How to Write a Case Study? Tips & Tricks To Remember

We know it is not a walk in the park when you decide to write a case study. Since it is one of the toughest work and requires critical thinking and data analysis skills. So, Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Do you know how to write a convincing case study? If not, your luck is about to change for good today. This blog will keep your eyes hooked on the screen.

We will share the entire format and structure of writing a case study. We’ll make sure this process will be easy for you.

What Is a Case Study?

A case study is a method of investigating specific phenomena, an event, an important person or a thing etc. These studies focus on different objects or subjects, such as marine critical issues case study. This example study presents a deep knowledge of marine life and the factors impacting it. Similarly, a case study investigation might include various subjects or persons of interest. It is one of the deepest analyses of any particular topic. Thus it has received importance unlike anything else. 

While studying, many students are given these assignments. So a good understanding of a case study is highly important in higher education. Before asking someone to write my essay, read the requirements of this task.

Why Write a Case Study?

Teachers give case studies as a research paper writing assignment. Before the final semester, these case studies play a vital role in your learning assessment. So composing them is not a choice but essential for completing the semester term. We need to write a case study to prepare for the exam.

How Long Should a Case Study be?

No such hard and fast rules govern the length of a case study or its material. For some normal and general topics, the standard might be between 500 words to 1500. Usually, a good case study can expand as much as 5000 words accordingly. An example of a case study on assignment writing for Harvard University or Cambridge can be 20-25 pages long.

How to write a case study: Steps & format

Now let’s focus on the steps of the case study method in college paper writing since it is important to know how to study for exams and subsequently compose. We will show you the structure that will be the centre point of initiating these investigations.

Let us tell you how to write a case study in the following steps:

1. Case Study Topic Selection 

The first step is the selection of a topic that is worthy and needs to be investigated. There is an abundance of topics that are best suitable for your assignment. The case study can also be written as a biography writing about famous personalities. Hence, a wide variety of topics are ready to be investigated or put under the microscope. 

Selection of the case study topic is a make-or-break stage for everyone. Choose the topic that perfectly aligns with your research because this will create an ideal layout and relevancy in your writing. Topic and research both works like right and left hands. They support each other to make a complete picture. If either one of them is irrelevant, the entire structure is baseless. That is why the topic serves as the case study sample for your readers, providing a glimpse of the research inside. 

 2. Universal Application of the Research 

Secondly, it is also essential for the researcher to make the case study as relevant to the real world as possible. Because an investigation is based on something that is not natural or realistic, it will be a waste of time for the audience. For example, if you want to write about the investigation into type two diabetic patients, you should also add type one diebetes patients. 

Furthermore, additional complications developed by both diseases should be mentioned as well. Specifically, if research is started from scratch, it needs to be able to address its target audience. A wider implication of the topic under investigation gives a broad spectrum and is proven more beneficial.

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3. Relevancy to Current Times

The third step in composing a convincing case study is keeping the relevancy in your opinion writing. If you compose an investigation about old times, but its results are invalid in today’s situation, then it’s a big “NO”. 

Additionally, any big inquiry’s purpose is to keep coherence in results. If any inspection has demonstrated results you cannot prove right and viable in today’s world, then no one will believe it. But on the other hand, if the case inspection results are still valid, this topic would be worth intriguing to the audience. Writing a case study is hectic and time-consuming work. That’s why you should keep the relevancy in your investigation. 

4. Choosing the Right Type of Case Study Format

One essential aspect of an academic research case is choosing the type of study. Paying attention to this right choice for exam tips and tricks for successful completion is essential because many types of case study formats are used. 

For instance, you can select a single case study or multiple case studies. A single case containing a holistic subject approach has multiple dimensions collected into one big investigation. 

On the other hand, a collection study has many variables but the same end results. For final exam study tips having the right selection by your side suitable to your case studies is crucial. 

Also, choosing, think about what your investigation is demanding. Because it might be possible that your analytical essay writing requires a single case investigation, but if you change the requirements to multiple cases, you will probably demolish its purpose

These steps are essential for all students to use as exam preparation tips for high school. Following these guidelines will provide an outline for successful task resolution.

Format of the Case Study

Format of the Case Study

Case studies are composed of set standards of schools and colleges. Usually, the investigations do mention writing format requirements. The most commonly used case study formats are APA and MLA formats. However, an academic institution may choose any format that is suitable and needed. 

Some colleges even allow usage of the Chicago-style format as well. So this demand or condition varies between different academics and their preferred outline.

An Example of a Case Study

A case study is an important tool for understanding any complex issue. One prime example is markets and research success and failure case study. Since this method is widely performed as an in-depth analysis, it also has cardinal importance in students’ grades. We will present a real-world case study on “preparation for final exams”.

Case Study of Last Few Days into Student’s Preparation of Final Exam 

Many students find it difficult to prepare when exams start in a few days. It has been seen that almost 80% of the students don’t study at all until 48 to 72 hours before the final day. This case study will focus on interviews with one dozen college students.

Before the last week, most students went to parties, played different sports, etc. Almost all of them don’t know how to prepare for exams. This phenomenon is observed in all graduate students of the colleges. 

On the other hand, postgraduate students of universities have shown less interest in sports and attending social events. An overall evaluation predicts changes in all student’s psychological patterns when exposed to the pressure of exams.

Although many students give some form of final exam study tips to their classmates/ roommates, the situation has been declining for many years. Many research freshmen and freshwoman give little importance to education. This mindset has devalued academic achievements drastically in all colleges and schools.

That is why only half of the students can pass the final semester exams yearly. Teachers across the north American continent have seen a pattern of 3 days of preparation in all class grades. Regardless of age, ethnicity or social status, all students have shown no interest in reading their books 5-10 days before exams.

Even many studies have found that those students who study one week before papers have failed miserably. About 65% of pupils have shown passing marks, but the remaining 35% could not demonstrate the same. However, there were some issues in acquiring authenticity in the interviews. But with a margin of error of just 2%, we can say that the 2-3 days pattern is generally followed.

One action observed in most cases is that students are keen to instantaneously know the study tips for exams. Due to the abundance of such shortcomings, its effects are aggravated by the internet and social media use. 

Many college professors also participated in the feedback and agreed with the observations. Many teachers have shown displeasure with students’ negative behaviour using social media and mobiles in the classroom. Although strict regulations need to be employed for such control, it is not yet considered an effective protocol.


In this qualitative aspect of the study, we have seen most students fail their exams because they give less studying. Studying two or three days before is a practice that is a major contributor to the occurrence of failed students. Furthermore, social media use by pupils and their lack of importance given to their education also play an equally important role. 

Overcoming this large-scale social dilemma is only possible when everyone pays more attention to education. Additionally, regional and countrywide policies should be formulated to stop using shortcuts in education and study material. And lastly, students need to understand the gravity of the situation and the need for urgency. Together all these steps taken will ensure good future outcomes in academic goals.

Tips to Write a Case Study that Gets Read

Tips to Write a Case Study that Gets Read

Case studies are used extensively for writing in-depth information in a thesis for colleges or universities. That is why composing it accurately is of cardinal importance. We will give you some essential tips for formulating an investigational study that will make a headline for all the readers. 

Select a Topic That Is or Was Controvertial 

Choosing a controversial topic is one of the biggest actions to make your case study noticeable. Since the subject has been a hot topic among everyone, adding further classified details will make everyone turn their head around. Writing about anything that is talk of the town gets noticed by many readers. 

One more thing is that the audience usually loves to read and talk about current affairs and the latest developments. So any topic with depth and information needs time to become the centre of attention. Therefore topic is the structure that will give your draft a good shape worthy of attention.

Prepare the Case With Your Findings and Previuosly Available Evidence

After choosing the topic, the second step is the preparation of your arguments on the case. It is a common practice to add previously found evidence and newer ones. Findings in a compiled and concise form give your investigation paper an appealing look. That is why it’s the second important tip for making a good case study.

Additionally, It is vital to remove all the miscellaneous and irrelevant data from your research. Doing this will give you only clean and filtered information to add to the investigation. This step will enhance the credibility of your arguments presented here.

Present The Best Solution to Your Audience

After gathering all the evidence and supporting documents, it is time to present the crux of the solution. You can present your point of view, but evidence should support it as the best possible antidote. One quick fix in offering your opinion is to gather all the previously offered answers and add them to a new proposal. 

One important thing to remember is never to mix your offering with all the previously stated ones. This will disperse your solution into meaningless words. Thus it is essential to be vigilant in offering a long-lasting fix for the problem.

Closing the Argument After Presenting Solution

After writing all the mentioned points, it is time to close your arguments into one closing sentence. It will be your final thought to close the entire discussion on the given problem or topic. This is why it needs to be concise and relate to the solution you just presented.

Furthermore, you are persuading your audience or readers to accept your point of view. Therefore the solution should be exactly what they need. That’s why it must be appealing. After providing the final words, it is concluded and ready to be printed and presented to your teachers and professors.

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Real Case Study Examples

Before you want to know how to write a case study, it is important to look at some real-life examples of some case studies. These investigations will guide the writing style and the depth of information. Hence knowing this will essentially supply you with immense knowledge of the real-world examples and subsequently formulate your case study.

Have a look at the following authentic investigational case studies that are documented comprehensively.

  • Case Study of Phineas Gage

  • Case Study Design at Mayo

  • Case Study Marina Bay Sands

  • Case Study Kmart Bankruptcy

  • Case Study of Apple Inc

Free Case Study Template Doc

Many students scroll through multiple websites to find out how to study tips but cannot get the desired results. This free case study template will provide sufficient information on writing a convincing case study.


Add your topic here on which your research is based.


Add a summary of your entire research here but only relevant details.

Case Discussion and Evidence

In this section, attach all the evidence related to your topic and discuss the case for the audience.

Offer Solution to the Problem

This is the point where you will offer the answer to the problem. It should be valid, thoughtful and purely factual.

Execution of Suggested Recommendations

This step will encompass the action plan and how to implement it.

Conclusion of Case Study

After following the previous steps, it’s time to end the discussion by presenting the final words. Make a persuasive tone to get the audience to agree with you. 

Mention Sources

Lastly, mention your references that are used for formulating the case study and its research. 

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