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Dissertation Writing Guide by Experts

A dissertation marks the end of your academic journey and require months and months of hard work for students. It is a very challenging task for students to complete their dissertation within the stipulated period and is accepted by the examiners.

A step-by-step guide is stated here, to help you with your writing process for dissertation. But before beginning, you need to understand what dissertation is and how does is differ from thesis.

Dissertation Writing

  • It is a special form of essay which dig deeper into an issue carrying out practical research etc. to approve your findings.
  • It is a long piece of writing on an area of interest of the researcher for the purpose of obtaining a valid university degree.

Dissertation vs Thesis

  • The major difference between a dissertation and a thesis writing is the time horizon
  • Thesis is a well written research work which is written at the end of the degree which mark the end of it, while a dissertation can be written anytime between your semesters or in between even before the end of your degree.
  • However, many of the institutes use both of these words interchangeably as well.

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Step-by-step Guide to Dissertation Writing

For the purpose of filling the research gap and adding to the body of existing knowledge, you need to follow the below stated guidelines for seeking help with your dissertation work:

Step 1: Choosing a Topic of Interest

  • A pre-requisite of a successful dissertation and research is choosing of a research topic that interests you the most.
  • Your topic should be interesting and useful yet easy for you to research on and manage to help you have a competitive edge over another student.
  • Your topic of interest should not be from a broader area, rather it should be narrowed down to a researchable topic.
  • This topic should help you to collect data easily; both primary and secondary
  • Your interest always keep you motivated, which is one of the reasons for choosing a good topic to help you delve into the research for a long period of time without losing motivation.
  • Also in this part, set your schedule for writing your dissertation.

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Step 2: Writing the Best Dissertation Proposal

  • After selecting your topic of interest, you need to write a dissertation proposal. So, begin with the writing process.
  • It is a document/proposal paper that helps you convince the committee members or your supervisor with your research proposed.
  • It should be strong and compelling enough to ensure to the supervisors and committee members that your research work will adds value to the existing body of knowledge and value the communities.
  • The length of research proposal should be small but similar in structure to the actual dissertation paper
  • It should consist of:
    • Rationale of your study
    • Hypothesis to be tested
    • Research objectives
    • How your research will contribute to the existing body of knowledge
    • Ways to find answers to your research questions
    • Research approach to be adapted

Step 3: Data Collection

  • It is the most critical phase of your dissertation while writing
  • Use current sources and research relevant to your field and not outdated
  • Search for the relevant material and not the broader knowledge as you will see every source will not be a relevant source.
  • Take notes and write as much relevant information as you can. This will also contribute to your critical literature review part.

Step 4: Writing dissertation

  • Immediately after your approval of research proposal and data collection, start writing your dissertation as it will be lengthy process.
  • It might take you much time so don’t panic, just keep going. This is what will help you out.
  • For helping out in writing a dissertation, following are the coverage

Creating an Outline for Dissertation

  • “Well begun is half done”, a well beginning to your dissertation helps you smoothly go through the rest of the stages.
  • Try to be creative and add spices to your writing by adding your authentic emotions and good will in the writing.
  • An outline help you guide what you will be writing in your dissertation.
  • It guides you towards your action plans and its implementation


  • In the chapter of your introduction, you are going to mention your research questions, research objectives, problem statement and background of your study etc
  • You need to ensure the readers that what questions are going to be answered at the end.
  • Any important terminologies and definition that you believe is important should be stated in this chapter as well.

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Literature Review

  • This section ensures that adequate research was conducted to know the previous theories related to your research and the gap which you will fill
  • States key points of other researches to identify the gap to the readers that is to be filled.


  • This chapter provides the information on the methods deployed for data collection.
  • Answer the questions what and how here
  • Your methodology should clearly show reliability and validity of your research and your instruments.
  • Methodology includes such as research strategies, unit of analysis, time horizon, type of research etc.

Findings of Dissertation

  • The results of your research are stated in the section of findings
  • Add description that you believe should be added in this part of the writing. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

  • Conclude your findings and summarize all of your research and writing discussion in the section of conclusion.
  • Explain the gap in the researches available and further contribution to the field of study.
  • Explain how your research will help future researchers and academia’s
  • A section of recommendation will further help the future researchers to fill the research gap.

Step 5: Review and Proofreading

  • After complete dissertation paper is written (usually the first draft or rough draft) have a thorough read through of your dissertation.
  • Take a break of few days and then review your document to ensure un-biasness and eliminating errors while editing the draft.
  • Proofread once again to ensure your entire year of hard work is not wasted.
  • You are good to go with your dissertation!

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