240+ Amazing Personal Essay Topics

Have you ever wished to write an essay like that nerdy fellow in your class? Yeah, we all do! But have you really thought about the possibility of such an outcome? Of course, it is possible and all you need is to start at the top and keep it there till the end.

That’s something you can achieve with effort, practice, and dedication.


Speaking of which, we can help you start your personal essay well with an awesome topic. It means that you better get ready as a lot of cool stuff is coming your way in this interesting blog post. Choosing a topic from one of these lists is like using half a custom essay service for free.

Best 242 Topics Straight Outta Nerd’s Secret Book

We are about to share 200+ different topics for you. You can pick them to write personal papers, essays, or assignments.

50 Personal Essay Topics on Hardships

Every student goes through a series of hardships in his or her academic career. Similarly, our professional essay writers have gone through a lot while working with students on different essay topics. That’s how they could come up with lists of carefully selected personal essay titles for you. Here you go with the first one:

  1. Ways to overcome a family crisis

  2. How to cope with chronic illness

  3. Surviving a natural disaster

  4. Dealing with financial struggles

  5. Getting face-to-face with discrimination

  6. Overcoming mental health issues

  7. Cutting through a tough breakup

  8. Tips to deal well with academic challenges

  9. Coping with the loss of a loved one

  10. Fighting against personal insecurities

  11. Struggling with addiction

  12. Living with a disability

  13. Tips to overcome language barriers

  14. How to survive a toxic relationship

  15. The experience of homelessness

  16. Ways to deal with a major career setback

  17. Facing prejudice like a champion

  18. How to conquer a self-doubt

  19. Tips to recover from a traumatic event

  20. How to adapt to a new culture

  21. Going through the challenges of a divorce

  22. Getting back from a serious injury

  23. Ways to overcome a failure or rejection

  24. Dealing with parental expectations

  25. Managing a life-changing diagnosis

  26. Ways to rebuild after bankruptcy

  27. Surviving a near-death experience

  28. Confronting addiction recovery

  29. Overcoming emotional abuse

  30. Living through a long-term separation

  31. The disadvantages of grief and mourning

  32. Going through infertility struggles

  33. Ways to overcome fears and phobias

  34. Living with a chronic condition

  35. Overcoming a troubled childhood

  36. Tips to cope with loneliness

  37. Recovering from a personal betrayal

  38. Facing cultural identity challenges

  39. Exploring the modern foster care system

  40. Dealing with body image issues

  41. Ways to overcoming academic pressures

  42. Dealing with a sudden job loss

  43. Managing the impact of war

  44. Tips to face discrimination in the workplace

  45. Ways to recover from a major surgery

  46. Tips to Conquering Imposter Syndrome

  47. Surviving a near-fatal accident

  48. Overcoming religious persecution

  49. Life after incarceration

  50. Coping with the aftermath of abuse

51 Personal Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. The pleasures of being academically brilliant 

  2. Ways to overcome self-doubt 

  3. The feelings of being a winner in a big sports contest

  4. Launching a business successfully

  5. Different ways to excel in a creative Project

  6. The Day I attained a scholarship

  7. How I reached a fitness milestone

  8. Completing a challenging project

  9. How did I manage to master a new skill quickly?

  10. The pleasures of winning a leadership award

  11. Expert Tips on Defining the Purpose of Narrative Essay like a Pro 

  12. Ways to excel in a demanding profession

  13. Overcoming a career change

  14. Attaining financial independence

  15. How did I manage to earn a promotion 

  16. How to overcome adversity? 

  17. This is how you achieve a lifelong dream 

  18. My feelings after winning an artistic award 

  19. My tips to excel in public speaking 

  20. How to lead a team well 

  21. The feelings when your humanitarian efforts are recognized 

  22. How do I overcome all the academic obstacles

  23. Different ways to get fluent in a foreign language

  24. The expert’s way of winning an internship 

  25. The best way to excel in a research field

  26. How to advocate a social change successfully 

  27. Expert tips to attain pro-level expertise in a hobby

  28. The champions’ way of overcoming language barriers 

  29. The feelings of achieving personal best 

  30. How do I manage to win an international competition 

  31. How do I manage to excel in a competitive industry 

  32. Going through a big life transition 

  33. Ways to attain success in the arts 

  34. How to overcome cultural or societal hurdles 

  35. How to excel in volunteering

  36. Achieving recognition for environmental efforts

  37. How did I manage to win a writing award 

  38. How to launch a philanthropic moment successfully 

  39. Ways to excel in technology 

  40. Different ways to achieve success in a political career 

  41. Overcoming health challenges for success 

  42. Achieving breakthroughs in scientific research

  43. Winning a major grant or funding for a project

  44. Excelling in a diplomatic or international role

  45. Successfully starting and scaling a nonprofit

  46. Attaining success in diplomacy or peace efforts

  47. Overcoming gender or diversity barriers

  48. Achieving success as an entrepreneur

  49. Winning acclaim for humanitarian work

  50. Excelling in a competitive academic field

  51. Successfully balancing work and personal life

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47 Personal Essay Titles About Hobbies

Before we start elaborating this list, we suppose you know about writing personal narrative essay for high school, so you can pick the title and use it for you. It takes a similar structure as all other essays but such an academic activity is based on your personal experience.

  1. Jumping into the world of photography

  2. The joy of gardening and its impact on well-being

  3. The art of cooking 

  4. The joy of playing a musical instrument for the first time

  5. Outdoor adventure and hiking thrills

  6. Getting lost in the world of painting and visual arts

  7. Yoga and its benefits

  8. The world of creative writing and storytelling

  9. Completing intricate puzzles and their satisfaction

  10. Knowing the wonders of birdwatching

  11. The competitive world of chess playing

  12. Finding pleasure in reading

  13. The mental benefits of exercising

  14. Learning the DIY projects 

  15. The joy of collecting rare items 

  16. The world of digital gaming

  17. The depths of astronomy 

  18. The therapeutic nature of fishing and angling

  19. The pleasure of growing and nurturing bonsai trees

  20. The hidden fascination with model building 

  21. The art of handcrafting personalized jewelry

  22. Participating in the local community theater

  23. The adrenaline rush of extreme sports

  24. Satisfaction of learning a new language

  25. The serenity of meditation 

  26. Indulging in the intricate world of model trains

  27. The joy of participating in marathons

  28. The world of board games and strategy

  29. Artistry of woodworking

  30. Capturing moments through scrapbooking 

  31. The strategic realm of tabletop gaming

  32. The connection to nature through camping and hiking

  33. The thrill of riding and maintaining motorcycles

  34. Exploring seas through sailing and boating

  35. The art of dance 

  36. The world of graphic design and digital artistry

  37. The therapeutic benefits of knitting 

  38. Exploring different cuisines through food blogging

  39. The world of competitive gaming leagues

  40. The challenge of escape room experiences

  41. The discipline of martial arts training

  42. The joy of flying model airplanes

  43. The adventure of collecting rare books

  44. The joy of participating in local community choirs

  45. The serenity of practicing painting

  46. The thrill of maintaining a personal journal

  47. The world of virtual reality

50 More Trendy and Easy Personal Essay Ideas

  1. Navigating a digital nomad lifestyle

  2. Embracing minimalism in a consumer-driven world

  3. The impact of social media detox on Personal Well-being

  4. The rise of plant-based diets 

  5. How to cope with Zoom fatigue in the remote work era 

  6. How to start a side hustle 

  7. The influence of mindfulness apps 

  8. Finding the right balance between productivity and self-care 

  9. Accepting eco-friendly living 

  10. How to cope with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)? 

  11. Influencer Culture and Its Impact on Self-perception

  12. The world of cryptocurrency 

  13. The rise of online education

  14. Ways to participate in a virtual reality community

  15. How to prioritize mental health

  16. The great skill of self-discovery

  17. The impact of streaming culture 

  18. The hurdles of dating in the digital era

  19. The impact of TikTok on trends 

  20. How to cope with the pressures of cancel culture

  21. The rise of DIY projects

  22. Acceptance of body positivity and self-love 

  23. The good and bad of participating in a virtual fitness community

  24. How to deal with the hurdles of long-distance relationships

  25. The world of sustainable fashion 

  26. The good and bad of gig economy 

  27. The influence of online communities 

  28. How to deal with the pressures of perfectionism 

  29. Mindfulness and meditation exercises 

  30. The secret of niche hobbies 

  31. The challenges of being a content creator today

  32. How is modern technology impacting relationships? 

  33. Ways to deal with information overload in the modern era 

  34. The slow-living movements in a fast-paced society

  35. Participation in online activism 

  36. The challenges of work-life balance

  37. The rise of virtual events 

  38. How to cope with the pressure of online contests? 

  39. Climate change awareness on personal choices

  40. The trend of mindful parenting

  41. The secret of personal development

  42. My experience of participating in a virtual reality travel experience

  43. How to cope with the pressure of online trends? 

  44. The future of audio-based social platforms

  45. The trend of digital art

  46. The challenges of a team working remotely

  47. The effect of algorithms on content creation

  48. The best experience of participating in virtual communities

  49. The trend of ethical shopping

  50. How to cope with the screen time impact?

44 Unique Personal Essay Topics

  1. My journey of self-acceptance

  2. The transformative power of Solo Traveling 

  3. The unconventional approach to time management

  4. Life as a bilingual individual

  5. Accepting failure as a stepping stone to success

  6. The benefits of childhood hobbies 

  7. The art of living a minimalist lifestyle

  8. Exploring the hidden gems of cultural heritage

  9. The joys of adopting a pet from a shelter

  10. Overcoming my greatest fear 

  11. Finding beauty in mundane moments

  12. The impact of mentorship on shaping my career path

  13. The art of letter writing in a digital age

  14. Ways to practice mindfulness

  15. A cross-cultural friendship and its impact

  16. My journey of discovering my artistic side

  17. Unconventional sources of inspiration in my creative process

  18. The role of humor in coping with life’s challenges

  19. The unexpected perks of being an early riser

  20. Lessons learned from maintaining a unique hobby for a decade

  21. The role of random acts of kindness 

  22. The impact of vulnerability on relationships

  23. The role of scent in triggering vivid memories

  24. The unconventional approach to fitness and well-being

  25. Exploring cultural identity in a multicultural family

  26. Breaking free from a toxic relationship

  27. The unexpected benefits of maintaining a daily journal

  28. Lessons learned from a unique volunteer experience

  29. The unconventional career paths 

  30. A life-changing decision through intuition

  31. The influence of a childhood book reading habit 

  32. Overcoming procrastination 

  33. The role of ritual in bringing meaning to life

  34. The impact of a plant-based diet on my health

  35. The role of art therapy in processing emotional experiences

  36. Exploring the challenges of being a night owl in a morning world

  37. Finding inspiration in unexpected places

  38. The benefits of embracing a digital detox

  39. Overcoming self-limiting beliefs 

  40. The unexpected joys of connecting with strangers 

  41. The role of curiosity in fostering a lifelong love of learning

  42. Uncovering the hidden talents discovered during a pandemic

  43. The impact of a growth mindset on personal development

  44. The challenges of maintaining long-distance friendships

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Final Thoughts

In this blog post, we have tried to list over 242 topics for personal essays a student can count on. All these awesome topics are carefully picked by our expert writers who have worked with students of different grades. Plus, we also believe that starting with a good topic is key to writing a great personal essay.

For best practices, you can also review some well-written examples of a personal essay about yourself. Of course, if you need help with this or any other academic writing, don’t forget to count on our expert writers.

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