Understanding Stance In Writing And Why It’s Important

If you are reading this blog, there is a chance that your instructor has advised you to detect a stance in your academic essays. When students first get into writing, they are asked to pick a standpoint, which usually leaves students confused about what a writer’s standpoint is and how one possibly can achieve it.

Your search ends here if you are also looking for information regarding stance in writing. We, as a professional essay service, brought to you the ultimate guide to understanding and implementing the perspective in academic writing.

What is a Stance In Writing?

Stance in any piece of writing refers to the attitude of the writers towards the thesis statement, supporting evidence, main argument, and handling counterclaims. It helps readers understand what the personal view of the writer is regarding the subject of the essay and where the writer is coming from.

  • It represents the agreement or disagreement of the writer towards the primary claim of the essay. The content and intent of the essay will revolve around the stance; that’s why it’s so important to have a writer’s standpoint.

You can usually witness this in the evaluative or compare and contrast essays. So, what does stance mean in writing? In academic essays, the writer picks an attitude of approving or disapproving a certain piece of information after proper investigation. In the end, the writer can make a decision about which argument is the stronger and wins the evaluation. All professional essay writers agree that stance is a mandatory requirement in writing.

In simple words, it helps create a strong impression on the reader and represents the attitude the writer follows in the context and supporting information. Let’s understand the stance in writing through the following example:

“Although plenty of efforts have been made to tackle climate change, our research clarifies how ineffective those measures are and how much more effort needs to be made to preserve the planet.”

From the above statement, the reader can easily detect the standpoint of the writer and how it was focused on the preservation of the planet. It determines that the attitude of the writer is only to evaluate the measures being made and provide suggestions for more effectiveness of the climate change handling measures. Writer’s stand helps readers understand from which perspective a writer is evaluating evidence, information, and thesis statements.

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How to Detect a Writer’s Stance In Writing?

Detecting the writer’s stand helps to understand the evidence, argument, and thesis statement even better. Some instructors specifically ask students to detect the writer’s standpoint in academic essays or articles. Most students can find it in the paragraph starter for argumentative essay and in the closing statement at the end. But in case they can’t, what are the potential ways to detect a writer’s stance? The pro tip to determine a writer’s attitude is to find answers to the following three questions.

  • What does the writer feel about the subject?

  • What reasons does the author give in support of his argument?

  • At what point in the essay reader is able to determine the writer’s stance?

You are going to find answers to these questions in the essay context to determine what is the standpoint of the writer regarding the topic and subject. Understanding the perspective will make it easy for you to comprehend the evidence and supporting information the writer is providing and what exactly they want to convey through them. Let’s take a look at where and how in the essay you will find the answers to these questions.

What Does The Writer Feel About The Subject?

You need to detect what are the true opinions and strong feelings of the writer towards the particular topic of the essay. You are more likely to find answers in the essay’s introduction paragraph. Writers usually add background information, their expertise, and their personal views at the start to grab the reader’s attention.

There will be a sense of strong agreement or disagreement in the hook of the introduction or in the thesis statement the writer has established. The tone of content and the choice of words also help you understand how the writer personally feels regarding the topic. For example, phrases like ‘I strongly believe’, ‘there is much more to discover’ and ‘According to me’ they help in detecting what a writer thinks and perceives about the topic.

What Reasons Does The Writer Give In Support Of His Argument?

Now, you have to look for the stance in writing in every point of discussion and supporting information the writer has given to prove their statement. The answer to this question can be found in the body paragraphs of the essay. You need to look for the topic sentences of each paragraph to find the reasons why the writer is making a specific point and how they relate it to the thesis statement.

Reading the reasons for the argument will make you understand the writer’s standpoint and why they feel the way they do. You will be able to discover some new insights and strong supporting evidence that will strengthen the thesis statement and what the writer wants you to understand. The writer will discuss the benefits of implementing what they suggested and the negative impact of any other harmful practices.

At What Point In The Essay Reader Is Able To Determine The Writer’s Stance?

Many students end up being confused when they can’t find the writer’s perspective in the context. To find the answer to this question, you need to check for transition words that writers used to show their disagreement or contrary belief. It’s well known that the transition words for argumentative essay and comparison essays help detect the attitude in writing. Most writers give away the point where they present their opinion at the very beginning of the essay.

For example, you encountered a statement that says, “The popularity of designer brands is increasing nowadays, but it also raised concerns regarding the negative impact of the fashion brands and how they create the need for something so unnecessary.”

In the above statement, you can see how the writer started with speaking about a usual fact and then transitioned to talking about their disagreement with it. The use of the word ‘but’ shows the smooth transition of words that writers used to divert the attention of readers towards something more important. You can easily detect the writer’s point of view in such a statement.

The expert tip here is to look for transition words that the writer used in the context, such as even though, on the contrary, in comparison, and on the other hand. These words will be the breaking point where you can effectively detect the writer’s stance.

Why Stance in Writing is Important?

So, what is the big deal about the writer’s stance? Why is it so important? Well, that is a valid question. When students are asked about a writer’s perspective and how to detect it, they wonder why attitude is such a biggie in academic writing. To answer these popular questions, we have gathered the potential answers in this section. So buckle up; we are going to learn why the writer’s standpoint is a big deal.

It Gives Voice To The Argument

Having a stand represents the ownership of your words and gives you an opportunity to express your voice. Voice in the content is very helpful in keeping the audience engaged. It shows what you feel about the topic and how you are going to defend it. It will give an emotional appeal to your content and make your words persuasive. Writer’s point of view helps directly communicate with the readers and make them feel like they are reading the argument of an actual human being with feelings and not of a robot with formal writing.

It Makes The Essay Retable

A Writer’s stance helps generate a relationship between the writer and the topic they are writing on. A topic on which a writer has no attitude or personal opinion will be boring to read because it will have no emotional and dedicated sentiment. You can’t make an essay longer with words that make no sense; you have to gather the information that is the most relevant to your thesis statements.

The writer’s stand makes the essay relatable to the writer as well as the readers. It will represent that the writer owns their words and has a deep connection and sincerity with their research. Readers are more likely to be influenced if they can relate to the context.

Represents Confidence

The writer’s point of view will represent how confident and firm the writer is towards their topic and research. Confident writing will increase the factor of persuasion in the essay tone. According to the popular saying ‘Confidence is the key to success’, your essay will be able to make a stronger impact if you are confident about what you are talking about and what points you are making. Even if you are using an AI essay writer and taking help from other tools, a stance in writing is mandatory to be held.

Indicate The Strength Of Your Claim

The writer’s posture will indicate your thesis statement and main argument’s strength. The success factor is already on the ground if the essay has a weak thesis statement. Still, if you are adding an attitude into it with proper reasoning, it will persuade readers to consider your views and opinions. A writing position uplifts the thesis statement and makes it even more relatable. It will represent how strong your research is and how much you are willing to defend against counterclaims.

Looking for Assistance?

If you need more clarification and assistance to incorporate your standpoint in writing, you can always rely on our assignment writing service to lift your writing up to perfection.

End Note

It’s very important to have a stance in writing. It is mostly witnessed in the evaluation and comparison essays where the writers have to make a judgment based on different evidence. The writer’s perspective helps represent the relevancy, strength, voice, and confidence of the writer regarding that particular topic. It also adds an emotional appeal to the content that will keep the reader engaged and increase the chances of influencing the audience’s thoughts and views.

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This blog discusses three different questions that will help students detect the writer’s stand in any academic essay or article they come across. We have shared this guide to understand why a writer is making a statement, what reasons they are giving to support their statement, and what is the final judgment they are making over the subject.

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