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Versatile GPA Calculator: Monitoring Your Academic Progress Simplified

You have been looking for an all-round GPA calculator online but have yet to find one that is accurate, fast, and free, right? With us on your back, you don’t need to look any further. Get our free GPA tester Now and calculate your college grades with 100% accuracy up to two decimal places.

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How to Get Our Online GPA Calculator to Work?

Wondering what it takes to set our unweighted GPA calculator to work? Well. It works in a pretty simple way. All it needs is to input your details in three simple steps and it will figure out your GPA for you in seconds. Here are the three steps:

Step 01
Step 02
Step 03
Step dot
Step dot
Step dot

Enter the subject and the grades you received in it.

Begin your search now and let us do the rest!

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Type the Credit Hours and Optional Subjects

Entering the credit hours you have availed and your optional subjects (if any) gets the process of GPA evaluation underway.


Receive the Calculated GPA

Once you are done with the above steps, look at the bottom of the subject list. The decimal you see is your GPA calculated to perfection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can calculate your cumulative GPA on your own if you follow the following steps.

1: Multiply the number of credit hours by the point value of the letter grade you were given. What you get are the quality points you received for the course.

2: Add up all the grade points of all the terms.

3: Sum up the credit hours for all terms.

4: Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credit hours.

5: The outcome of the division, i.e., the quotient, is your cumulative GPA.

If there is one thing that can improve your GPA on its own, it’s studying harder and smarter than ever. Other factors that can help you boost your GPA are not missing classes, doing daily and weekly academic tasks regularly, and submitting your assignments well before the deadline. If, for some reason, you cannot manage to do your assignments on your own, we recommend taking help from an online assignment writing service provider instead of risking your grades and in turn your overall GPA.

No! Never when you are using our easy GPA calculator. It requires no sign-up or registration to function. Not only that, it does not interrupt you with ads or pop-ups. And that is what makes our GPA calculator simple and unique.

We take great pride in our team of geek developers who have been helping us develop our free tools for years. Our accurate GPA calculator is the product of the diligent work of our expert developers. It will never disappoint you when it comes to calculating your GPA with precision up to two decimal points. That’s a promise!

Yes, our GPA unweighted calculator is versatile and is programmed in such a way to be able to calculate your unweighted GPA with ease.

Although the GPA requirement varies from institution to institution, a GPA anywhere between 3.5 to 4.0 will be good enough for you to get into the top institutions.

Definitely! Our easy GPA calculator is yours to use without paying a single penny.

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Why Is GPA So Important and How To Boost Yours This Semester

GPA or your  Grade Point Average not only reflects your academic achievements in the past but also gets to decide which college you are able to get into, which scholarship you deserve, which job you are likely to get in the future, and much more. 

There are a hundred reasons not to let your GPA go down and a hundred and one ways to raise it if it’s already low. Here is why your GPA is so crucial for your future and how to improve it.

Builds Your Positive Image

What do you think is a better indicator of where you stand as a student? Yes. It is your GPA. We all know not everyone can get all those high scores. Scoring well needs sheer perseverance and remarkable consistency and if you have scored well, it means you are consistent and diligent in your studies. It’s a sign of your commitment, passion, and ability to stay composed in tough situations. These qualities alone are enough to open doors of opportunities for you in the future. 

Decides Where You Get Admission

Yes. You read that right. It is your GPA that matters the most when you are looking to get into your desired institution. If your GPA does not meet the criteria set by the institution, you just cannot get admission to the prestigious institution. 

Brings Scholarships to Your Doorstep

Most of the institutions offering scholarships have strict criteria which determine who gets the scholarship and who does not. Having an above-average GPA makes you a strong candidate for most of the financial aid programs.

Guarantees Promising Career

Ever thought about why every employee wants to know the institutions you have graduated from? It is because graduates from top institutions enjoy the growing reputation that they are hardworking, diligent, dedicated, and passion-driven. A high GPA means you get into top-ranking institutions and graduating from these prestigious means you get more job opportunities. Everything is just so intertwined, isn’t it? 

Struggling With Below-Par GPA? Here’s the Strategy You Need

Let’s cut to the chase straight away. Getting a good GPA takes a lot of effort and maintaining it is even harder. But if approached strategically, even a bad GPA can be turned into a good one. Here’s how you can do that.

  1. Develop good reading and writing habits
  2. Befriend with students who are ridiculously good at studying. Get infected with their study habits.
  3. Take challenges. As counter-intuitive as this idea might seem, taking challenges can pay back tremendously in the long term.
  4. Submit your assignments on time. Doing homework and getting it checked will help you find out your weaknesses. Focusing on the areas where you lack will help you overcome them in the final exams.
  5. Draw a line between your studies and social life.
  6. Give yourself ample time to prepare for exams. Plan a rigorous schedule way before exam dates are announced. 

Follow the above steps with consistency and perseverance.

What Makes Our GPA Calculator Simple Yet Effective

Let’s come to the point straight away. There are hundreds of GPA-calculating tools on Google but every time you search for free tools, you end up using ours. And Our unweighted GPA calculator is no exception, is it? What’s it that makes our unweighted GPA tester different from the hundreds out there? Let’s find out!

Fascinatingly Fast

If you have used our online college GPA calculator even once, we bet you have recommended it to your friends because of its speed. Powered by advanced programming, its speed is simply unmatchable.

Accurate Up To Two Decimal Points

Thanks to its cutting-edge coding, our tool’s accuracy is second to none. So be it your school GPA, college GPA, or cumulative GPA, when you use our calculator, you can be sure that the margin of error in your GPA calculations is negligible.

Unparalleled Versatility

Your search for a versatile calculator that accepts both numerical and letter grades ends right here as our unweighted GPA calculator is capable of working with both types of inputs with remarkable ease.

Intuitive Interface

Because of its user-friendly interface, our online GPA tester provides equal ease of use to both, school as well as college and university students. It takes input in a simple way, processes the details with the help of sophisticated algorithms, and gives a simple result.

Compatible with All Devices

Whether you are using it on a mobile phone, a desktop, or a laptop, our online college GPA calculator will work as smoothly as ever because it is compatible with all devices and all operating systems.

Zero Charges, No Ads, No Pop-ups

Yup. That’s true. We don’t require you to do anything in return for using our free tools. No fees, no registrations, no ads, no pop-ups. Nothing! What else do you want?

This Is How You Use GPA Online Calculator

No doubt our tool utilizes complex algorithms and produces accuracy thanks to elegant coding at the back end. On the users’ front, it is pretty simple to use. Although its interface explains itself very clearly, here’s how to use it nevertheless.

Step 1: Type the Subject Name

In the very first column on the left side, type the subjects you were graded in. In case your subjects are more than three, add more subjects to the first column by clicking ‘Add Subject’.

Step 2: Enter the Grades

In the second column, choose the grades you got in the subjects from the dropdown list. 

Step 3: Fill in the Credits

Move to the third column and choose the credits you availed for each subject from the dropdown list.

Step 4: Add Another Semester (If Needed)

If you want to calculate your GPA in more than one semester, add another semester. For the newly added semester, you need to repeat the above 3 steps.

Step 5: Get Your GPA calculation

Precisely a second after you have given the details required, if you look at the bottom right corner of the calculator, you get your calculated GPA. 

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