140+ Irresistible Biology Research Paper Topics

According to survey data, 2.99 million people are working in the field of biology. It is one of the most studied fields at the graduate level.

Are you a biology student too, and looking for some interesting biology research paper topics? Well, your research ends here because we are here to help you pick the best biology topics for research paper.

15 Biology Topics For Research Paper

Biology is an interesting field of study, but it does come with plenty of difficulties. You might be thinking that biology can’t be that hard. Well, 71% of the biology seniors reported to be studying more than 11 hours a week, so you can guess the pressure.

Biology research papers and essays are common assignments given to students. Once you have learned how to write a biology essay, the next challenging step is to pick a topic to write on.

If you are also a biology student dealing with the pressure to choose some good biology research paper topics, don’t worry, we have shared the lists of some of the best topics you can use for your research. Let’s take a look at the general topic list below:

  1. What are the significant strengths of the human immune system?
  2. Major steps in Endangered Species recovery
  3. Causes of Autoimmune diseases
  4. What needs to be discovered regarding animal regeneration?
  5. What cases make abortion necessary
  6. Benefits of Vaccination
  7. Contribution to molecular biology
  8. Obesity and genetics
  9. What are the aspects of plant growth control?
  10.  What is astrobiology?
  11.  Most prevalent metabolism disorders
  12.  Pros and cons of genetically modified crops
  13.  How effective are antibiotics
  14.  Most dangerous viruses in medical history
  15.  Discoveries in biology that saved the most lives.

15 Biological Psychology Research Paper Topics

Biological psychology, also known as behavioral neuroscience, is a field of biology that studies the psychological impact on physical health. Let’s examine some exciting topics in biological psychology research paper topics.

  1. What is the relationship between consciousness and sleep?
  2. What are the causes of dissociative disorders?
  3. How do anxiety and depression impact physical health?
  4. Eating disorders and their causes
  5. What are the primary methods of studying the brain
  6. All you need to know about Neuroplasty
  7. Prosocial behavior and its causes
  8. What is learning, and how is it stored in memory
  9. ADHD and its impact
  10.  Exercises for anorexia
  11. How does neurotransmission work?
  12. How does aging differ from adulthood?
  13.  Does Genetics play a part in mental disorders
  14.  How does Alzheimer’s attack memory?
  15.  How do drugs impact livelihoods?

10 Cell Biology Research Paper Topics

Cell biology is a field of study that studies cells at the micro level and discusses the structural and functional units of cells. Let’s take a look at these interesting cell biology research paper topics.

  1. What is cellular metabolism?
  2. How does membrane trafficking work
  3. Mitochondria: The powerhouse of the cell
  4. The process of RNA processing
  5. Chromosome structure and cell cycle
  6. Reproduction of the cells
  7. Epigenetic control of gene expression
  8. Understanding Microbial psychology and pathogenesis
  9. What is the specialization of RNA biology?
  10.  How DNA Repairing Works?

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20 Controversial Biology Topics Research Paper

Controversial biology topics research papers conduct debates and then analyze what different parties say in other regards. They are one of the most popular types of science research topics and ideas. Let’s see what topics we have on this list to address controversies.

  1. Homosexuality is not biologically oriented.
  2. A person can’t transition their gender biologically
  3. Why abortion needs to be a free healthcare practice for women
  4. Why vasectomy needs to be promoted more
  5. Why contraceptives need to be banned
  6. Why overweight people shouldn’t be celebrated?
  7. Why shouldn’t cancer be treated?
  8. Have a hereditary condition? Be ready to die.
  9. Sexual needs are not that necessary to meet, as people mostly assume
  10. Why Animals in the wild don’t need our help in rescue
  11. Why Children with disabilities don’t need regular schools
  12.  Why should living with HIV patients be avoided?
  13.  Why industrialists need to leave the forests alone
  14. Animal testing needs to be banned
  15. Why are whales classified as mammals?
  16. No, we did not decant from monkeys
  17. Why do we need to stop populating the earth
  18.  Why do anti-vaxxers need to be jailed?
  19. Humans are not the only intelligent life on earth.
  20. Why is depression becoming a state of mind rather than a mental health condition?

12 Good Research Paper Topics For Biology

Let’s look at some good research paper topics for biology that students from high school and college can use for their research work.

  1. What are stem cells, and how do they work for different tissues?
  2. What are the basic origins of developmental disorders
  3. Discovering some anticancer drugs
  4. The process of pathogens interacting with antibodies
  5. How do vaccines work?
  6. The most deadly viruses to ever spread in the world
  7. How DNA Modification Solves Immune Disorders
  8. Differentiating Animal cells and human cells
  9. How fungi reproduce and distributed
  10. How to control cancer cells
  11. Human DNA structure
  12.  What are the six most significant animal kingdoms

13 Human Biology Research Paper Topics

Human biology studies human organs, their functions, behavior, evolution, genetics, and various fields dedicated to making discoveries about humans. Below, we have shared some great human biology research paper topics for you.

  1. How does the human immune system work?
  2. What makes the human nervous system so effective?
  3. Understanding genetic engineering
  4. Most common psychological behaviors
  5. How human hormones drive behavior
  6. What is heredity, and how does it work?
  7. How human cell structure helps regulate body functions
  8. How important is Human DNA
  9. Major psychological disorders
  10.  Origin of eating disorders
  11. What is bipolar disorder, and what function in the brain causes it
  12. What do we know about Human Genetics?
  13.  How human features differentiate one person from another

15 Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics

Your research paper should have an interesting topic that hooks readers and explores the most exciting facts. Like all other research paper topics, reader engagement needs to be the first priority. We have listed some of the most interesting biology research paper topics.

  1. Cancer Biology
  2. What are prions
  3. Causes of Coronavirus Spread
  4. Worst pandemics in the world
  5. Hormones based on particular conditions
  6. Importance of Neurobiology
  7. How biodiversity can be saved
  8. Most essential ecosystems in the world
  9. How does organ transplant work?
  10.  Is kidney donation functional?
  11. How does penicillin work?
  12. How are obesity and genetics interdependent?
  13. What are the theories of mankind’s origin?
  14. How do bipolar mood disorders ruin a day?
  15.  Effects of Marijuana on the human brain

15 Marine Biology Research Paper Topics

Marine biology is the branch of biology that studies marine organisms, their lives, existence, behaviors, and environmental interaction. It’s a vast field of study that caters to tons of marine biology research paper topics. Let’s have a look at a few trendy ones:

  1. What is aquaculture?
  2. The unique reproduction system of Sea horses
  3. How does ecology work?
  4. The differences between sharks and orcas
  5. Blue Whale: The world’s biggest mammal.
  6. Orcas: The most intelligent marine animal
  7. Octopus and their unique boneless structure
  8. How does ocean pollution impact marine life?
  9. Sounds that travel miles in the ocean
  10.  How oceans are affected by global warming
  11.  Why coastal research needs to be promoted more?
  12.  It is true that only 5% of the ocean is explored
  13.  How do marine animals live under high water pressure?
  14.  Shrimp Mantis: Mike Tyson of the ocean
  15. Most endangered marine species

15 Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

Molecular biology deals with cellular molecules and studies their composition, structure, and interactions. It specializes in studying cell functions and maintenance. Below are some excellent molecular biology research paper topics.

  1. Understanding the nature of cancer cells
  2. How cells function in genetics and genomics
  3. Duplication of genomes
  4. What does microbiology deal with?
  5. What is virology?
  6. All you need to know about cellular enzymology
  7. What is epigenetics?
  8. The behavioral pattern of single-cell organisms
  9. What is microbial metabolomics?
  10. How does the DNA replication and repair process happen?
  11. Significant discoveries in molecular medicine
  12. The best practices in structural biology
  13. How does membrane trafficking work
  14. What is mitochondria biology
  15. What are the major causes of cell death?

15 Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Biological anthropology is the study of human evolution in the past and present. This field of study deals with the causes and impacts of human diversity. Below, we have shared some of the most exciting biological anthropology research paper topics.

  1. Human evolution in the view of anthropology theories
  2. What is an adaptive mutation
  3. What is the evidence of human origin biologically
  4. What is primate behavior?
  5. How much nature play a part in driving human behavior
  6. What is death?
  7. What are some interesting beliefs of Egyptians for an afterlife
  8. Does the afterlife exist?
  9. How do death experiences impact the human mind
  10. Understanding the forensic anthropology’
  11. Treatment of skeletal remains in museums
  12.  How anthropology discover ancient human information from remains
  13.  Discovering all the subspecies of humans
  14.  Who were the oldest inhabitants of planet Earth?
  15.  How globalization did more damage than benefit

How to Pick the Best Biology Research Paper Topics?

It’s not always easy to choose a good topic from the thousands of biology research paper topics available. This is a challenge for students and everyone working in the vast field of biology. To help you overcome this challenge effectively, we have shared some tips to help you pick the best topic for your research.

Pick what you are Passionate About

The best way to write an interesting and exciting research paper is to pick a topic and niche you are actually passionate about. There is a high chance that you already have an understanding of a topic you are passionate about and have a great view to look at it from a researcher’s point of view.

For example, you can’t write a research paper in biological psychology if you are not open to mental health issues.

Be Specific

Don’t pick a topic that is too vast and general. You can always narrow a topic to make it specific to one problem. For example, you can’t pick marine biology as the main topic. You need to narrow it down to ‘Deep sea creatures’ or ‘dangers to marine life’ in order to be specific.

Choose A Recent Controversy

Pick a topic that has faced some recent controversy and is trending. It will help you compare and contrast so many studies and schools of thought. For example, writing a research paper on Abortion in the time of protests and strikes would help you tackle different opinions and thoughts.

Be Up-to-Date

Biology has always been evolving, and discoveries are added to research on a daily basis. That’s why you should ensure you are not selecting a topic that follows some old, outdated practices.

For example, if you are choosing a cancer biology topic, you must use recent treatments and practices instead of what was prevalent in history. Always check headlines, science magazines, and updates on discoveries.

Skim Through A Journal

Check out a biology or science journal to discover the recent topics researchers are working on and publishing. To make it even more specific, go through the table of contents section to see the particular review articles and the popular search questions. It will help you select a specific topic and find the research you can reference and use as evidence in your paper. 

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Let’s Pick Best Biology Research Paper Topics

Yes, you made it to the end. Picking a good biology research topic is tough, but it gets easier if you choose what you are passionate about and get it specific and narrowed down. We have shared some of the best biology research paper topics in various subfields to make it easy for you to pick a topic that interests you. Good luck!

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