  • Corruption in third world countries and its protection by the world’s top banks

After carefully analyzing these specific examples, it’s clear that these topics have distinctive rhetorical appeals. The abovementioned words trigger an emotional response in the audience and gain unanimous approval.

Now let’s come to the actual game of rhetorical essays. The game has three major characters.

Now, What Are The 3 Major Parts of a Rhetorical Analysis Essay?

A typical rhetorical analysis has three main parts such as;

  1. Introduction (hook sentence, thesis statement, and background information)
  2. Body Paragraph (examples, pieces of evidence, emotional appeals, writer’s arguments)
  3. Conclusion (final words/verdict)

2. Carefully Compile Emotionally Charged Words To Stimulate Emotional Response In the Whole Essay

Always knows when to use figurative language in chronological order. As a writer, it is your job to stimulate pathetic appeal, ethical appeal, and logical appeals by using rhetorical techniques. Professional essay writers always follow the steps of writing precisely to minimize deviation.

And it takes work to convince readers, even with hard evidence in today’s world. This is why writing is still a critical skill for an analysis essay. So this is the prime reason for rhetoricians to present their main ideas with exceptionally well sentimental word choices.

Are you ready to take the fight to the next level? You must be feeling excited. Right? Here we go, then. An example of the main emotional points and their context can be as the following;

“We should fight for our rights, freedom, and privacy. No one will give it to us easily, whether it is governments, dictators, or others holding it in their hands. Start the fight today to win the battle for your future generation’s better tomorrow”.

Above mentioned paragraph of words is the best example for your audience to initiate an emotional response to your article.

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3. Start With The Introduction of Effective Rhetorical Analysis Essay

The first thing you need to do is to write an introduction to your analysis essay. This is the first part that will have approximately 20% of the total word count on the subject. You can write your introductory paragraph by introducing the topic, its relevant background information, and a thesis statement.

University students typically add more than 300 words and, in some cases, up to 500 words in an analysis essay or similar essays.

Example of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Introduction

Let’s look at an example of an introductory paragraph.

“One day, all the animal species in this world would be completely extinct. More than 100 years of human activities have caused 530 species to go extinct without a trace. The biggest reasons are our actions, such as deforestation, excessive CO2 emissions, and dumping crude oil and waste in the oceans. Even if we act now, we might save less than 30% of the animal species we see today in the next 30 years. The time to take quick and decisive action is now”.

This introduction can serve as a muse to inspire all of you to write to encourage your readers. A closer look at this intro can make you evaluate from a writer’s perspective to understand all three appeals, such as Logos appeals, Ethos appeals, and Pathos appeals.

Let’s look at some of the essential parts of an introduction in light of the example mentioned above.

Hook Sentence

A hook sentence is explicitly used to grab your reader’s attention quickly. We have used this sentence here as a hook. “One day, all the animal species that existed in this world would be completely extinct.”

As soon as you read it, it grabs your attention at once. It also ensures you know how to write an argumentative essay.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the second part of the introduction. It is an author’s argument on the subject. Word choice for a thesis is of utmost importance because it’s the one that makes it attractive to readers. An example of a thesis statement is the same as we have mentioned above but let us clarify it.

“Even if we act now, we might save less than 30% of the animal species we see today in the next 30 years”.

You can also follow this example to make the best statement for your essay.

Background Information

It is the last part of the introduction of an analysis essay. It is combined with the thesis to bridge the writer’s opinion with the evidence he has given in his essay. An example we have already used here is the following;

“More than 100 years of human activities have caused 530 species to go extinct without a trace. Our actions such as deforestation, excessive CO2 emissions, and dumping crude oil and waste in the oceans are the biggest reasons”.

When you present this information in your article, it will likely hit your readers’ emotions.

4. Get Ready For A Heated Debate on Body Context And Words

One side effect of rhetorical analysis essay writing is that such emotional appeals might challenge you. They might be your audience or a third person. You should always be ready to counter these arguments with a logical appeal. Let’s look at different emotional appeals that can invoke various emotions in readers.

Ethical Appeal (Ethos)

Ethical Appeal (Ethos)

Ethical appeals demonstrate to the audience and readers that a rhetorician is honest, and that’s why his central ideas are actual. It would help if you offered open debates on the subject and its topic to achieve this. Winning your argument becomes easy when your audience trusts you.

Logical Appeal (Logos)

Logical Appeal (Logos)

Logos appeal to the writer’s or moderator’s logic or reasons on the topic. The author’s argument links the relevant background information with his findings. This way, you can apply the best rhetorical strategies to your rhetorical analysis essay. An evidence based context of a subject helps you complete this step quickly. When you present the facts, there’s less chance of rejecting your argument in the essay.

Pathetic Appeals (Pathos)

Pathetic Appeals (Pathos)

Pathos or pathetic appeal targets the emotions of your readers. You can invoke any emotion in your readers or audience through your words. For example, if you like them to feel angry, you can present a case of a grumpy person. For emotions of fear, you can give examples or share a story of a hungry lion or a serial killer trying to kill someone.

5. Finally, Add Your Evidence and Findings In The Body Paragraph

This part acts as a central part of the rhetorical analysis essay. A body paragraph takes up roughly 80% of the content area. You can write it in 400 to 800 words for a short essay.

Body paragraphs have multiple purposes in writing an argument. The first one is to introduce your audience to the evidence on the subject and the writer’s command over its context.

The second purpose of a body paragraph is to add only good discussion or analysis and leave irrelevant arguments aside. This is why a body part of an essay is a fine piece of writing. The best writer uses all three appeals in his writings in the present tense and transition words.

The logical appeal is used to dismiss any objections they might experience. At the same time, ethical appeals justify writing as non-bias, free of prejudice, and single-directional analysis. A pathetic appeal is the strongest one that directly targets the reader’s and audience’s minds with emotional attraction.

Example of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Body Paragraph

Let’s write a body paragraph with all the emotional attractions and appeals to make an impact. The following example is the best one to follow.

“During my 10-year employment as a petrochemical engineer, I witnessed many environmental disasters and tragedies. Each day an oil rig extracts thousands of barrels of crude oil, and thousands of fish and marine life die.

The Deepwater Horizon explosion is the perfect example of such a tragedy that resulted in the destruction of marine life in the history of humankind. Hundreds of people died, but millions of fish, coral reefs, and marine ecosystems that supported these species were gone. To this day, the event haunted me and caused severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)”.

So, guys, this is how you will make a body paragraph, not as short as this example but similar. One easy way out is by using an analytical essay writing service that will make sure your peace is undisturbed at all times. Let’s move to the next and final one.

6. Epic Conclusion of Writing Rhetorical Analysis Essay

This is the last part and reminds your readers and audience to agree with your main point. You can summarize a few moments and then enforce the buy-in on your target audience.

Example of Rhetorical Analysis Essay Conclusion

Take a look at how you can make one for your rhetorical analysis.

“The tragic incident at the deepwater horizon left me thinking about why I need to change my profession and thinking urgently. We all know humans have caused great tragedies, whether it’s world wars, nuclear weapons, or oil rig spillage. And we are all responsible for ending these problems as well. A step-by-step and aggressive approach will certainly end pollution, deforestation, and reduction of greenhouse gasses”.

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7. Proofreading And Final Submission

Students, it is the part that allows no room for a mistake. After going through the previous six steps, you need to proofread your analysis essay. You may also miss a step or two when you are writing. So either hire a college essay writing service or anyone with a talent or knowledge of composing essays.

This will help you make your rhetorical analysis essay assignment spotless and mistake-free. Ask for punctuation and grammar mistakes, so the entire context and story are streamlined. When you’re done with it and receive the green signal for submission, take a deep breath and submit the essay to your professor.

What Are The Best Top 10 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics?

The following examples will give college students a spot-on and timely understanding of writing a rhetorical analysis essay topic. Let’s give you the top 10 topics to nail your grades.

Writing might be easy, but finding a topic that can blast your audience’s imagination takes a lot of work, even for seasoned writers. Finding a perfect and debatable topic is the key to the success of your assignment. No one can better guide you, but we are here to ensure you are included. Want to know how to captivate your audience with your words? The examples below are tailor-made solutions for your topic needs and brainstorming. What are you waiting for? Choose or write one like these top 10 topics at the moment.

  • Rise of white supremacy in the west
  • The collapse of civilized societies and extremism
  • Why are rich countries unable to reduce global poverty?
  • Global health authorities diminishing control over weed
  • Nuclear weapons and their extensive proliferation
  • Countdown to third world war
  • Is Covid the start of biological warfare?
  • Rise of religious extremism in the world
  • Why will typical education end sooner or later? 
  • A glimpse of the French revolution in Arab Spring (revolution)


We know you are ready and fully prepared to take on this task. Keeping your content neat and free of irrelevant information will ensure your rhetorical essay receives an A+. Additionally, writing emotional, ethical, and logical words will surely keep your audience in a spell by your words.

This is how you can write a clear and distinctive rhetorical analysis essay quickly without losing your sleep over it. Follow the guidelines for keeping your words unique and appealing to your desired audience. What’s your opinion on these rhetorical strategies? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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