How to Write an Essay Fast? Write Master Essay Under 60 Minutes

Earlier, the main question used to be how to write an essay? But with the passage of time when students advanced in writing, they became eager to learn how to write an essay fast? As a student you must have been looking forward to learning the art of writing an essay within a few hours. Why? Because this is what students have to do when they are about to miss their essay submission deadline.

There are so many techniques which you can follow to craft an essay in a precise amount of time. Proper concentration, good planning and the right strategies will help you get your essay ready even if you are running late. This blog will merely focus on writing a paper fast in 3, 5 or 6 hours to save your day.

Is it Actually Possible to Write an Essay Fast?

It is a well-known saying that “Haste Makes Waste” but very few people know that if you are already running late, you need a savior to protect you from any inconvenience. So yes, it is possible to write an essay fast that contains the best quality. It all lies in the techniques that one uses to write an essay.

Suppose you don’t have much time left for your submission; let’s say it’s just 4 hours to go till your essay deadline. What are you going to do now? Skip the submission? Absolutely not! For a particular reason, you will pick up the necessary speed and start writing whatever you can. The only difference what we are trying to make here is teaching you how you can write a good quality essay in those 4 hours.

How to Write an Essay Fast?

Now here comes the real question of how you can write an essay fast. It will require you to understand and learn new techniques to reach that level of perfectly writing an essay at a fast pace. Let’s explore what are those steps that you can follow to write any essay fast.

  • First of all; calm down
  • Choose the quietest place to start working
  • Finalize your essay topic
  • Start a quick research
  • Build a precise essay outline
  • Only Include necessary discussion
  • Write the body paragraphs first
  • Write introduction now
  • Write the conclusion
  • Calculate remaining time and word count
  • Proofreading and editing

First of All; Calm Down!

We know it’s a big deal that you have forgotten your essay deadline and now you are worried about writing a good essay and submitting it on time. It is not impossible to save yourself at the last minute by helping yourself out. It might sound difficult at first but it is the best and the sure thing you can do to stay relaxed and focused.

All you have to do is cool down and relax. Doing so will give you more energy, patience and willpower to complete your essay even if you don’t have a lot of time. It is always better to not lose cool and successfully complete the job instead of losing it and still being unaware of what to do.

Choose the Quietest Place to Start Working

You cannot work sitting in a place surrounded by a lot of distractions. Noise, people chatting with each other, or any other sound can affect your peace of mind. Plus in a stressful state you already need a quiet place to find relief. To write an essay fast you need that specific space where you can feel comfortable. Choose any room of your house where you can find silence, or go to a library or a cafe to work peacefully.

Finalize your Essay Topic

This step may or may not be required in many circumstances. If you are already provided with a topic, it’s good to start the work but if you aren’t then it’s obviously upto you which topic you decide. It all depends upon your preferences, interest, scope and criteria when choosing a topic.

For instance, if you are writing an argumentative essay you must select a topic very carefully that is relatable and kind of informational for the readers. Of course this step may take some of your time since you cannot write any essay without a topic.

Start a Quick Research

It is obvious that you need valid and authentic sources to quote in your essay. For this purpose, a quick research is required of hardly 15 minutes to gather all the necessary sources. So run a quick round of research and collect all the past papers, interview videos, solved questionnaires or whatever is important for writing an essay.

Build a Precise Essay Outline

An outline will help you write faster and stay focused to the point. Create an essay outline as soon as you finish your research because it is better to jot down the necessary details and headings. After completing the outline and rechecking it, if you ever for once think there are unnecessary headings in it then feel free to remove them.

With such a short time left you cannot afford to write so much in a single essay so you have to prefer quality over quantity. Although it’s difficult to analyze which aspects won’t make any difference being a part of the essay, I still try to erase all the unnecessary headings/subheadings and mention the immensely significant details.

Only Include Necessary Discussion

As the goal is to write and finish the essay in a proper manner so one should only write the most important details in the essay. In such a short period of time a student must be focused upon the significant facts of the essay and prefer writing a quality essay. It is absolutely not obligatory to write a long-form essay that lacks quality and good work. Therefore only mention the necessary details and sum up your essay properly.

Write the Body Paragraphs First

You must skip the introduction and conclusion for the last and write body paragraphs first if you want to write an essay fast. An introduction and conclusion usually take more time and thinking for every student as these two undoubtedly depend upon the body paragraphs. That’s why for writing an essay in a limited time, always choose to write the middle part first.

Write Introduction Now

There was a reason to write the introduction and conclusion in the last. As you know, that introduction is supposed to grab the reader’s attention and is written very carefully for this purpose. An essay hook is also a part of introduction that is creative, interesting and engages the readers right from the very first lines of the essay.

Write the Conclusion

As the rest of the work has been done, you may finish writing your essay by writing the conclusion now. The conclusion is all about summing-up your argument and essay as well, concluding the topic and writing a final statement to close it. That’s why this part done in the last will prove to be helpful. That’s why you can write the conclusion at last to avoid any delay in completion of other parts of the essay.

Calculate Remaining Time and Word Count

If you are left with like 2 hours or more then it’s better to add some more words in your essay to make it lengthy. You can make your essay longer using words that make sense and add significance to the existing text. Otherwise in case of short time left, avoid this process and move to the proofreading and editing section.

Proofreading and Editing

This is the last thing that you will be doing to save your essay from any bad remarks. After writing it, do not miss the proofreading and Editing process since anything written in hurry will have several mistakes. It is better to get rid of all kinds of errors before you submit your flawed essay.

How to Write a Hook for an Essay?

In the upper heading we discussed a little about the hook of an essay. There are some simple methods of writing a hook in the essay that ensure engaging your readers well, and developing a curiosity to continue reading till the conclusion. Follow the below given tips to write an essay hook.

  • Choose the most appropriate quotation
  • Ask a triggering question
  • Give a relatable situation
  • Highlight a relevant myth

Choose the Most Appropriate Quotation

Do you know that a relevant quotation can arouse curiosity among the readers and make them interested in reading more? This is the simple magic spell of using quotations in the introduction of the essay through which one wants to give a read.

It all depends upon your topic first that what type of quotation will fit better. You need a quick round of research to find out the best quotation and hence you will have the perfect quote for your essay.

Ask a Triggering Question

A triggering question can make anyone leave everything and pay attention. It is a perfect recipe for those who want others to read their essay with complete interest. That is why asking a triggering yet appropriate question can help a lot.

Your goal must be to ask a question that leads readers to think and find answers. Make sure your essay does answer that question later and satisfies the readers entirely. Only this way your purpose of using this essay hook will be accomplished.

Give a Relatable Situation

It is one of the best methods to attract anyone’s attention and take them to the real subject. Suppose you are going to talk about a certain topic but you also want to give a relatable situation to your readers too. You will think of something relevant and write it down before you talk about the actual thing. The made-up situation or story consists of very lines only since the goal is not to extend the story but to create a sense of your essay topic.

Highlight a Relevant Myth

A myth often attracts people; some of them believe myths while others reject them. But one thing is clear that sharing a myth is a 100% effective method to gain reader’s attention. You can also try this method and see how well it works.

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How to Write an Essay Outline?

Every student knows now that creating an essay outline is a necessity to write a better essay. That’s why they are keenly looking for standard steps involved in making outlines. Below given accurate yet useful steps can help in designing a functional essay outline.

Determine the Topic

The first step is the determination of the topic; without having a topic you cannot do research or create an outline. A topic is the basis which leads to all the other steps in writing an essay. Therefore it is important to think of a topic that can be done keeping a number of things in mind.

Any topic that has a good scope, research material and demand is suitable for writing an essay. So if you are about to decide a topic, make sure you choose the best one to make the writing process easier.

Run One Round of Research

At least one round of research is required before you design an essay outline. You can only create a roadmap when you know everything about the topic. After determining the topic your job doesn’t end here, there is a complete round of research yet left.

Before you decide what headings or subheadings will make it to your outline, you must know what exactly you have found to add in those sections. Your research will determine what headings are making it to the final essay outline, that’s why this step is quite significant.

Mention Necessary Headings and Subheadings

The last stage contains adding the required headings and subheadings now in the outlets. It is the last thing which needs to be done and then you will have a final essay outline. After doing a little research you must have the sources that could help decide what headings will be a part of the outline.

Therefore it is suggested to add headings and subheadings in the end with a few lines to start with. It will make your writing process even faster and better, fulfilling your sole purpose of designing the essay outline in the first place.

How Does an Essay Outline Help in Writing an Essay Fast?

The most asked question regarding essay outlines is how it can actually help in writing an essay fast. It is quite a thing that nobody should have a huge impact on essay writing. Let’s explore this aspect more and see how an essay outline makes the writing process fast.

Outlines Act as a Roadmap

Essay outlines are a kind of roadmaps for writing any essay. You will already have everything in your mind about what you are going to do. An outline gives you the convenience of having a plan that will never fail. This kind of plan is dependable and authentic which will never fail you. An essay outline puts all the details in front of you, providing the idea of everything you are about to write in your essay.

Outlines Save Time

Essay outlines definitely save a lot of time for the students. Especially those students who are so close to their deadline should quickly create an outline and then start the work. It saves time in a manner that you never realize you were running late for the submission.

An outline provides everything you need right in front of you. It saves you from thinking and overthinking the elements of your essay. It clears up your mind and puts you on a road to start and finish the essay without having any other thoughts in your brain.

Outlines Block Distractions

Distraction is the most undeniable thing you can experience when writing an essay in an emergency. It is almost relevant to writing a worst quality essay due to having many mixed feelings about writing in a short period of time.

If you create an outline in the start, you will see how smoothly the writing process will go. You will have a 100% clear mine to start with, which means nothing is going to cross your mind. An essay outline is literally lifesaver at this stage where it blocks all the distractions and keeps you on one single track.

How to Write an Essay Introduction?

An essay introduction is as important as the other parts of the essay. When it comes to actually writing the essay, the introduction is the first section that needs extra attention. That’s why there is a proper criteria of writing the introduction if you want to prepare an excellent quality essay. The below given steps are definitely going to help you learn about it.

Breakdown the Introduction Section into Parts

An introduction has a total of three parts; hook, main idea and thesis statement. All these will be broken down first so you can work on them separately. All of these are highly significant and absence of any of these can cause a big disturbance.

Every part needs research and preparation which is why breaking down will help a lot. Rather than stressing over so many things to write in the intro, you can simply take one aspect and work on it. Later you can compile all those parts and write one solid essay introduction.

Design the Most Engaging Essay Hook

Without a hook your essay introduction will look vague. In the above headings we have talked in detail about writing the essay hooks. You may choose any of them and patch it in your essay’s introduction. It will definitely help with building a connection among you and your readers.

Write the Essay Hook First

Now in the writing part you will have to write that essay hook correctly in the introduction. As it is the first part of the essay and Introduction mainly. It has to be written in a promising way. Your skill-set will decide how good you are at describing a situation in an interesting manner or in initiating curiosity in your readers.

Discuss the Central Point

The second part of an intro is the central point which is also called the topic of the essay. Right after mentioning the hook it is suggested to provide the central idea of the essay to the readers.

Doing so will give them an answer to the question coming into their mind after reading that interesting essay hook. The professional essay writing service guide also recommends mentioning the primary aspect of the essay to direct readers to the next part of the introduction.

Mention the Thesis Statement

The last part in writing an introduction is the thesis statement. This is the basic stance over which the entire essay or research depends. It is also a vital part of the introduction and it shouldn’t be missed at any cost. So in the last part you need to put a thesis statement very clearly and close the introduction.

Reread and Edit

Anything can be improved once you give a read and think of the better options. Read the introduction for once only to see if everything is perfect. If you think there is room for improvement, then go for it without any hesitation and edit the introduction timely.

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How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay?

Although conclusion is the last part of an essay and many students think it is not that important, IT IS THAT IMPORTANT IN ACTUAL! It is a myth that conclusion is just a formality and it doesn’t really have any significance in your essay.

We have some major elements to discuss in writing a conclusion. These steps will blow your mind and help realize why conclusion is so important in any piece of writing. Just read the stuff and decide for yourself.

Read the Essay

The last part of the essay demands reading the entire essay from start till end. It is because you need all the relevant details to sum up in the conclusion and for that purpose you have to read and collect those points.

This reading process is a detailed one that can take a few more minutes than expected; although it is totally dependent upon the word count of your essay. So give a final read and move to the next step.

Collect Major Points

Now you are required to collect all the major points while reading the essay. You can continue reading and start making notes along with this procedure to find out all the important lines. These points can be further used to write a proper conclusion.

Form a Paragraph with Major Points

All the points you have found should be refined and edited to form a conclusion paragraph. This stage is all about writing the conclusion using the points you have collected from the reading. You can relate those points with each other and give them a form of an ideal conclusion paragraph. This will assist you in writing the best conclusion for your essay.

Do Edit if Required

The final step is editing, if it is actually necessary. As we said earlier there is always room for improvement so your essay’s conclusion may have that room too. Do edit your paragraph if it is required and sum up your essay perfectly.


You may anytime face a situation of running late in submitting your final assignment or essay. This blog has given so much detail to write an essay fast so you never end up missing an important deadline. The above given techniques can absolutely guarantee a fast writing process, saving you from the embarrassment of late submission.

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