10 simple Term Paper Writing Steps

Writing a term paper can be confusing specifically when you are doing it the first time. From picking up a topic to research, and more, everything can be just so daunting.

Not today as we have 10 easy-to-follow steps for you in this exciting blog that will guide you on the right track of writing a perfect term paper. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to reading.

Term Paper Writing Steps You Should Know About

By adhering to these steps carefully, you would be able to write like an expert working with a custom term paper writing service provider.

Understand the Assignment

The first step is to figure out what the assignment is all about before you sit to research and write. Carefully read the instructor’s guidelines and ensure you follow them well.

If you have any doubts about the assignment at this stage, don’t hesitate to clarify it with the teacher. Also keep in mind the deadlines, topics, length, format, etc. that you need to follow.

Understanding the term paper format is essential as it provides a structured framework for organizing your research and ideas. A typical term paper format includes an introduction, a clear thesis statement, well-structured body paragraphs, appropriate citations, and a well-crafted conclusion. Adhering to the correct term paper format not only ensures that your paper is well-organized but also makes it easier for readers to follow your arguments and analysis. It’s a crucial element in presenting your research in a scholarly and coherent manner.

Example: For ease of understanding, let’s suppose your assignment prompt is, “Explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the job market. Discuss its effects on employment rates, job types, and potential societal implications.”

Choose a Topic

The best way to get started is to pick a topic that interests you and is within the scope of the assignment. Narrow it down so you don’t have to try to cover too much in the word count. That’ll make the process a lot easier.

Example: Continuing from our example at step 1, refine the topic to something like “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming Traditional Job Roles in the IT Industry.”

Research Thoroughly

Dig deep and do your research with scholarly sources, textbooks, and sites you can trust. Make sure to take notes and organize everything you find. Ensure you’re getting your info from reliable sources like educational journals, government papers, and articles from trusted platforms or organisations.

Example: Utilise databases such as Google Scholar, IEEE Xplore, and JSTOR to find peer-reviewed articles on how artificial intelligence has influenced job roles in the IT sector.

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Create an Outline

Creating an outline is like creating a roadmap for your paper. Break it up into sections and subsections, organising the main ideas and proof you have to back them up. This layout gives you a solid structure for your writing, making sure the points you make connect logically.

Example Outline

  1. Introduction

  2. Brief overview of artificial intelligence and its impact on jobs

  3. Thesis statement outlining the focus of the paper

  4. Historical Perspective of AI in Job Market

  5. Evolution of AI technology

  6. Early applications in the job market

III. Current Effects on Employment Rates

  1. Statistics on employment rates in industries adopting AI

  2. Comparison of AI-driven vs. traditional job opportunities

  3. Transformation of Job Types

  4. Examples of job roles affected by AI in IT industry

  5. Skills required for emerging job roles

  6. Societal Implications

  7. Economic consequences of AI-driven job market changes

  8. Ethical considerations and potential solutions

  9. Conclusion

  10. Summary of key findings

  11. Implications of AI advancements on future job market trends

Write a Strong Thesis Statement

Create a thesis statement that is concise, direct, and explains the main topic of your paper. Ensure the statement is debatable and previews the points you will cover in your paper.

Example Thesis Statement: “The integration of artificial intelligence in the IT industry has led to a significant transformation in job roles, impacting employment rates, job types, and posing both economic opportunities and ethical challenges for society.”

Develop a Compelling Introduction

Be sure to get your reader hooked right away. You can start off with a captivating story, statistic, or thought-provoking query about AI and its impact on employment? Give some background on the topic, then give your main point.

Example Introduction: “Imagine a world where machines not only perform repetitive tasks but also analyse complex data, make decisions, and even create art. This reality is unfolding before us with the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. As AI continues to reshape industries, its impact on the job market, particularly in the IT sector, cannot be overstated…”

Write the Body Paragraphs

In your paper, dive deeper into what you mentioned in your thesis. Split it up into sections, each talking about a different aspect of the topic. Use evidence, examples, and analysis to support your points. Make sure each paragraph connects to the next one so it all flows nicely.

Example Body Paragraph (Transformation of Job Types)

“In the IT industry, traditional job roles such as software developers and network administrators have undergone substantial changes due to AI integration. For instance, AI algorithms have enabled the automation of coding processes, leading to the emergence of new job roles like machine learning engineers and AI solution architects. These professionals specialise in creating and optimising AI models, demonstrating a shift from manual coding to algorithm design and analysis.”

Cite Your Sources Properly

It’s really important to make sure you’re giving credit where it’s due in your paper. Make sure to cite any sources you use to avoid plagiarism, and make sure to follow the specific citation style (like APA, MLA, or Chicago) that your assignment requires for your in-text citations and bibliography.

Example In-Text Citation (APA Style): (Smith, 2019, p. 45)

Craft a Strong Conclusion

Sum up what your paper was about in your conclusion. Go over the main points you made and what their implications are. Don’t add any new info – just think about the most important things you found out and analyse them.

Example Conclusion: “The transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the job market is undeniable. While it presents new opportunities for innovation and efficiency, it also raises ethical questions regarding job displacement and societal equality. As we navigate this technological revolution, it is imperative for policymakers, educators, and industries to collaborate in preparing the workforce for the evolving job landscape. Embracing the potential of AI while addressing its challenges will be crucial in shaping a balanced and equitable future for employment.”

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Revise and Edit

Once you’re done writing your first draft of writing a college term paper, it’s important to take a break to get a new look at your paper. When revising, pay attention to making your paper clearer, more connected, and easier to read by fixing grammar and punctuation errors. It’s also a good idea to get some feedback from another person, like a classmate or teacher, to see what improvements they suggest.

Example Revision Focus: Ensure that each paragraph flows logically from the previous one, supporting the main argument of the college term paper. Check for grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and proper use of terminology related to artificial intelligence.

Quick Recap of Steps



Understanding the Assignment

Grasping the requirements and guidelines of the assignment, including topic, scope, length, formatting style, and deadline.

Choosing a Topic

Selecting a focused and specific subject for the term paper that aligns with the assignment guidelines and personal interest.

Thorough Research

Conducting extensive research using credible sources such as academic journals, books, and reputable websites to gather information relevant to the chosen topic.

Creating an Outline

Organising the paper into sections and subsections, outlining the main points, supporting evidence, and the logical flow of ideas to provide a structured framework for writing.

Writing a Thesis Statement

Crafting a clear and concise statement that articulates the main argument or purpose of the paper, guiding the reader on what to expect in the content.

Developing a Compelling Introduction

Writing an engaging introduction that captures the reader’s attention, provides background information on the topic, and presents the thesis statement of the paper.

Writing Body Paragraphs

Elaborating on the main points of the paper in separate paragraphs, providing evidence, examples, and analysis to support the arguments, ensuring coherence and logical progression.

Citing Sources Properly

Using appropriate citation styles to give credit to the original authors and avoid plagiarism; includes in-text citations and a properly formatted bibliography or references section.

Crafting a Strong Conclusion

Summarising the main points of the paper, restating the thesis statement, discussing the implications of the findings, and offering a thoughtful analysis of the topic’s significance.

Revision and Editing

Reviewing the paper for clarity, coherence, grammar, punctuation, and overall readability; seeking feedback from peers or professors and making necessary revisions for improvement.


Writing a term paper gets easy when you invest proper time in picking up a suitable topic and thoroughly researching the same. The best you could do is to follow some term paper writing steps by the experts. This blog post was all about letting you know of these term paper writing steps that will certainly improve the way you approach a term paper. Yes, you may not instantly get the skills of experts working with a custom term paper writing service, but you’ll be on track to becoming that.

Hopefully, you had a good time reading this exciting write-up.

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