A Beginner Guide  on How to Craft a Dissertation Title 

A dissertation title gives a quick summary of what that research is all about. A good title would provide you with the purpose and context of a study along with the research methods used and more.

The study found that only about a quarter (25.6%) of dissertations actually ended up getting published in peer-reviewed journals. And there were some pretty big differences depending on the specific field of study. A good title also plays a role in its publication.

The Challenges of Crafting a Title for Dissertation

What makes a good dissertation title? Simply to avoid such shortcomings when crafting. Here are some common challenges for students to face when coming up with an interesting and high-scoring title.

ChallengesPossible Solutions
Attaining the balance of concise and clarityEnsure the title is concise and conveys the purpose of the research.
Incorporating relevant terminologiesResearch words and vocabulary relevant to the field which will help in highlighting the relevance.
Attracting the readersLook for a title that sparks the reader’s attention and it’s engaging as well.

Crafting a dissertation title is always a problem for students. I remember my time when I just couldn’t find anything to begin with. How to write dissertation title was getting tougher for me as every time I would shortlist something, it would either be too long or too narrow. All these failed efforts kept me on the whole.

However, I kept on researching new things as my goal was to come up with something that is new and interesting. This time I decided to take the help of my teacher with the data for a balanced title.

So I collected some data, shortlisted it, and took it to my teacher. Thanks to her, she was kind enough to actually look into it and helped me craft an engaging yet concise title. Hence, it never hurts to count on your teacher or maybe on some dissertation writing services for such activities.

Top Tips For Creating A Perfect Dissertation Title

How to write a title for a dissertation? Well, a good title is like laying the foundation for your research. Hence, the experts insist that you adhere to these tips when looking for how to write dissertation title.

Be Clear and Precise 

Ensure your title for the dissertation is specific and accurately conveys the purpose of a dissertation in the first look. Use words that are clear and concise. It must also be aligned with academic goals or course scope.

Example: “The effects of social media on youth’s mental health.” This topic is pretty straightforward and precisely looks into the connection between social media and mental health in young people.


Try to keep your title short and sweet. Make sure it expresses the main idea of your research without being too wordy.

Example: “Analyzing how climate change policies are being implemented in Europe.” This title is short and informative.

Use Relevant Terms

Include terms that are related to your research in your paper. Doing this will make your dissertation more likely to appear in search engine results. Also, make it easier for people to locate it. So if you ask me what makes a good dissertation title, I would say relevant keywords and terms.

Example: “Examining the factors affecting employee satisfaction of employees in the IT sector.” This title includes words related to “employee satisfaction” and the “IT industry.”

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Reflect On The Research Question

How to write a dissertation title with a research query? Your dissertation title should reflect the main research question or issue that you’re looking into.

Example: If your research is about finding the connection between parental involvement and student academic achievement, your title of dissertation could be “The Impact of Parental Involvement on Student Academic Achievement.”

Avoid Jargon

Avoid using words and phrases that are too specialized and could confuse people outside your field.

Example: Instead of “An Investigation into the Neuropsychological Mechanisms Underlying Alzheimer’s Disease,” use “Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease: Exploring Neuropsychological Mechanisms.”

Engaging Language

Employ engaging and fascinating words that spark the reader’s curiosity.

Example: Consider this perfect dissertation writing title example, “Exploring the Mysteries of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics.” It is more engaging than a dry and technical title.

Make It Unique

Ensure that your title stands out and is not easily mistaken for other pieces of work. Try to stay away from overly common titles.

Example: Instead of “The Role of Technology in Education,” consider “Transforming Learning: Technology’s Impact on Education.”

Consider Subtitles

If the title of your work is extensive or requires further clarification, a subtitle can be employed to give more insight.

Example: “Eco-Friendly Urban Planning: Sustainable Practices for a Greener Future” with the subtitle “A Comparative Study of Cities in North America” provides additional context.

20 Suggestions Of Some Good Dissertation Titles

Here are some dissertation title examples to help you understand how can you come up with your own. 

  1. The Influence of Digital Learning on Student Achievement.
  2. Examining the Risks of Cybercrime in Contemporary Companies.
  3. Methods for coastal communities to adjust to the effects of climate change.
  4. Importance of gender equality in corporate leadership roles.
  5. Investigating how young people participate in environmental protection.
  6. The economic repercussions of immigration laws and regulations.
  7. The Importance of AI in Healthcare Diagnosis.
  8. Insight into how social media impacts consumer behavior.
  9. The influence of Mindfulness Meditation on diminishing stress levels.
  10. sustainable energy sources and technologies.
  11. Strategies for Developing a Successful Digital Marketing Plan to Improve E-commerce Business.
  12. The issue of negative attitudes and beliefs towards people with mental health issues in college settings.
  13. The Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Remote Working Habits
  14. Examining how cyberbullying victims can suffer from various mental health issues.
  15. Encouraging the inclusion of people from different backgrounds within the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) industries.
  16. Examining the execution of renewable energy policy.
  17. The Impact of Pop Culture on Political Opinions
  18. The ethical implications of ecotourism with respect to the environment.
  19. Techniques for successful management of a classroom environment.
  20. The mistreatment of people in areas of conflict.

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Take Away

It’s important to remember that the dissertation title is the first thing readers, including your committee members, will see. Hence, crafting a good title can draw attention and set the foundation for a successful dissertation.

We hope the tips and tricks on how to write a title for a dissertation here have been useful in helping you come up with the perfect title for such an important research paper. We have also provided some dissertation title examples to help you understand how can you come up with a good one.

Still, if you are confused with crafting a good title for dissertation, don’t hesitate to count on our experts.

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