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Critical Analysis Essay

Do you like writing a critical analysis essay? If yes, then it's good for you. If not, then you do not have to get panicked when your teacher assigns you one. Writing is fun and interesting that evaluates a previous work. There is so much more to discuss about it that we will be covering right here.

Critical analysis essay is a process of examining a person's work, whether it is a book, movie, essay, report, and many other things. The process involves discussing the argument provided by the person you are analyzing the work of, and giving your own argument about it. It requires three skills of critical thinking, critical reading and critical writing.

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How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay?

Critical analysis essays undoubtedly require so much energy and hard work to research and write an analysis using your critical thinking. There are some steps involved in writing this essay that most people do not know. Here are those steps that one needs to know for writing it.

1. Get to Know Everything About the Subject

If you don't know what you're going to write about, how will you exactly write it? It is better to get hold of all the important information and aspects of whatever book, film or essay you are going to write a critical analysis of. It is done by reading the entire text or watching the movie, by knowing everything about the author, director or whoever is the person behind it, and understanding their argument or motive behind it.

By analyzing everything in your own way you'll be able to grasp the concept that the person has tried to convey. Read about it and maybe you would also like to read what other critics have written about them already. It is a good way to learn about the subject you've chosen to analyze critically.

Furthermore, you can try interpreting things as per your own background knowledge or ideas. By doing so, it is expected to be done more thoughtfully and the critical analysis will turn out to be quite effective. You can easily depend upon our creative writers to use the best writing techniques to get the same work or art. They can provide you with the critical analysis of an article, or a book as per your preferences.

2. Choose a Thesis Statement

It is necessary to create a thesis statement that you'll be defending in your essay. There should be some arguments and claims that you'll be supporting throughout your essay. This thesis statement is basically an entire claim of yours regarding the writer's work. The ultimate goal is to defend your thesis statement and prove what you've claimed. Most of the students do not understand the importance of supporting your thesis, but it is a vital point to ponder while writing a thesis.

3. Collect the Evidences

It is the time to collect the evidence to back up your thesis statement. Whatever you claim in a critical analysis essay has to have some evidence that could provide the authenticity of your claims. It is incorrect to propose something you're also not sure about. The best method is to set a thesis statement, search for the relevant evidence and then cite it in your essay for more clarity.

Don't forget to add the footnotes and endnotes in your essay along with the references to the sources you've cited as evidence. Not only will it make your essay strong, but also the readers will be able to believe your stance

4. Critical Analysis Essay Outline

Sometimes the students don't understand the importance of creating an outline for writing. They usually skip it and start writing directly. It is absolutely an incorrect approach that can lead to missing the important parts of the essay. An outline is a life saver if you believe in getting an error free and a smoothly written essay.

The writing process simply becomes better as you already know what to write next and why to write it. An outline provides you a pathway to follow that doesn't let you miss any point or paragraph that you're supposed to write in your good critical analysis essay. So for the next time before you start writing any sort of essay, make sure you create an outline first and follow it. You'll be able to avoid any kind of major and minor mistakes when you have an outline to follow.

5. Write Down the Body

The next part is writing down the complete body of the essay. It includes the introduction, the main body (with evidence, claims and the thesis statement), and the conclusion. The body writing part might take a little less time as you've already done your research and you're all done with collecting the data for your essay. In this step you must write an error free and meaningful text that actually conveys your message to the readers.

6. Reread to Proofread

Proofreading is as important as writing the complete body of the essay or doing research for it. It cannot be taken lightly because an essay full of mistakes is never a favorite essay of anyone. There's no use of writing in the first place if you are not going to proofread it. Plenty of mistakes can make others question the authenticity of the essay, and your capability of writing a critical analysis essay.

That's why it is good to read and reread your essay repeatedly and proofread it to make it error free. It is the common fact that anything loses its standard when several flaws are a part of it. The errors are always not welcomed at any cost in any situation. It is therefore better to proofread your essay properly to avoid any problem.

Not to mention, an outline is equally important to write a good essay. An outline helps you get prepared to write a premium quality essay.

Examples of Critical Analysis Essay with Topics

We do have some examples to show what a critical analysis essay looks like. One can easily identify by simply looking at the topics of such essays.

  • The impact of video games on mental health.

  • Human rights and it's violation.

  • The right to vote and how significant it is.

  • Role of technology in the online education system.

  • The life of a luxury; is it worth it?


Writing a critical analysis essay could be made fun by enjoying the entire process. It might be a boring one to write but everything requires research, your energy and patience to come out to be perfect. If one doesn't understand the importance of writing a clean and purposeful essay, then failing does exist.

The above-mentioned steps tell a lot about the thorough procedure of writing this essay. If followed exactly the same way, the students can get a premium essay written by their own hard work. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper and need help, we are just a text message or email away. Perfect Essay Writing assists all the students in getting well-structured and professional quality papers at a reasonable cost.

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FAQ’s on Critical Analysis Essay Service

A critical analysis essay requires skills like critical thinking, critical reading, and critical writing. This essay involves reviewing any kind of work by a particular writer such as a novel, short story, book etc. It could be a movie or anything that could be reviewable. So in a critical analysis essay, the person researches the subject and provides their own argument and claims. The purpose is to describe the argument of the author, and provide your own argument and back it up with a good amount of evidence that could help prove your stance in the essay.
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