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This blog has all the important biography essay examples you need to start writing your essay and meet that deadline. We have provided functional and popular template examples that will surely win any audience. Let’s get started.

Biography Essay Examples to Get Started

If your instructor hasn’t assigned a particular subject or niche for your biographical essay, then you are free to choose what you feel connected with and have knowledge about. The main difference between biographies and biographical essays is the thesis statement. A thesis statement is the point of argument or a purpose of writing that essay, and your research will revolve around defending and justifying that statement.

The type of biography essay you will write will serve a certain purpose. Following are the examples of Biography essays on the basis of the purpose they are written for. You can choose any potential topic according to your assignment type.

Learning the Life Story of A Particular Individual

The foremost important purpose of writing a biographical essay is to highlight the main life events and prominent accomplishments and narrate the life story of a particular subject. Following are some examples of this genre.

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Examples Of Topics You Can Pick:

  • Highlights of Michael Jackson’s musical journey.

  • Harry Styles: A band member to a successful solo artist

  • Tony Hawk: A skateboard legend.

  • Aristotle’s Timeless Philosophies

  • Birth to the assassination: Abraham Lincon

  • Charlie Chaplin: A legend, a controversy, a filmmaker.

  • Martin Luther King Jr: The Most prominent leader and activist.

  • Hellen Keller: An inspiration to accomplish anything you can.

  • Music in the life and career of Frank Sinatra

  • Beethoven: The Genius of Western Classical Music.

  • Harriet Tubman: An epitome of Bravery.

  • Reminiscing the Unforgettable Kobe Bryant.

  • Neil Armstrong: The first man on the Moon.

  • All you need to know about Benjamin Franklin.

  • Life of a Prophecy: Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Ernest Hemingway on Shaping American Litrature.

  • Ralph Nadar: The Revolutionary Consumer Rights Activist.

  • Oscar Claude Monet: Father of Impressionism.

  • Stephen Hawkings: The Born Genius.

  • John Calvin: The Founder of Calvinism.

Biography Essay: “Harriet Tubman: An Epitome of Bravery.”

The first American woman to lead U.S. troops in an armed assault, Harriet Tubman is an inspiration and a role model to everyone who wants to break the boundaries for freedom. On account of her thirteen successful operations to liberate a total of seven hundred and fifty enslaved people, she is often known as the black ‘She Moses.’

Harriet came into the world as a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland, in March 1822. Her early years were notably harsh and brutal. Her parents were enslaved on different plantations. She was often whipped and beaten by her enslavers, and she kept the scars on her body throughout her life. She was separated from her mother and frequently rented out by her enslaver from the age of six. Harriet later described how she used to cry to sleep while missing her mother in that period.

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At a young age, she got a serious injury on her head, caused by a heavy metal weight aimed at someone else, but unfortunately hit Harriet. She suffered from hypersomnia, dizziness, and shocking pain in her skull throughout her life. After her injury, she reported having vivid dreams and strange visions, which Harriet took as God’s signs telling her to move towards freedom. Those spiritual experiences made her devoted to God for the rest of her life.

Harriet’s freedom journey was not at all simple because she was discouraged by many to step back from her determination. She once declared, “Liberty or death were the two things I had a right to. If I couldn’t attain one, I would accept the other.” In November 1989, her journey to freedom was finally successful, thanks to the assistance of the underground railroad. This network, composed of free and enslaved individuals, predominantly abolitionists and activists, played a crucial role in her escape from slavery.

Harriet undertook the standard path used by those fleeing slavery. This route began in the northeast, followed the Choptank River, passed through Delaware, and then headed north into Pennsylvania. This perilous journey, approximately ninety miles in length, was undertaken by Harriet single-handedly and entirely on foot. She traveled at night, protecting herself from the eyes of slave catchers. She crossed forests and swam through rivers to finally earn her freedom.

Harriet later shared her experience after crossing Pennsylvania. She expressed, “The moment I realized I had crossed that boundary, I inspected my hands, as if to verify if I remained the same person. Everything around me was bathed in an indescribable glory: the sunlight filtered through the trees and across the fields like molten gold, making me feel as though I had stepped into paradise.”

At Philadelphia, Harriet found herself as a stranger in an unfamiliar land. She knew that she was free, and she wanted her family and friends in Maryland to be free as well. She returned to Maryland numerous times to rescue her family members and lead them to freedom. She was doing some dangerous work and preferred winter nights for her travel and rescue operations, which made it easy for her to move without being seen. Harriet was courageous and the savior of enslaved people. She moved with such smart strategies that she and everyone she ever assisted in the escape were never captured.

Harriet declared, “For eight years, I had the privilege of being the conductor of the Underground Railroad, a feat not all conductors can claim. In all that time, I never derailed my train, nor did I ever lose a single passenger.”

When the Civil War started in 1861, Harriet just knew that it would eventually lead to the abolishment of slavery. She volunteered to lead the troop since she experienced traveling through different routes. She participated in the scouting and led U.S. troops in a raid on the Combahee River. After attacking several plantations, the group liberated over 750 enslaved people. She served her whole life for the country, for the enslaved people, and for women’s rights.

Harriet passed away due to pneumonia on March 10, 1913. She was given a burial of semi-military distinction at the Fort Hill Cemetery, located in Auburn. Her enduring legacy as a rescuer of the enslaved, a courageous conductor, and a remarkable figure in American History, ensures she will always be remembered.

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To Understand the Actions of an Individual

Another important purpose the biographical essay serves is to detail someone’s life in such a way that it helps the audience understand their actions. Biographies aren’t always about someone who made accomplishments in important fields of life. Some notorious individuals in society also attract a lot of researchers and biographers.

The sole purpose of recording their life is to understand the psychology behind such gruesome acts. Also, to learn more about their personality and childhood events that led them to do something obnoxious and inhumane. Researchers evaluate those individuals based on factors that could have influenced their thinking abilities. Criminal and even usual biographies detailing the subject’s actions lie in this category.

Examples of Topics to choose:

  • Jeffrey Dahmer: A Genius Who Ended Up Being A Murderer

  • Bath School incident from Andrew Philip Kehoe Eyes.

  • Alexander The Great: World Domination.

  • Jim Jones: The Perpetrator of Mass Suicide of Jonestown.

  • Hitler’s Hatred for Jews led to the Holocaust.

  • Van Gogh: Detailed record of his Mental illness.

  • El Chapo: The most wanted drug lord of the world.

  • George W. Bush and the War on Iraq

  • Let’s take a look at Britney Spears’ controversial life.

  • Untold truths of Princess Diana’s life.

  • Steve Jobs on leaving Apple Inc.

  • Lebron James: History of getting into controversies.

Biography Essay: Jeffery Dahmer: A Genius Who Ended Up Being A Murderer

July 22, 1992, the day police made a very gruesome discovery overnight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The world witnessed America’s one of the most prolific and most horrifying serial killers, Jeffery Loniel Dahmer.

The uncovered crime scene included a number of body parts and skeletons in his apartment, which led police to declare that the man they had arrested was a mass murderer. With the arrest of Jeffery Dahmer, several unsolved missing cases also came to an end. The refrigerator at the crime scene was filled with body parts that Dhamner confessed to saving for eating. A fifty-seven-gallon drum was also found in the apartment that has a whole torso of a man dissolving in acid.

Dahmer confessed to drugging, strangling, murdering, and dismembering seventeen young men between 1978 and 1991. The case went on trial, gaining popularity all over North America. After six months of trial, Dahmer was sentenced to fifteen counts of life imprisonment on February 19, 1992, for murdering and dismembering his victims. He was sentenced to sixteenth count of murder later in May.

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Jeffery Dahmer’s case opened the eyes of the world to witness how inhumane and sick-minded a person can be. Dahmer got arrested when his would-be victim, Edward Tracey, escaped his apartment and caught the attention of police due to his handcuffed hands. Police reached back to Dahmer’s apartment, and after a quick search, they found polaroids of victims in the dismembering process and arrested Dahmer.

Well, he was a necrophiliac, a cannibal, and a serial killer. Still, aside from that, he was a man who played pranks in his school and showed incredible interest in science, particularly chemistry. He was alleged to have a high IQ of 145, which put him in a category of borderline genius. But what caused the genius to become a future serial killer? Let’s take a look back at Jeffery Dahmer’s life to find clues.

Born on May 21, 1960, Jeffery Dahmer was the first child of Lonial Herbert Dahmer and Joycee Annette Dahmer. His father was a research chemist and his mother was a teletype machine instructor. Many sources reported that Jeffery was neglected and deprived of attention as an infant. The unstable marriage of his parents and later divorce caused Jeffery to become alone and ignored. His discovery of being a homosexual pushed him further into loneliness and being an antisocial person. The lack of attention from his parents and the pent-up frustration later gave him abandonment issues, which explains why he kept the skeletons of his victims. Jeffery remarked, “Preserving their (the victims’) appearances and their natural allure was my method of remembering them. If I couldn’t keep them intact with me, I could, at the very least, maintain their skeletons.”

Prior to becoming a murderer, he was arrested and served in prison for sex offenses as well. Talking about his victims, Jeffery calmly explained that from the age of fifteen, he had the fantasies and desires to overpower and dominate the people. He added, “I trained myself to see them (victims) as objects, not people.” A boy who once started collecting carcasses and bones of animals and dissected them to see what was inside their bodies out of curiosity became a serial killer who ended up killing and dismembering humans to satisfy his fantasies. He refused all the claims of his insanity and confessed that he killed all those men willingly and in all his senses. At the time of his sentence, Jeffery showed remorse and publicly apologized in court for being a threat to society.

On the morning of November 28, 1994, during his incarceration at the Columbia Correctional Facility in Wisconsin, Jeffery met his demise when he was fatally assaulted by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver. Dahmer’s case explains how upbringing and childhood deprivation of attention and love can make someone a murderer. This case also underlines the negligence of police who almost caught Dahmer on several occasions but left him unsearched because of white privilege.

Interpret The Subject’s Life And Actions in a New Light

Biography essays are also a tool for reinterpreting a particular figure’s life, words, and actions in a different and new light that readers aren’t well aware of. In these essays, the writer can detail their view on a certain historical event or a significant figure. The main purpose of such essays is to give readers a completely different idea about an individual’s life. Writers can also give a new idea or new point of view to an existing research or study.

Examples to unlock your writing Potential:

  • Introduction of Mother Teressa in a New Light.

  • Thomas Edison controversies regarding Nikola Tesla.

  • Deconstructing Bob Marley: Revealing the Dark Side of an Icon.

  • A discussion on Britney Spears.

  • Mark Zukerburg: In the light of Controversies.

  • Henry Ford: An incomparable Genius in the automobile industry

  • Pablo Picasso: In the Eyes of Critiques

  • Paul Allen: Researcher, Philanthropist, and investor.

  • Michael Jackson’s death story

  • Elon Musk Contributions to Space Exploration.

  • John Cena: Someone much more than just a wrestler.

Biography Essay: “Elon Musk Contributions to Space Exploration.”

Elon Musk, recognized as the world’s wealthiest individual and the celebrated CEO of Tesla, is a highly prominent figure. Moreover, his enormous passion for space exploration complements his business pursuits, establishing him as an avid explorer. His wealth and success are not a hidden fact from anyone, but his space explorations are not talked about much.

Born in Pretoria, the administrative heart of South Africa, on June 28, 1971, Elon Musk demonstrated an affinity for computing and video games from the tender age of ten. His self-taught programming skills bore fruit when he successfully sold his first self-developed game at just twelve years old. Growing up, Musk made several programs and sold them. He founded several companies, such as SpaceX, Starlink, X.Com, and Paypal.

For many years, space exploration has been limited to giant governmental organizations. Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002, and his company revolutionized the entire Aerospace sector with advanced technologies that helped reduce the cost of space explorations. With SpaceX’s consistency and Musk’s determination, the company has achieved some historic milestones that are considered impossible for a privately owned company in aerospace.

SpaceX sets several remarkable milestones as a private company – it’s the first to successfully place a payload in orbit, the first to dock at the International Space Station, and the first to propel a refurbished rocket into space. Through the introduction of reusable rockets, SpaceX significantly reduced the expense of space exploration. Further enhancing its capabilities, the company developed a robust rocket engine called the Merlin, capable of launching payloads into space. SpaceX barged into the well-established sector with innovative and impressive technologies and was able to compete with strong competitors like NASA and Roscosmos.

Elon Musk opened a new pathway of competitiveness in the aerospace market and served as an inspiration for other space exploration companies to enter the market. SpaceX has defied convention by creating a revolutionary spacecraft dubbed ‘Dragon’, capable of transporting human passengers to the International Space Station. Pioneering the commercial space industry, SpaceX has trailblazed all subsequent space exploration endeavors, making the previously exclusive world of space travel much more attainable for the general public.

Musk’s visionary approach or focus regarding SpaceX was to make space exploration affordable and accessible to the public and make humans a multiplanetary species. He has a very clear goal to send people to Mars. He failed so many times but never lost hope. He stayed consistent even after the failed attempts to launch the first payload into orbit, and he succeeded in the end. SpaceX wouldn’t be the SpaceX today without Elon Musk’s driving efforts because it’s his vision and dream that is making things possible. We can hope for innovative and revolutionary ideas from SpaceX and let’s see what they have in the future for humankind.

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This blog lists Biography Essay example templates based on what purpose they are written for. A biographical essay is written to tell the life story of a particular individual, to understand the actions of certain figures, and to introduce the subject in a new light.

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