Descriptive Paragraph: Types, Examples. and Writing Guide

What is a descriptive paragraph? wondering and asking this question from yourself but couldnt find a good source to rely upon? Diving into the sea of research but failing? Deadline approaching and short on time? You must read this out anyway to get the answer to all the questions that you have.

A descriptive paragraph is fun thing to write and understand for the students as well as all the writers concerned. To write a good form of such paragraph, the tools and techniques required for it should be placed in a right manner. To ensure an everlasting impact on the readers, there might be good start required to write even a short paragraph of such sort. A well-crafted paragraph evocatively describes whatever the subject matter is, so that it blooms into the mind of readers like a magic.

Enough with discussion, lets jump into the guide; the most essential of all. Lets begin:

Descriptive Paragraph

Such paragraph describes a person, place, event or anything with top-notch and different sentences leaving a clear and strong message for the audience. The beginning of the paragraph occurs with a sentence, so called as topic sentence, which describes the subject of such paragraph. Such paragraph has strong focus; cherries, crystal clear, blossoms-can also state some abstract ideas as well.

An effective paragraph of such sort will have the five senses integrated into it-the smell, taste, touch, vision and sound-to be appealing to the audience. Such description will make the paragraph worth reading and have an everlasting impression.

Types Of Descriptive Paragraphs

There are two types of descriptive paragraphs:

  • Objective description
  • Subjective description

An objective description is the one which is an outside in approach, meaning thereby, there is no personal opinion given in such type and the wording used in such paragraph are neutral. However, in subjective description, it is an inside out approach which means that the writer put in his own emotions, feelings, and opinions using words that provoke a response of the audience through strong descriptions.

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How To Write Descriptive Paragraph

Creating a descriptive paragraph require two good things:

  • Creating a strong thesis
  • Giving structure to the paragraph

Creating a strong thesis

When it is desired to write a good descriptive paragraph, a strong thesis sentence must be worked upon before. Thesis statement is the basis for such paragraph where it guides the whole process. A thesis statement shall be based upon the idea of the entire descriptive writing and the paragraph would then reflect such statement. If the thesis is strong, it will be reflected in each of the paragraph of the essay. Hence, it is advisable to start from a strong thesis statement and then go all the way to the conclusion part at the end.

Giving structure to the paragraph

A descriptive paragraph requires a proper structure to be understandable and making sense. It starts from an introductory paragraph, then body paragraphs followed by concluding paragraph. Such structure should make the readers dive into the subject under description.

Describing a place would require adding details such as the texture of the walls, scent in the building, the cool breeze, the insulation of the place etc. Similarly, when describing a person, use description as the color of the hair, body and personality, heighted or short, crystal eyes etc.

Adding such details would require to carefully choose good words and sensory details that would, of course, impact the audience in much deeper meanings. Brainstorm and write such ideas before one begin to write. Choose the words that best suites and describes the person, place, event etc.

Steps In Writing Descriptive Paragraph

There are some steps to write a good paragraph of description. These steps are stated as follows:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Researching
  • Organizing
  • Showing through senses
  • Review, proofread and edit

Lets discuss these in detail:

Choosing A Topic

Choosing a topic for descriptive essay is the central step in writing a good descriptive paragraph. One can choose any topic related to any lame object, event or place etc. but we would always advise you to use a topic that interests you. Such topic of interest will let the writer write wholeheartedly and the description given would be effective than other generic topics. This step can always be skipped if the topic is already assigned by the instructor.

The topic of the subject should be in par with the description that the writer is going to give. Irrelevancy could lead to ambiguity resulting in audience being lost and bored with the writing. A good paragraph will always refer to the topic.


After choosing the topic, the real task starts. The writer have to rigorously research on the topic, collect all the pertinent information, study the topic from all angles and collect the sensory information related to the topic i.e. how the object smells, what does it looks like, how does it sound etc. It is also advisable to share the memories associated with the topic as well otherwise it might be like a fantasy only.

Research on the topic using different resources i.e. internet, books, articles, published and unpublished resources. Also make sure the research resource is authentic. Write every detail that is relevant to the topic. Do not overthink on what is write and wrong because this is just a rough step in pre-writing. We purify the ideas in final writeup.

If the topic is a personal experience or requires a memory, the information can be collected through asking from parents, falling back to the memory, looking into the object that one might be describing because that might give some memories etc.


After going through a pool of research, now is the time to give a structure to those details that have been collected. Reassure the goal of the paragraph that one is going to write. Carefully choose the information to be added into the paragraph and not to be added into the paragraph because that is going to give the audience how the writer feels about the topic. Before writing the paragraph, ask these questions:

  • What message do I want to convey in the description?
  • Which details would be ideal for conveyance?
  • How to convey them?

Although, there are number of different ways to write a description in paragraph. However, the standard model to write a paragraph of description is as follows:

  • A topic sentence at the very beginning of the paragraph is used to give an idea of what the paragraph is going to talk about.
  • The description or supporting details to describe the event, object or a person, transforming the brainstormed ideas into a perfect paragraph
  • A concluding sentence that reflect the paragraph, thesis statement and give an idea of the next paragraph following it.

The details given in the paragraph should be such that it is relevant to the topic and makes sense involving a flow in transition from one idea to another. Such as the description and details that would be used for a wedding memory would be much different from that of describing a building. So, be careful in using words for specific topic. The sentences should logically connect with each other in any type of paragraph.

Showing Through Senses

Showing a detail has much lasting impact than telling the same. Such consideration should be kept in view specially when writing a topic sentence and a thesis statement. For example, one can write a topic sentence as The description is about my personality because I love myself. This is an example of telling and would be obvious to the readers, of course, when they read the paragraph. Such sentences are not appealing because the readers get bored of it and cannot feel it.

A good topic sentence example as compared to this in a description would be Personality cannot be summed up in just a few sentences: the personality type affects whole life from hygiene to cherry blooming scent, the voice that set in the mind and heart of the followers, taller as a tree or dwarf, are some of the elements.

Review, Proofread And Edit

This step completes the requirement of writing a good descriptive paragraph. Without proofreading and editing, the paragraph is incomplete. Hence, it is advisable to ask a friend, family member, or an instructor to read the paragraph similarly, one can read aloud the paragraph to identify the mistakes or ambiguous details that might be clarified further. Lastly, it is advisable to check the errors through tools example: as Grammarly and Turnitin, etc.; Editing should be done along with proofreading to make sure everything is in place and punctuation, vocabulary, and connect sentences with commas and semicolons. Must check that they are all in place.

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Descriptive Paragraph About A Person

An example of descriptive paragraph about a person is as follow:

The girl was an ocean of talent in herself. Un-identified by her personality, with calm and silent nature, crystal clear eyes, curly brown hair and dressed like a layman; everyone believed her to be nothing. But she came out the opposite.

Example Of Descriptive Paragraph Describing A Place

An example of descriptive paragraph for a place is as follows:

Driving down the road where lights shine like stars and seems the galaxy touching the road. This road is nothing like what others are, located in the heart of California, it connects 10 different routes. Not just the wideness it offers, but the beauty and calmness make it the best one.

Descriptive Paragraph Topics

some topics for such paragraphs are as follows:

  • My first flight
  • A memorable childhood memory
  • My ideal place to live in
  • My room
  • My favorite person on the planet
  • My blogger friends


Now that we are done giving you the details of what was required, perfect essay writers hope that they have put all their efforts in helping you out with the killer formula for writing the best descriptive paragraph. But wait! Still a confusion? Perfect essay writing services are always here to help.

What is descriptive paragraph and examples? How do you write a descriptive paragraph? What are some examples of descriptive paragraphs? What is the purpose of the descriptive paragraph?
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