Academic Writing From Paragraph To Essay

When students first get into academic writing, they encounter the challenge of transforming paragraphs into essays. In writing, the foundation of a paragraph determines the strength of an essay’s argument. It also demonstrates the value of the evidence provided by the writer.

In this regard, one book is most looked up to and followed. The book “Academic Writing from paragraph to essay” is written by Dorothy E. Zamach and Lisa A. Rumisek. It’s hard to read the entire book during the tight schedules of studies.

We, as a notable custom essay writing service, have brought you the ultimate crux of this incredible writing guidebook to save you time.

Academic Writing From Paragraph To Essay Answer Key

Paragraphs are vital foundations of the essay writing process. According to the book Academic Writing From Paragraph to Essay, there are three parts of a comprehensive passage: a topic sentence, supporting sentences, and a conclusion sentence.

Each paragraph has its own character and purpose of inclusion in the context of the essay. To save you from the hassle of going through the book, we have brought you the academic writing from paragraph to essay answer key guide. Now you are about to read the crux and focus points of a book without even reading the whole long book, this blog serves you a best-summarized picture.

Descriptive Paragraphs Take Away

As per book descriptive passage elaborates on the actions and details of someone or something that has happened or is happening. As the name suggests, these paragraphs aim to describe a person, place, thing, or situation and how it makes the writer feel. Here is how the book guides to craft descriptive segments.

  • By describing the shape and sizes of the object you are writing about. It helps readers to imagine the situation even better. 

  • Informing the reader about the atmosphere by mentioning the weather and season.

  • You can also establish the emotional sentiment in the paragraph by discussing the effect and impact that particular situation has on you and made you feel. For example if you are describing Gabriel García Márquez writing style, you have to describe what his writing made you feel.

  • Use prepositions to describe the organization and arrangement of the place or event you are writing about.

Process Paragraphs Crux

If we share the crux from book then process passages aim to inform the reader about how to do something or the process of how something is done. It focuses on the steps of procedure that need to be followed to complete an activity. Here is what you need to do to make process passages perfect.

  • Use transition words to show the state and order of different steps in the procedure, such as first, next, then, finally, and the last step, etc.

  • Develop an order to arrange all the steps you have listed to make it easy for the reader to follow the process.

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Opinion Paragraphs Key Points

Opinion paragraphs discuss factual information or accurate pieces of information. It discusses the personal opinions, experiences, beliefs, and ideas of the writer and what they want to share with their audience. Here is how you can formulate an opinion paras according to the academic writing from paragraph to essay answers.

  • It would be very helpful if you express your opinion by using modal auxiliaries such as I think, I believe, generally, according to my experience.

  • Mention the cases or effect of the particular situation to strengthen your opinion and perspective.

  • Give logical reasoning for making any statement in the paragraph and back it by providing authentic information.

Comparison and Contrast Paragraphs

Time to share only focus points of compare contrast passages that are necessary for students to know. So these passages tend to compare two people, places, objects, situations, or things. It aims to find similarities and contrast them to find their differentiating points. Even Though there are plenty of essay writing guides, these types of passages are challenging because writers have to see what makes two situations similar and also what differentiates them. Here is how you can effectively craft such paragraphs.

  • Use comparative words or phrases to show the connection between things you are comparing, such as and, both, also, too, the same as, likewise, similarly, or as similar to.

  • Use constructive words or phrases to show how two things are different from each other, such as but, while, though, not as exact as, separate from, in contrast, however, and on the other hand.

  • State the advantages and disadvantages of both items to show the similarities and differences. It will make it easy for the reader to get a clear picture of what is a better option between the two.

Problem and Solution Paragraph Summary

As the name suggests, these paragraphs describe a problem and then provide one or two solutions for it. Generally, writings covering such topics have two paragraphs of discussion: one for telling the problem and one for proposing the solution. Here is how you can craft problem and solution paragraphs usingacademic writing from paragraph to essay answers.

  • Use conditional words to show how strong the problem is and what is causing it. For example, the fish will die if industries keep dumping chemicals in lakes.

  • Link the problem with the solutions with the use of connecting words such as one answer to this, to meet the end of this problem, one solution is most needed here, and one thing we can do is.

The Structure Of An Essay

Now that you understand different types of paragraphs, let’s incorporate them to their corresponding essay type according to the book guidelines. There are three significant parts of every essay:

  • Introduction: The first paragraph briefly overviews the topic and states the purpose of writing along with the thesis statement.

  • Body: The body paragraphs discuss the context of the essay and gather all the supporting information to strengthen the thesis statement.

  • Conclusion: Summarize all the points to give a closure to your essay.

Academic Writing From Paragraph To Essay Book

Hope you have understood the whole process of this book’s chapters. Still, we urge you to read this overall crux and you don’t need to read the whole book.

Fundamentally, it’s a comprehensive guide that starts from the pre-writing phases and ends on (last chapter name). The most attention-grabbing chapters are different types of passages and then how to transform them into an essay. To save you from the hassle of reading the entire book, we have compiled the essential elements of writing a killer essay.

  • Develop a strong thesis statement and connect it with the essay context. All the paragraphs in your essay context need to be connected. It has to be related to what is stance in writing of that particular topic.

  • Every paragraph needs to have a topic sentence and proper construction of the argument to make sense of the context. 

  • Outline an essay to discuss all the potential points of discussion and arrange them in order. Evaluate your outline by checking whether it has organization, support, and topic development.

  • According to academic writing from paragraph to essay book, the primary aim of writing an essay should be clear, and everything you discuss in the context should have relevance to the main thesis statement.

Still Confused?

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Wrapping Up

Students are always short of time, and when they do skimming there is a solid chance of missing key points. Indeed, academic writing from paragraph to essay is a valuable book for students to learn the basics of paragraph foundation and transform it into an essay. But we are discussing the crux of the book to save students time and focus on what should not be missed.

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