How To Write A Personal Essay? Critical Guide To Ins And Out Of Essay Writing

For every person writing about any object or subject is easy, given the fact that they know how to write. But writing about your own experience or an autobiography is the most daunting task, even for renowned experts. So what will you do when you are given the task of writing such an assignment? Will you give up? Or will you find a professional essay writer for such doing? Don’t sweat now; we are here to teach you everything you need to know about how to write a personal essay.

Are you interested? We bet you are more excited than ever. So let’s start this journey toward the best academic grades by making the best personal essay. But before we dig down this way, let’s understand what personal essays are and how to formulate the best college essay.

What Is A Personal Essay?

what is personal essay?

A personal essay is a short and, in some cases, lengthy essay about the author’s personal story. This writing style is also called a narrative essay. It can consist of a person’s life or personal experiences.

Who Uses Personal Essays?

who uses personal essay?

High school students use personal stories to get admission, whereas others have different purposes. Some students or writers use it to receive the reader’s attention through their personal narrative essay.

How To Write A Personal Essay in 6 Easy Steps

how to write a personal essay?

Students, this part needs to be as perfect as possible. However, the main driving force will be the personal essay topics, which will create the writing process flow. So take a deep breath, let out all the negativity and follow the central theme of the instructions.

1. Choose A Topic That Builds An Emotional Connection

The first thing any one of you needs to do is to choose your assignment topic. A good topic keeps the reader engaged and hooked to a good personal essay. There are two methods of choosing a perfect one that suits your writing style.

The first method of choice is an actual essay based on personal stories. Such a topic not only gives your personal accounts as a basis for the descriptive essay but also shows significant events in a person’s life.

While the second way of choosing a topic for your personal essay format is by selecting a subject, you wish to explore more by adding your opinion. For example, if you are interested in writing a descriptive essay about fear, then you must select personal essay topics that are deeply rooted in scary stories.

An example of a personal essay topic is “How I came close to being attacked by a big Grizzly Bear in Canada.” Or an interesting narrative essay topic based on real events or meetings such as “meeting Pablo Escobar. Cocaine king of Columbia in 1991”. such topics are the best personal essay examples.

One easy way out of these two options is to hire an essay writing service. This step ensures you trouble-free proceedings and the best results. So which one will you choose?

2. Do The Research

Now we have reached the second step of this writing process. After the selection process is over, it’s time to do the first phase of research for the entire essay. Due to the immense popularity and rise of the personal essay, this part acts as the heart of the entire work.

Many essays are based on personal experiences that directly or indirectly affect the writer. Therefore your research and its scope will vary between first-hand experience and a second-hand account. In both cases, your investigation needs to be strong as iron.

An example of best personal essays based on research can be like this:

“Long Before the second world war, German Nazis were having research on uranium and other radioactive metals. American and allied intelligence had credible news about scientists working on the project. Therefore they offer lucrative salaries and citizenship to these project scientists. Thus America gets hold of superior knowledge on nuclear weapons and its research”.

One-paragraph stories like this show the writer’s great investigative mind about historical events. So if you don’t want your essay to end up in the dustbin, do robust research that is worth writing for.

3. Select Your Audience

We know everything is made and used by a specific audience. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, you need to find the people that will like your narrative essay with interesting characters.

A good personal essay has a valuable lesson and inspires readers of all ages. You must know how to make a personal essay outline that intrigues your audience to read the entire essay. It might be more challenging to identify your audience at the start. But don’t worry; we will show you how you’ll write content catering to the targeted reader.

For example, if you are writing a travel journey essay, then it will be for adventurers and enthusiasts. So you need to add the , givings and storytelling elements with sensory details. We will give you a short description to capture this audience to keep the reader engaged.

“K-2 is the second-highest peak in the world, standing 8.6 kilometers above sea level. This majestic mountain has claimed hundreds of lives who dare to challenge this snow-covered rock. The snow on its top is as hard as a rock and cannot be penetrated even with chisels and snow axes made of titanium”.

So, students, this introductory paragraph has surely provided you with a thought-provoking narrative thesis. And we know you won’t be able to get it from your college or professor.

4. Start With Mind-Blowing Intro

An introductory section provides a lasting impression to a reader of your creative nonfiction essay. Usually, the first lines are the ones that capture the reader’s attention. Therefore, they need to be perfectly composed.

An introduction of the personal essay is the first page your audience or a reader will see and get inspired by. So there’s no shortcut or skipping of this part. The intro of the best personal essays has three basic elements: hook sentence, thesis statement, and background information. Let’s look closely at these parts of the personal essay.

● Hook Sentence

A hook sentence is a question based on the essay’s central theme. It would be best if you wrote it to raise a reader’s emotional response to your story. Let us give you a perfect hook sentence example to follow.

“In the last 40 years, AK-47 semi-automatic guns have killed more people than nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.”

The above example can serve as a guide for making an opening sentence for your essay. So start writing your essay now.

● Thesis Statement

Right after you write your hook sentence, it’s time to compose your thesis statement. It is the second part of the introduction. A thesis statement combines all the facts, exciting stories, and the writer’s personal statements in short words. This is the backbone of your entire essay containing the deeper truth about a specific event, enticing your personal essay. An example of a thesis statement is the following;

“According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), by the time a newly diagnosed type-2 diabetes patient experiences symptoms, they already have lost 50% of pancreatic beta cell functions important for insulin production and glucose-lowering effects”.

Your personal statement must be verified and evidence base to provide appropriate information in the essay. It comes in the middle of the introduction of personal essays after the hook sentence. It typically consists of one to two sentences or a maximum of 15 to 20 words.

● Background Information

Writing is just words if your essay has no background information. So whenever you sit for a writing session, always include the exact details about the essay’s main idea. We will give you a sample of such ideas for your understanding of personal essays.

“From early 1990 to 2004, ophthalmologists in the United States have concluded the sudden weakness of eyesight in adults. Their joint declaration stated that people using desktop computers daily are at a three-fold risk of losing eyesight than people of old age.

They have reached this conclusion based on the data collected from thousands of regular employees from the department of defence and its affiliate contractors. So we can confidently say that non-ionizing radiation from a computer monitor is a leading cause of weak eyesight in adults”.

This example is set as the best background information provider for students learning to write a personal essay.

5. Start Your Body Paragraphs With Perfection

After you have written the introduction of your personal essay, it’s time to write all the data. These details might be presented as personal experiences with supporting evidence. A body paragraph is where you need to present all of your findings.

Perfection is achieved when you offer the hidden truth in your body paragraph. Uncover the specific moment of your personal experience in the essay. You can share your worst or best experience with your audience straightforwardly.

The introduction of the personal essay is on the first page, but the body paragraphs contain more than 80% of the word count. Let’s have a look at the sample of what a typical body paragraph looks like.

“The United Kingdom Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) is the largest diabetes study conducted in the world. It has more than 7600 patients and started in 1970 and 10 years of intervals between evaluations. It has been the cornerstone for many studies regarding diabetes and its complications.

It has two arms of patients, the first was with intensive glucose control, and the other was with normal/ less intensive control. Medications used in the trial were metformin, insulin, sulfonylureas, captopril, and atenolol.

Recently we have seen that these results were good but needed to be more comprehensive. In the 2012 Ramadan study in Dubai, we have seen that patients with lifestyle modifications have achieved more balance of glycemic control in diabetic patients”.

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Overall there was an improvement of 2.5% HbA1c, whereas, in UKPDS, all patients achieved only 8.5 HbA1c. Ramadan study participant patients have achieved 6.5% HbA1c, which is recommended for good control.

Based on this study, we can confidently say that medication alone is not the diabetes solution; patients need to have diet control as well”.

So students’ example mentioned above is a short sample of five paragraphs of the body section of a personal essay for college. You can also compose a body section with complete evidence and details for getting top grades. You can also order an essay from professionals at the lowest cost to avoid getting into the mess of writing.

6. Personal Essay Conclusion

This is the last part of the personal essay and gives closure to arguments. A conclusion carries 5 to 10% of the word count of the entire personal essay. For a short essay, a conclusion is written in 2 to 3 lines or a maximum of 50 words.

You need to write your personal statement in this part of the essay. A writer’s words must show authority and excellent knowledge in this part. Because your audience needs to believe what you said is the final word on the personal essay topic. We will present a finely made specimen of a personal essay conclusion that will guide your future writings.

“Now that we have seen that diabetes is a major global health crisis. More than 3% of the world’s population is affected by this disease. Glucose-lowering drugs alone cannot control the decrease in mortality and increase in quality of life.

Lifestyle modification is the primary goal and major player in improving patients. Diet control and medication both provide sustained control of diabetes in the long term and a significant decrease in HbA1c”.

This example is sufficient for a personal essay based on a medical trial or your investigation to provide you with a structure of information. A Conclusion for other personal essays, such as personal finance, might be completely different.

Example Of A Personal Essay About Love, At First Sight,

Hook Sentence: Do you believe in love at first sight? [Thesis Statement] “You know I didn’t. A meeting with a beautiful girl in a park on a cold autumn evening completely changed my life. Let’s look at this charming evening when the magic happened”.

Background Information: “My love life changed forever when autumn came last year as I sat in Royal Oak park after 9 pm Thursday.”

Body Paragraph: The park’s ground was covered with thousands of pale leaves. The scene was romantic and evoked fire in me. I took out my notebook and started writing. As soon as I completed the first sentence, I glanced at a girl sitting alone like me on a bench.

Seeing her thin curly brunette hair with red cheeks and brown eyes like a fox makes me crazy for her. She was wearing a red jacket with a black scarf. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She looked gorgeous.

The cold autumn night allowed me to see such an alluring personality. For a second, she glanced at me with thousands of questions in her eyes. I knew I was in love forever, and cupid’s arrow pierced my heart.

She saw me looking at her and felt perplexed. I went to her to talk. She responded positively, and we sat next to each other and talked about our favorite food to our most precious memories.

I could not forget that autumn would be so lovely that day. The tree branches were all empty. I gave her one big maple leaf. Then after an hour of conversation, we went outside the park to have more enjoyment of the autumn season.

We sat in the coffee bean cafe. Somehow the autumn night was colder than usual. Drinking the hot beverage makes the entire day worth it. We decided to go for a little walk in the town.

The streets were filled with fog and chilled air. We both held each other’s hands so tightly, and her warm hands raised my excitement to a new level. She asked me to take a walk to her home. We talked about many things during this walk. Finally, we both reached the place.

I didn’t want to lose her sight, so I kept holding onto her hands. After a few minutes of talking, she said goodnight. I waved at her and turned back. She hugged me as soon as I did that, and we kissed passionately. I tasted her cherry lip balm and the smell of mint bubbles on her lips.

I never knew I would be able to find love on a cold autumn night. But luckily, that day changed my life forever. We met many times after this. We spent the holidays with each other and met our parents. I enjoyed Christmas and the fights as well. But we never stop loving each other. She is my favorite person, and I’m hers. She also didn’t expect this sudden meet-up and falling in love in the process.

Conclusion: I still remember the day like it was just yesterday we both met. Now having two kids with her, we both are still crazy in love with each other. I was a person who never believed in love or gave importance to it. But my life was completely changed thanks to meeting an angel in the shape of a person who gave me a chance to look at life from a different perspective. This is why autumn is my favorite season of the year”.

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We have given you sufficient information that will collaborate in making your essay writing process as easy and painless as possible. Follow the guidelines for making a perfect personal essay in a few steps. Still, if you cannot do so and have doubts about your capabilities, you can hire our affordable assignment writing service.

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