How to Write Annotated Bibliography

It is defined as the list of sources or references that include books, journals, articles, websites, etc. Bibliographic information such as name of the paper’s title and the one who has published the paper means publisher is included in a bibliography. It also includes summary of the sources from where material was taken.

Depending upon research topic, the annotations must include the following aspects:

Reasons for Writing Annotated bibliography

Compiling a checklist to better prepare for the research project. Simply collecting sources of information is helpful, but if you write annotations for every source, you are bound to read the source. As an impact, you studying critically instead of data collection.

When you are in the professional stage, the descriptive Bibliography tells what is going in the books and your research can, or your scholarship can be enough to help you build a thesis. There are controversies in all good research papers. The research aims to express and support this concept. Therefore, the most crucial part of research is having a controversial, exciting, and current mindset.

Writing a list of unspoken books can help you get a better idea of the topic. By responding and reading various sources on the topic, you will see what the issues are, why people are arguing on it, and form your own opinions.

Steps for this Bibliography type

Annotated Bibliography is a three-step procedure. Its starting point makes your paper compelling. Annotations for each different source will be written then. The last step is to select your writing style.

Source Analysis

When it comes to the textbook described, you should look at the sources and your topic as well. The credentials and source of the author’s qualification should be checked, as well as the date it was published in. As new ideas are evolving daily, we need tonsure the relevance with our topic The author makes sure that the journal used for publication is related to the field The other factors include:

  • Errors

  • The intended audience

  • Fact’s omission

  • Oaths

Creating annotations

The exact size does not match the annotation. So, there are a lot of ways that you can build, sticking to your purpose. It may include descriptions or summaries in your annotations, or it can be a combination of all three of them.

Descriptive Annotation

Descriptive or indicative annotation is defined as what they ask us to do or define. Explaining the source. A quick summary of the source is done by pointing out the annotation and contradictions.

For Example

Zacks, Mitch. Small Stock Market Benefits Book. John Wiley & Sons, 2011. A variety of methods are covered in this book and are being use in the economic stock market from many years in order to have a better result. Comprehensive sections in this article combine “Understanding the Markets,” “Using Profit to Achieve Your Unattainable Goals,” and “The Challenge of Investing.”

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Informative Annotation

The summary annotation provides your unique source summary. The main points are defined within that.

For Example

Doerr, John. Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World With OKF. Birds. 2018. This letter was published by James, who is the group chairman and consists of some active entrepreneurs. This book explains how any business group uses OKF for their company’s quick growth. They are the people in the courtroom leaders like Bill Gates are telling the cases.

Evaluation Annotation

The annotations can be summarized, or you can take another step by checking its source. To achieve this, we need to contrast and compare.

For Instance

Wilson, John Philip. When the Texans Come: Missing Records from the Civil War in the Southwest. MLU Press, 2011. With critical references such as actual characters, songbooks, and a list of the wounded, the author provides a new account of this War. The author combines vital sources such as eyewitness accounts and actual newspaper has better understanding about the battles wrestled during the time of such war.

Combination Annotation

A specific format is not required to do annotations. All three types of annotation can be included in your defined Bibliography. For example, you could cut down a few sentences and explain and then summarize the work done and finish with a test at the end.

Writing Style of Annotation

As there are three different annotations, there can be different writing styles as well. There are three formats followed depending upon how long they are:

  • Phrase: Short phrases are used. They give details fast.

  • Sentences: Sentences are written with no punctuation or grammatical mistakes

  • Categories – Long annotations and separates information into different categories. This can be very useful in integrated annotations.

Format (annotated bibliography template)

If you are writing this sort of bibliography then it must have the main title, followed by annotation and then a quotation. However, annotation format is almost the same for everyone, style in which the article is written, and the quote may vary depending on the style. Three main styles of writing used are the

  • MLA.

  • APA

  • Chicago

APA Example

APA style for this bibliography type, including both for scientific as well as technical research writings is used here. It includes the quotes of APA and APA format titles of research paper along with headers.

Annotated Bibliography Example APA

APA Bibliography Writing of scientific as well as technical research articles is used. It includes the quotes of APA and APA format titles of research publications along with headers.

MLA Example

The MLA described in the textbook is a reading style for high school students and college art students as well as the papers of language students. In this, MLA style quotes are used as well as MLA formats with the title of the last name and number of pages.

For Instance

Bhabha, Homi K. The Location of Culture. Routledge, 1994.

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Annotated Bibliography Example Chicago

The styles of bibliographies described in the Chicago style are a form of capturing all genres with the name of author and the date along with bibliography notes. Then quotations should be in the Chicago format may differ in style. The main annotation will still be similar.

For Instance

Title of Resource,” List the OWL as Publishing Organization/Website Name.


Few annotations can summarize the source/reference. The main source of the primary argument? Articles or book point of view. Topics covered in it? If a reader asks what is the topic or source of the article? The annotation length will determine how detailed the summary is and what the impact is on the reader if it’s effective or not.


After summarizing the source, it must be helpful to evaluate it. And assessing whether it’s a valuable source or not. How a comparison is made with other sources of Bibliography. Whether the information is reliable. And whether assessing is done on source or objective. The main goal of the source.


After assessing and summarizing the source, the next step we need to do is to see whether it matches with our research domain or not. Was the source helpful to us or not? How it helps to shape an argument. How this source can be used for the research project.

How long should It be:

Generally, an annotation should not be more than 150 words or 4-6 sentences long, concise and to the point.

You can use online tools to generate bibliography as well to help you write easily.


The Bibliography writing service as mentioned above provides detailed information about the given topic. The research source involves a summary and explanation of each reference. Bibliographic information such as the name of the author, the paper’s title, and the one who has published the paper means the publisher is included in a bibliography. It also includes a summary of the sources from where the material was taken.

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Annotated bibliography writing is the list of sources or references that include books, journals, articles, websites, etc. Bibliographic information such as name of the paper's title and the one who has published the paper means publisher is included in a bibliography. We as perfect essay writing provide you with best annotated bibliography writing services with our top-notch essay writers.

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