How To Focus When Writing An Essay

Wait, we are not telling you some old methods, right? So, leave all traditional ways!

Pick one formula and stick to it. No need to come out of your comfort zone, you better be selfish and loyal to yourself, follow no guidelines and just your will power. Nothing more, nothing less.

You are not going to get marks by following ours and some other’s guidelines. Instead, you will only be able to understand how to focus when writing an essay if things are relatable.

Each student is different, so how can you stick to general ways of focusing while studying? Yeah, indeed the attention span of young students is 15-20 minutes for reading and writing, and 18 minutes for TED talks (which is so trendy but still can not hold people longer than that). So, first be relaxed and then read below and add legit ideas for you.

How To Focus Better When Writing An Essay

Do you think climate change is a global problem for students? No, losing focus while writing is a universal problem. It’s understood that writing a document for a prolonged time can lead to boredom and procrastination. It’s very natural for our brain to go south when we try to focus on a straight path.

Why does our brain do that? So it started when we were in our stone age, hunter gatherer days. In those days, humans were focused on things that they desired like hunting and feeding. Our brains are developed to focus on something that we actually like and are interested in.

So, in the modern world, when you are trying to write an assignment, your brain focuses on social media and video games because that’s what your deepest wishes want. Sometimes, if you want to finish your tasks on time, an essay writer to hire recuses you. Well, it not only saves you from procrastination during writing but completes your full-fledged essays. That’s why they shared answers on how to focus better when writing an essay.

Tips To Focus Better When Writing An Essay

If you usually lose focus while writing, you need to train your mind on how to focus when writing. You can’t be focused 24/7; that’s why you have to make the most out of the time you are productive. In the below section, we have listed some of the best tips to focus better when writing an essay.

Set Writing Goals

You have to set some realistic writing goals to help you stay focused. You can select a word limit for your writing practice every day. You can aim for meeting that goal by not getting side tracked by distraction. Once you have a goal, your mind will automatically be focused on achieving that.

  • All you need to do is set a goal that is realistic, and you know that you can achieve it quickly. Whether it’s about your write up or easily taking help with essay writing of your choice.

  • Your concentration span will also increase if you have an aim in mind and are determined to achieve it at the end of your day.

  • It also helps develop self-confidence and motivates you to do better.

Take A Break

Sometimes, you lose focus because you are immersed in the writing process due to the deadline. Writing without a break exhausts the mind and takes away interest and motivation. That’s why it’s important to reward yourself with a little break in between the writing procedure. After a break, you can resume your work with a fresh mind.

  • Various studies have shown the positive impact of breaks on essay writing. Regular breaks are physically and mentally healthy.

  • Breaks also enable you to come back to writing with clearer thoughts and restored energy.

  • There is also a chance that after a break, you will be able to detect many loopholes and mistakes you missed earlier in your essay.

Be In Your Writing Environment

For every writer, there is an ideal environment which improves focus and productivity. There might be a particular location that positively influences your writing journey. It might be some music, a comfortable chair, a cup of coffee, or a laptop that eases your mind while writing. You can choose to be in your comfort zone to be more concentrated on writing essays. Being in a favorable environment makes the writing procedure faster and more effective.

Eliminate All Distractions

Don’t you think writing is a mental exercise that requires all your attention? For that purpose you must remove all the distractions to make your mind concentrated.

  • Put your phone away and turn off the notifications of social media apps.

  • Close all the relevant tabs and browsers.

  • Shut the door of your room. Get up from your bed and sit attentively on a chair to begin writing..

Be Clear About Your Essay Topic

The reason why you are losing focus might be because you are not familiar with the essay topic. Most students lose track of the essay writing procedure because they don’t know what the topic is about. That’s why the very first thing you need to do is to have a clear idea of the essay topic.

  • One of the most effective tips to focus better when writing an essay is to read the essay question and keywords thoroughly.

  • Get your research complete to develop an understanding of the topic. Make sure to make an essay longer with words that are relevant.

  • Having a clear idea for the essay topic makes it easy for the writer to stay focused on searching for answers.

Major Concentration Issues While Writing An Essay

Now that we have discussed the tips on how to focus better when writing an essay let’s talk about the issues students encounter while writing essays.

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In this modern age, you can see that there are plenty of distractions that impact the attention span of students. Social media is the biggest distraction for students these days. Additionally, television and streaming platforms keep students engaged for an extended period of time. Also the texting apps and video games take away the productivity and focus of students.

Connectivity Problems

What do we need the most for essay writing research? Yes, you guessed it, it’s the internet. You have to use the internet and browsers in order to gather information to use in your essay. Most of the time, students lose focus due to slow internet connection and other connectivity issues. Our mind is evolved to be focused while working in a flow. Once the flow is disturbed by connectivity problems, you are automatically going to lose interest in writing.

Personal Problems

There might be some personal problems in the student’s life that distract them from their assignments. What are the common personal issues? They can be financial pressure, relationship failure, emotional instability, family issues, and learning disabilities make students mentally disturbed and distracted.

Unfamiliar Topic

The reason for an unfocused mind might be the unfamiliarity of the topic you are writing on. What usually happens is that students are asked to write an essay on a subject they know nothing about. It’s natural to lack focus when you don’t know what to write. 

Weak Writing Process 

The students might haven’t got a good grasp of the essay writing procedure. The lack of knowledge will leave students confused. They will need help to outline and arrange things properly. The overall frustration and confusion of the essay process will take away the focus.

How To Stay Focused When Writing An Essay

Now that you know the tips and major challenges of staying focused, we have brought you to some of the must try hacks to maintain concentration. Every student should know these hacks to stop procrastinating and start studying for the future.

Don’t Edit During Writing

Wouldn’t it be easy to do one thing at a time and refrain from multitasking? Do not edit your document in the middle of writing. Disrupting the writing process with editing will put a halt to the creativity of the mind.

Set a Timer

You are about to get a rule of thumb that does wonders. You know what’s that? It’s the timer and let us tell you how to set it.

You only need to take out your smartphone and set a timer for several intervals between the writing procedure. Write with full concentration for 25 minutes, and then take a break of five to 10 minutes to relax your mind. Then, according to the timer, work for another 25 minutes and take another break. This will help you work in a relaxed timeline and refresh your mind regularly.

Give Treats To Yourself

Nothing motivates better than treats. You can give yourself treats every time the timer goes out after 25 minutes. In the little break, eat ice cream, read a comic book, and watch videos. Spend those breaks with things that you are interested in. It will give you a sense of achievement and motivate you to do better.

Pick Something You Are Interested In

You have to get your hands on a topic you are genuinely passionate about. If your essay topic is assigned by the professor, you need to find your interest edge to keep you focused. Protect yourself from distractions by picking a topic that you love to speak about and have enough knowledge about.

Create Outline

An outline has the power to make or break your write-up. So why not make the best use of that power? Yes, you need to create an outline that helps to ensure the constant flow of ideas and arrangement of the essay’s context. Moreover, it will keep you focused and on track all the time.

Write At a Different Time

If you are not feeling motivated and focused while writing, try writing at different times of the day. Human mind has different timing to be active and lazy so choose a timing when you are most productive.


You must have heard of medication as an answer when students wonder how to stay focused when writing. Writing for an extended period of time can exhaust the mind. Meditate in between to relax your muscles and your mind. A good Yoga break can help you focus better when you return.

Lack of Focus Stopping You?

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Take Away

Now, you are all equipped with how to focus when writing an essay. We genuinely believe that our blog will help you to stay concentrated on the topic during the writing process.

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