Everything MBA Students Needs About Swot Analysis Essay

Business strategy often begins with a SWOT analysis – a list of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT analysis essay helps students understand the challenges and strengths of an activity or venture.

However, a recent study suggested that almost 20 to 30 percent of students struggle in creating a perfect swot analysis essay example that completely resonates with their task requirements. So it’s time to practice it, as such an essay is likely to help students not only in academia but acquiring a practical skill that they can rely on in the future.

What Is A Swot Analysis Essay?

A swot analysis refers to a piece of writing that tells us the strengths and weaknesses along with opportunities and threats of a specific subject. The subject could be a business, project, or personal swot analysis essay.

This type of essay typically consists of internal factors (strengths and weaknesses) and external factors (opportunities and threats) to provide a complete overview of the current situation of the topics and also discuss potential future development.

Once you identify these key elements, the essay about swot analysis may help you in strategic planning and decision-making, which ultimately allows individuals or organizations to focus on strengths, address weaknesses, grab opportunities, and tackle threats.

Why Do MBA Students Have To Learn Writing A Swot Analysis Essay?

In business studies like an MBA or marketing degree, students are asked in their academic careers to attempt a SWOT essay as it helps them sharpen their critical thinking skills. It also enables them to analyze business situations effectively and make informed decisions based on a thorough assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Furthermore, the basic business writing skills that students gain from writing an essay about swot analysis are very effective in academic writing as well as in professional settings. Finally, a swot analysis essay helps the students tackle complex problems and develop effective strategies for their future careers.

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What Are The Challenges Students Face While Writing SWOT Analysis

Identifying Key FactorsBusiness Students often find it difficult to distinguish between the significant strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Research SkillsIn-depth research is needed to gather relevant and reliable information for the analysis. Unfortunately, most students usually lack research skills.
Balancing ObjectivityIt can be challenging for students to maintain an unbiased perspective, especially when they are personally attached to the subject.
Organizing ContentA Swot analysis essay is different from other types of essay, which usually makes it difficult for students to structure the essay logically and coherently to ensure clarity.
Lack of Critical ThinkingA lack of critical thinking skills leads the business students to struggle in analyzing and evaluating the subject.
Integration of InsightsDifficulty in integrating the SWOT components into a cohesive strategy or conclusion.
Time ManagementManaging time effectively to conduct a thorough analysis and meet deadlines is also a big challenge for business students in writing a swot analysis.

What Are The Four Parts Of A Swot Analysis

A swot analysis essay typically covers a standard format or structure to ensure the clarity and comprehensiveness of the subjects. Below, we have discussed 4 main parts of the structure.


When writing about an organization, start with identifying and discussing its internal strengths. Then, provide examples and evidence to support each strength of your organization. And lastly, don’t forget to explain how these strengths lead to advantages. For example, these could be your organizational strengths.

  • Strong brand identity.
  • Skilled workforce.
  • High customer retention rate.


Find out the internal weaknesses of the organizations that can lead to devaluation of the organization. Try to put ample evidence to support your weakness. Generally, it’s ok to add multiple weaknesses, but in the case when you are writing an essay, try to add more strengths and focus on only one weakness.

Finally, tell about how the weaknesses can pose challenges for the organization. Check out the below factors of weaknesses in the swot analysis essay.

  • Outdated technology.
  • Lack of diversity.
  • Low employee engagement.


In this section, keep in mind to discuss the external possibilities to the organization and tell about how these opportunities can improve the growth rate. Also, examine the evidence that supports opportunities. Below are some opportunity factors that can contribute to organizational boost.

  • Emerging markets.
  • Favorable industry trends.
  • Growing demand for your product or service.


Factors that can affect the growth of the organization are known as external threats that must be discussed. These threats must be proven with proper evidence for clear understanding. Finally, tell about how these threats can harm the potential values of the organization. Take a look at some threats below to make the concept clear about writing a swot analysis essay.

  • Economic downturns.
  • Intense competition.
  • Negative publicity.

Mostly essay services focus on one sole goal, that is to make your SWOT research engaging and memorable the way it should be. So make it your SWOT analysis essays goal too.

Tips To Write A Swot Analysis Essay

Writing a Swot analysis is a valuable activity in critically evaluating a subject. Here are some tips on how to write a Swot analysis essay for business students:

Understand The Concept:

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what a SWOT analysis is. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors, while opportunities and threats are external factors.

Choose A Relevant Topic:

Choose a topic for your swot analysis essay that is more suitable, relevant, and meaningful. It could be a business, a product, a person, a project, or even a concept. For instance, for marriage SWOT analysis, you can access controversial relationship questions to start your work. While for business and company you will get an idea from below example sections. 

Conduct Thorough Research:

Before starting, make sure you have gathered information about the subject of your analysis. This may involve researching the industry, market trends, competitors, or any other other relevant data.

Organize Your Essay:

Now it’s time to organize and structure your swot analysis essay clearly and logically. Start with an introduction which provides background information on the subject. Then, explain each part of the SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). Finally, conclude by summarizing the key findings.

Provide Evidence And Examples:

You can also put evidence and relevant examples in your essay. For this purpose, use data, case studies, stats, or real-life examples that validate your points and make the analysis more credible.

Make Revision Until You Get Final Result:

Once you’ve completed your SWOT analysis essay, now it’s time to revise and edit it. Check for clarity, coherence, and consistency, and make sure your analysis is well-supported and logically sound.

These tips will help the MBA, BBA and accountancy students to write an insightful SWOT essay that will effectively evaluate the subject.

5 Swot Analysis Examples For Students

Hopefully, by going through these swot essay samples, you will have a good understanding of how to write a swot analysis essay; also, don’t forget that you can always count on the professional college essay writing service for such tasks. Anyway, here we go with the example to write a swot analysis.

Example 1: Swot Analysis On Netflix

Netflix is the most powerful streaming service in the world. It has transformed the entertainment industry with its innovative approach to content delivery. According to a Netflix financial report from the company, there are 260.28 million subscribers worldwide.

With the changing nature of the technology and new streaming app launches, there are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that Netflix faces in its dynamic market landscape.


  • A huge collection of original and licensed content from around the world.
  • Global reach and strong brand recognition.
  • Innovative technology for personalized recommendations.
  • Billions and trillions of revenue are generated through subscription plans.


  • Reliance on third-party content licensing.
  • Costs associated with content acquisition pose a vulnerability.
  • Intense competition from other streaming platforms such as HBO and Amazon Prime.


  • Expansion into new markets and demographics.
  • Further investment in original content production.
  • Partnerships with content creators and studios.
  • Interactive and immersive experiences can be integrated.


  • Increasing competition from traditional media companies.
  • Consumer’s needs and interests are changing
  • Different regions have different laws and regulations which come up as a challenge.

As there is a bog competition and changing market nature according to the SWOT analysis essay. Netflix still has a strong brand image, content library, and technological power. This helps it to position itself well to capitalize on emerging opportunities while rising threats.

Now we are moving towards another swot analysis essay example of a company that will help you in your work.

Example 2: How to Write a SWOT Analysis of Company Tesla

The Tesla brand is a pioneering electric vehicle manufacturer which is owned by Elon Musk. Tesla has gifted the automobile industry with new products and an innovative vision.

According to a Statista survey, this company ranked among the top fifteen most valuable brands across the world. This SWOT analysis will help you to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that Tesla faces.


  • Tesla has a powerful and lasting technology in electric vehicles and batteries.
  • It holds a strong brand image and loyal customer service.
  • Embedding new technologies with the changing nature of the world.
  • Continuously inventing new technology in autonomous driving.


  • Challenges in production and supply chain limits.
  • Vehicle pricings are high which limits the market
  • Useful in limited countries as tesla vehicles are electric and many countries have electric fall down.


  • Expand to new markets and vehicle industry.
  • Can make partnerships with technology and automotive companies.
  • Create an advanced environment in sustainable energy infrastructure.


  • High competition from traditional automakers and new entry electric vehicle companies.
  • Most countries’ economies are down which affect consumer spending on luxury cars.

Tesla’s is a committed brand towards sustainability and it is also leading the technology with its advancement in electric mobility. But still, there remain challenges in production scalability and competition.

Example 3: Southwest Airlines Swot Analysis Essay Example

Southwest Airlines is a famous and well-known airline which is famous for its low-cost approach. The company has established itself as a major player in the airline industry.

According to Stock Analysis stats In the year 2023, Southwest Airlines Co. had annual revenue of $26.09B with 9.56% growth. The company still has some weaknesses and threats alongside its strengths and opportunities which are discussed below.


  • Brand reputation is strong due to good customer service and reliability.
  • The low-cost business model makes it affordable for common people.
  • Wide range of domestic route networks with a lot of flight schedules.


  • International presence is limited as compared to competitors.
  • Prices are fluctuating due to high fuel prices and operating costs.
  • It lacks advanced aircraft models and engines.


  • It can be expanded to a bigger international market.
  • It can make partnerships with global airlines for code-sharing agreements.
  • It can use advance technology to enhance customer experience


  • Very high competition with rivals who have low costs.
  • Economic downfall affects the travel demand.

Southwest Airlines is still facing challenges like limited international reach but that does not affect its progress. Southwest Airlines’ company is committed to customer service and operational efficiency which makes it very sustainable in terms of growth and success.

Example 4: Spotify Swot Analysis Essay Example

Spotify is a music streaming platform which enhances the way people consume music worldwide. The success of Spotify can be seen in the ratio of its revenue as it earned €13.24 billion in revenue in 2023, a 12.9% increase year-on-year.

The SWOT analysis tells us the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that Spotify faces in the competitive music streaming market.


  • Very large range of music libraries with millions of songs and playlists.
  • The interface is very user friendly
  • Personalized recommendation algorithms make it stand out from competition.
  • Strong brand recognition and global user base.


  • The company may gain less profit with time due to high royalty payments to artists.
  • A big competition from other streaming platforms like Soundcloud.


  • It can expand to new markets and partnerships with local music industries.
  • With the new artists in town, there are more chances to get new content.
  • Integration of social features and user-generated content.


  • Laws are changing regarding copyright laws and license agreements.
  • A downfall in the economy can hurt entertainment expenditures.

Spotify , a leading brand in music, also faces some challenges related to content licensing costs and market competition. However, the strong brand image and wide range of music libraries make it a leading player in the music streaming industry.

Example 5: My Personal SWOT Analysis Essay!

We know you ponder how do I write a SWOT analysis essay? But now we have a solid example for yours!

Here I am going to conduct a personal SWOT analysis to gain insights into my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When I explore these aspects, I hope to understand myself better and make informed decisions for personal and professional growth. Let’s take a deeper look.


  • One of my greatest strengths is my strong communication skills.
  • I can express my thoughts clearly and effectively.
  • I am a highly organized individual, which allows me to manage multiple tasks.


  • One area I struggle with is public speaking.
  • I often feel anxious and nervous when presenting in front of a large audience.
  • I am not a good sportsman


  • The digital world presents a lot of opportunities for my personal growth.
  • I can polish my skills by taking online courses and exploring new technologies relevant to my field.
  • I can get a membership of a club to be the best in sports


  • To stay competitive, I need to continuously update my skills and adapt to emerging technologies in my industry.

Through this personal SWOT analysis essay, I’ve got an analysis about myself. Now, with these understandings, I can make decisions to highlight my strengths, overcome my weaknesses, and take advantage of exciting opportunities.

We recommend you read the above swot analysis essay sample that relates to you and discover what makes you unique in this world. But in case you are writing a personal essay analysis, first get to know how to start an introduction paragraph about yourself to make your essay better. Good luck!

How Do I Write A SWOT Analysis Essay About Myself?

To write your SWOT essay, begin by listing your strengths – things you excel at and advantages you possess. Then, identify your weaknesses – areas where improvement is needed. Next, list potential opportunities that you can leverage to your advantage. Finally, consider any threats or challenges that may hinder your progress.

Uses Of Swot Analysis In Various Areas

A Swot Analysis is undoubtedly a major method that is used in a wide range of applications for strategic planning. According to the review literature, below are the top 5 major applications/areas where it is widely used. Students who want to know how do I write swot analysis essay are highly encouraged to get help from these areas of study for better understanding.

General Management

In today’s competitive world, businesses need to take advantage of any opportunity to stand out from the market. The Swot analysis is the best technique that helps managers to formulate competitive strategies in their business. Here is the key paper in which the author uses a SWOT analysis essay in the area of general management.

Area:General management
Article:The use of strategic planning tools and techniques in Saudi Arabia: An empirical study
Author, Year:Al Ghamdi, 2005
Context:Strategic Planning Tools and Techniques

Swot Analysis In Education

During the past decade, institutes have faced a lot of education flaws on the technological and financial side because of advancements in IT and learning technology. To address the issue, many universities have started using Swot analysis to evaluate their position in the academic market.

Among all of them, US universities mostly use Swot in comparison to the remaining world. Here is a key paper that used a Swot analysis essay in an educational area.

Article:Strayer Education, incorporated: An equity valuation.
Author, Year:Stotler, 2008
Context:Developing new strategies in students’ projects

Marketing And Social Media

Firms and businesses are always working in a competitive market where the competition is always high, and they consistently need analysis tools to stand out from the market.

This social media argumentative essay will help readers. They will get to know advantages, disadvantages, importance, impacts, threats, and so much more regarding social media.

Social media SWOT analysis essay is one of the best tools to develop marketing strategies in a way that will drive optimal business growth and profits. Lin et al. (2004) investigated Internet marketing in Taiwan using Swot analysis.

Article:Internet market segmentation–an exploratory study of critical success factors
Author, Year:Lin et al., 2004
Context:Success factors in internet marketing


The swot model has been used in healthcare to evaluate home health agencies, health staff, and public health since 1991. The main purpose of the model in healthcare is to enhance performance and service quality.

Hence, it is proven to be an effective method. You can also get help from persuasive essay topics about mental health to write a swot essay on your own. Anyway, the first use of the swot analysis tool in health risk assessment is used by Dutta (2018) in India.

Area:Health and Healthcare
Article:Human health risk assessment under uncertain environment and its SWOT analysis
Author, Year:Dutta, 2018
Context:Health risk assessment


In the agriculture field, the Swot analysis was first used back in 1995 by Faesel and Hill because the development of the food business was hard due to poor infrastructure in Poland.

Since Faesel and Hill’s (1995) work, several swot analysis studies have been published in the agriculture field. Here is a paper that shows a swot analysis in the agriculture field.

Article:Optimization of water resources management using SWOT analysis: The case of Zakynthos Island, Ionian Sea, Greece
Author, Year:Diamantopoulou & Voudouris, 2008
Context:Water-saving techniques

From research, it is clear that above mentioned top areas are the most common where swot analysis is widely used. Writing a swot essay on these areas will help you to develop critical thinking.

But with the advancement in technology, nobody wants to spend a lot of time writing on their own. To overcome the problem, we have crafted afree AI essay writer tool that will help you in writing a swot essay in no time.

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Our Final Stance For SWOT Analysis Essays

We hope that business students have understood what SWOT is and how to write a Swot analysis essay with the help of proper examples. You have to treat it as your secret weapon for success.

But that’s not all – it also helps you identify potential roadblocks (threats) so you can tackle them head-on. So go ahead, grab the SWOT essay by the horns, and move towards your goals with confidence!

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