How To Write Problem Solution Essay For College Assignments In Easy Steps

College life is about freedom, living in a dorm room without worries. All you need to do is to get ready to attend a movie or football match with your classmates and friends. And suddenly, you remember tomorrow morning you need to submit your assignment.

You are in big trouble, right? Did you pay attention when your professor told you how to write a problem solution essay in class? We know most of the time you didn’t.

Let’s forget about it because we provide you with a piece of complete information than your teachers would. We will discuss every little detail to ensure you get an A on every assignment from now on.

With our help, you will know how to solve problem like a pro. But before we begin, let’s have a look at what is a problem solution essay and how it is used in academic writing.

What Is A Great Problem Solution Essay?

For many academic students, a good problem solution essay presents an opportunity to address a vital issue and solve them with their best arguments in one or more paragraphs. In simple words, you offer a real life problem that you find disturbing and answer it.

For example, if you belong to a minority group, you can say that you face prejudice and hate within the city you live in. Then you can present the best solution to cope with such problems and offer amendments to improve the situation for all ethnic minorities. Your essay focuses on the issue and its solution with a vivid picture.

So are you up for writing an impressive problem solution essay? Can you write a convincing argument quickly, or do you need help from a essay writing service?

Essential Steps Before Writing Problem Solution Essay

Essential Steps Before Writing Problem Solution Essay

Now that you have received the assignment from your professor, it’s essential to know all the steps you’ll use to make one. Although it’s the work of professional essay writers, you will be learning how to make one yourself. These steps are divided into two phases.

  1. Prewriting phase

  2. Writing phase

So let’s start the prewriting phase on how to write a problem solution essay.

1. Prewriting Phase

Make Sure You Can Write An Essay

The first thing any student needs to do is to analyse their abilities. Because it’s not like you need to break an egg, put it in the pan with butter, and voila! It would help if you had a detailed understanding of the demands of your topic. At this stage, you can easily decide whether to get help from a college essay writing service.

If you have participated in a college or a high school debate, you have a better idea of how to present your arguments and win them.

Similarly, finding a problem and offering your solution is equally as tricky as debating on a stage or in a classroom. But following these guidelines will enable you to make one with less effort and time.

Try to write on a smaller well-known topic and see how it goes from there. A hundred or two hundred writing words are sufficient to know your creativity. Show your writing to any of your friends or classmate. Or send your draft to an assignment writing service.

After getting a nod from experts, you can move on to complete the preparation for writing your assignment. So let’s move on to the next important step in this process.

Select A Problem Based On Reality

The next step is the most critical and defining moment for students in writing their assignments. It’s the same when you start your research for a better topic. Because in the end topic will be the one that will appeal to your audience. Or it will act like a repellent, and your audience will try to stay away from it.

Selecting a problem and its process can be very simple if you know how to choose one. On the other hand, it can also be a headache, especially when you need help with how to do this. Let us show you some common tricks in selecting the right problem for writing its solution essay.

15 Different Types Of Real Life Problems For Writing A Problem Solution Essay

  • Minority rights

  • Gun violence

  • Social Media excessive usage

  • Religious freedom

  • Drugs use in teenage

  • Eating disorders in adults

  • Social inequality

  • Uncontrolled poverty in underdeveloped nations

  • Fossil fuel and global warming

  • Wealth distribution inequality

  • Rising costs of higher education

  • Drugs and prostitution

  • Cultural differences

  • Terrorism

  • Depression in college students

This list shows some of the crucial problems that you will experience or observe in your daily life. You can select any one of the above-mentioned problem solution essay topics or create a new one according to your expertise.

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Scope Of The Selected Problem

The third step in this assignment writing is evaluating the scope of the problem. By making the selection, you might think it’s all about writing, not exactly, by the way. You also must carefully define how the problem or phenomenon affects you and the people around you.

For example, if we talk about gun violence, we need to mention many things. Like how many teens/students and teachers have died in high school shootings. How is your society suffering from such problems, and is this just local/cross country, etc.?

The best problem is the one that needs immediate solution and intervention by society. You can offer how your solution can be helpful in such issues. A solution can also be considered adequate when it effectively reduces the problem to a less volatile position.

Convincing Your Audience The Problem Needs Attention

Are you finding it easy or still sweating to meet the assignment deadline? You can still get help from a research paper writing service to solve your problems.

A problem is not considered a problem if most people think it’s not worthy of attention. So what will you do? Are you going to back off and let the situation remain as it is?

If you need good grades, you have to fight to prove your points right. This is where you need to make the problem look as severe as possible. Creating a sense of urgency is essential in highlighting your problem. So gather all the data from your research and make a convincing case.

We know convincing the audience is more challenging than it seems. We recommend you gather the evidence by both means. First is by your own experience and physical collection of the data or evidence.

The second way is by interviewing other persons who might have seen or experienced the problem. It’s also called the collection of secondary evidence that will collaborate with your case.

Give A Solution Of The Problem

Give A Solution Of The Problem

So you are successful in getting the appropriate attention of the audience. What’s next? Now it is the time to give the possible solution you have been waiting to share. Gather your arguments with solid evidence and write them down one by one in a sequence.

Your solution must be an epic one that will solve this problem permanently. If it’s a social problem, you can present your solution in a series of steps to eliminate it sequentially.

Since you see it as a significant and imminent problem, your solutions should be sound enough to tackle it. One aspect most students undermine is the value proposition of their solution. When writing a problem-solution essay, ensure your audience knows the benefits of the solution you offer.

When you offer a solution, it needs to target that particular problem. You can also provide various possible solutions in your sample essay.

Present Arguments And Win Audience’s Buy-in

We know most of you must think it’s a marketing strategy, but it’s not. Your audience must see the fruits of applying your solution to the problem because you have enlightened the audience on the issue. So it’s your job to convince them through your persuasive writing of the benefits your solution provides.

Problem solution papers are well-known for being cost-effective and reasonable solutions to solve problems. But your audience needs to know the benefits from your perspective more than their understanding. This is the only way to encourage people to give you their buy-in.

College students need to find real life examples of a new and uncommon problem to write a convincing essay. Making the audience believe your solution is the best is only possible by logical argument.

So think of yourself at the center of the stage and present effective ideas. If you don’t suffer from stage phobia, then it’s a straightforward race to victory. Writing your solution paragraph with an audience-centric approach will surely make an impact.

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Defend The Objections On Your Problem Solution Paper

Be ready for a fight of words with your problem solution essays. Presenting your problem solution essay examples to your professor doesn’t mean you’ll get the green light. You must be ready to prove to your audience that you are offering the best. Your problem solution essay outline should contain solid arguments for the defense.

Solid research of problem solution essay format guarantees no one challenges you. Try to label these objections as invalid and tackle them aggressively. A robust citation is a key to denying all the claims against your problem solving essay.

Offering multiple solutions is also critical to broader acceptance and fewer objections. So by now, you must clearly know how to write the perfect college essay. Right?

2. Writing Phase

How To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

So guys here comes the part where we will discuss what you will do when you hold the pen for the first time. It’s not so difficult to write a problem solution essay now right?

Are you still having doubts about how you’ll do it? Well, we will sort this problem once and for all. So keep your pen in your hand and notebook to write all the details mentioned here. So let’s start the journey toward top grades.

Start With An Outstanding Introduction

Start With An Outstanding Introduction

Problem solution essays have a reputation for impressing the audience with their introduction. And the same rule will be followed in your case. You need to understand it’s the first face your readers will see when they will open your problem solution paper. So make it with all of your best creativity and critical thinking. An introduction is composed of three elements.

  • Hook sentence

  • Background information

  • Thesis statement

What Is A Hook Sentence?

A hook sentence is what a writer uses in a problem solution paper to capture the audience’s attention. An example of a hook sentence may look like this.

“We are facing an imminent danger of global warming and three times increased frequency of natural disasters in the next 10 years due to climate changes”.

No matter if a problem solution topic is interesting to the audience or not, your hook sentence can make it worthy of reading.

Background Information

Background information is the part that encompasses historical evidence, and beliefs about the topic under discussion. Its shows the audience about origin of the problem solution essay topic. If you’re still unsure what we are talking about then have a look at this example.

“Before the 9/11 attacks, Al-Qaeda gained popularity as a terrorist organization in the world by attacking several American military installations and naval ships in 1994 and 1996 respectively. It was created in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation and then spearheaded by acts of terrorism in many countries”.

You can create an appropriate background information section for your topic and assignment. The standard length of this section is 5 to 6 lines but you can expand it according to the requirement of the assignment.

What Is A Thesis Statement? How To Write One?

What Is A Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is the crux of the entire research of a student’s work. Your research output is qualitative or quantitative, you just summarize its points and add them in the introduction. An example of a thesis statement can be made like the following.

“Diabetes is the world’s biggest contributor to cardiovascular disease as well as chronic kidney disease at the moment. American Diabetes Association has indicated this will result in more than 25$ billion in insurance claims in the next 5 years”.

A thesis statement like this will show you the end results of the entire investigation and its future dynamics. This sample will help you in creating a masterpiece statement in no time.

The Importance Of Thesis Statement In Writing Problem Solution Essays

The Importance Of Thesis Statement In Writing Problem Solution Essays

A thesis statement is a short but important punchline that contains the entire narrative in a short sentence. To write an impressive problem solution essay outline, a writer must add weight to their assignment’s thesis statement.

A good and worthy problem-solving essay shines with a perfectly written thesis statement. It also plays a vital role in the proposed solution. So can you write it yourself or benefit from a thesis statement writing service? As you know, this essential step plays a significant role; therefore, you must incorporate it into your problem-solution essay format.

Choose Your Best Arguments For Making A Body Paragraph

This step is the lifeline of your problem solution paper because all the research and other solutions you have gathered will be presented in it.

A body paragraph sits in the middle of a problem solution essay outline. We know you are eager to make one to get good grades, but hold your horses because we will let you have exclusive access to this part of the assignment.

“Islamophobia is the biggest concern affecting Muslim societies in the west. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Muslim communities were the first targeted extensively in the media, and newspapers in all the western countries. A Gallup survey of 2011 presented in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations meeting has shown more than 52% of American Muslims and 48% of Canadian Muslims face disrespect in their daily life”.

The above example contains strong evidence as well as the perspective of the topic’s target audience’s views. This is how you’ll be able to not only get noticed but let the audience dwell in your narrative.

It is also mandatory to add all the relevant pieces of evidence in your writing to make the audience believe your best solutions.

Make A Stunning Conclusion

So students this is the part where we conclude our main points with solid solutions. Whether you have written short essays or an expert opinion, in both cases an excellent conclusion is necessary for winning the argument. Let us provide you with a problem solution conclusion that will help you in years to come.

“It has been proven by the UN climate change conference that Co2 emissions play more than 76% role in greenhouse gases emissions and global warming. We can cut back by using eco-friendly activities such as standardized Euro 6 vehicles use, planting more trees, reducing plastic waste by 50%, and a complete ban on the use of coal”.

Although it’s not necessary to write a good conclusion in one paragraph or in three paragraphs, it should be detailed and concise enough to make your paper worthy of reading.

What Is An Ideal Length Of Words To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

What Is An Ideal Length Of Words To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

So students this is a million dollar question what is an ideal length of a solution essay? A simple answer is not as simple as this question is. Since any problem solution paper is lengthy and contains a variety of questions and topics, therefore giving a solution is also complicated.

We will look at some of the basic standards that will provide an understanding of the length of a problem solution essay outline. It is widely understood that an introduction, body paragraph and conclusion each have different functions, and thus have different length requirements. Let’s have a look at each part and their length prerequisites.

Length Of An Introduction Of Problem Solution Paper

As we have already told you in the above paragraph that each part has a different length needs and obligation to the context. In the case of the “intro”, it only needs a few lines or a maximum of two paragraphs consisting of three to 4 lines each.

So we can say with confidence that an introduction of a solution essay should be 100-200 words long. And it must consist of three essential parts hook sentence, background information and thesis statement.

Length Of The Body Paragraph Of the Problem Solution Paper

Length Of The Body Paragraph Of the Problem Solution Paper

Now we will talk about the length of the body paragraph of an essay. A body paragraph is the most important and vital part and therefore it has the leverage to extend and expand its vastness into anything debatable.

So if the topic under the microscope is scientific and medical then you’ll have to give 70 to 80% content length to this part. And also you have to present your entire research base opinion and evidence so you can write many paragraphs and pages on it. For high school research, a typical body length is 600 to 800 words long or between one to two pages.

On the other hand, a college or university has a minimum range of 1200 words and can be extended to 10,000 words or 20 pages.

A Typical Length Of A Conclusion

A Typical Length Of A Conclusion

Finally this is the end part which needs to be summarised but it’s highly inappropriate to rephrase what you already have written. So come up with new words that should not take more than 5 to 8% of word count space. A good and short conclusion must be 80 to 100 words long or 3 to 5 lines in total.

Medical research contains many additional citations and endorsements and has a leverage of up to 250 words. Or in some cases, a full page length can be used for such purposes.


So we hope you have enough information on how to write a problem solution essay and other solutions. Let’s start writing the solution essay professionally that impresses your professor and implement solution. What are you waiting for now? Let’s write a problem solution to get a good grade in all subject exams.

What is a problem solution essay? How do we give problem solution essay examples? What are some problem solution essay topics?
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