7 Noteworthy Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Do you have a presentation scheduled, and you are nervously sweating at the very thought of speaking to an audience? You are not alone. Surveys show that about 75% of the world population fears public speaking.

Presentation skills are essential to convey ideas, thoughts, and point of view with clarity. No matter how well you gathered your research material, without proper skills to present it, they are useless. So buckle up to take notes because we are going to uncover all the secrets to improve your presentation tactics.

Who Needs to Have Presentation Skills?

  1. Students use the presentation tactics to convey their speeches, researchers, and point of views.
  2. Politicians need them to deliver their ideologies. 
  3. Teachers require them to effectively present the topics of discussion to students.
  4. Speakers need them to influence the minds of the listeners.
  5. Managers require skills to convey the policies and instructions to the employees.
  6. Almost every professional field requires good presentation skills to get the work done.

What is it Important to Have Presentation Skills?

  • Expression of thoughts and Ideas with Clarity
  • Improving Social Confidence for Public Speaking
  • Helps leave an Impression and Memory on important occasions
  • Improving daily conversations with your friends and colleagues
  • Expressing Personal Goals perfectly. 
  • It makes you Charismatic because effective speech skills exude leadership traits.

5 Solutions to Fix All Presentation Challenges

Presentations are perceived as the biggest challenges for students and professionals alike. The author combining these solutions for you also struggled with the same problems.

“I had never understood the importance of good presentation skill until I was standing on a stage and the audience was yawning. I learned how to leave a mark on the minds of people and make your words worth it. These skills need constant practice and improvement.”

Let’s understand why presentations are so intimidating for everyone. Let’s find out. In the section below, we have discussed the biggest challenges of presentations and 10 ways to improve your presentation skills.

Challenge 1

Dull Slides Design

You choose a great topic that can be conveyed perfectly, and you are confident about your work; what can go wrong now? Well, the slides design. Boring and overused slide templates are going to make your presentation skills look dull. Teachers are looking for creativity and you can’t be giving them the readymade slides that don’t have eye catchy details.


How to make your slides engaging and catchy?

One of the 10 ways to improve your presentation skills is to design your slides according to your topic. For example, if you are presenting about the history of wars, you can pin on some stickers of rifles and guns at the slide corner.

For an environmental topic, you can add some leaves or vines dangling from the corners of the sides. Try to add figures and pictures more than text. Keep your slides concise and comprehensive instead of complicatedly filling them with stickers and text.

What Statistics Say Regarding Presentation Design?

% Of PresentersChallenges and Opportunities they Tackled While Designing
91%Presenters prefer presenting with well designed presentations.
45%Presenters found it challenging to find creative layouts.
41%Presenters found difficulty in finding great visuals.
7%Presenters struggle findings attractive fonts to use.
65.7%Presenters prefer making their own presentation.
47%Presenters take more than 8 hours to design their presentation.
35.3%Presenters prefer bright colors in slides to engage the audience.
Source: Visme

Challenge 2

Lack of Preparation

Research showed 90% of anxiety we feel before a presentation comes from lack of preparation. You might not be well prepared to speak about a certain topic, making the whole discussion so challenging. Keep in mind that if you are not well prepared about the concepts, you will never be able to deliver them properly, nor will you be able to answer the questions arising from the audience.


How to prepare for the Presentation?

One of the best ways to improve your presentation skills is to be fully prepared for the presentation. Complete your research and gather all the supporting evidence. Be prepared for all the counterarguments. Choose a topic of your interest and address all the potential points in a natural flow without rushing anything. 

Challenge 3

Low Self Confidence

The biggest challenge of presentation skills is that it takes a lot of confidence to speak to an audience. Confidence is the key to successful presentations. If you are well prepared for the discussion but not very confident in your speech, there will be no soul in your words or whatever topic you are addressing. Students tend to doubt their potential due to low self esteem.


Improving Self-confidence

Many students wonder how to improve your public speaking skills for engaging presentations? So here is the key. To build confidence, you have to accept the challenges, face them head-on, and constant practice. So what if you had a bad presentation? At least you tried. Here is what you need to do: 

  • Give yourself a pat on the shoulder for your efforts, and start working on the weaknesses you noticed in the previous presentations skills. 
  • Surround yourself with positive and supportive people to gather good energy.
  • Strengthen your body language to not let the nervousness take over your movements. 
  • Try to use your hands while you speak or walk around to relax your mind and ease the anxiety. 
  • Believe in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. This is one of the most effective ways to improve your presentation skills


Challenge 4

No engagement

Done with the presentation but won no applause or response from the audience? Well, maybe you weren’t very engaging with your way of presentation. 55% of people reported that a great story is what makes them focused during a presentation.

If the audience is not engaged during your presentation, it might not always mean that your topic was bad or your research was incomplete; it just means that you haven’t engagingly conveyed your topic. You might have been focused more on presenting that you haven’t interacted with the audience. 


How to improve your public speaking skills for engaging presentations?

  • The best presentation skills of engaging the audience is to make the topic relatable. 
  • If the audience is your class, you can point out something important about the audience or the institution in a humorous way.
  • You can add relatable memes that will earn you a laugh from the audience.
  • Try not to be too formal, ask questions from the audience and involve them in your discussion. 
  • You can also add compelling figures and videos to your presentation and ask for audience response. 
  • Do not use inappropriate humor and make offensive remarks that might lead to conflict and negative responses. This is one of the best ways to improve presentation skills.


Challenge 5

Short on Enthusiasm

Before you think about how you can improve your presentation skills, you should know that lack of enthusiasm is one of the problems when your presentation fails to achieve the primary goal. The audience found you boring and not very passionate about what you are speaking about. Let’s get this straight: you will never be able to compel the audience if you are not compelled by it yourself.


Becoming more Enthusiastic during Presentation

The best way to polish presentation skills is to be more passionate about a topic. Simple as that. But if your instructors assign you a topic you are not very interested in, you need to find the creative edge to make it interesting for yourself. Another way to be more enthusiastic is to transform your nervousness into energy. It would help if you pump yourself to be motivated and energetic with music and set a goal to present as best as possible.

How can you Improve Your Presentation Skills?

At the end, we have shared how can you improve your presentation skills examples bellow. You can go through it to level up your speech. 

Example 1: 

  1. Refrain from starting your presentation with typical “Today’s presentation is about…”
  2. Instead use “Today we are going to talk about about” Or “Let’s have an interesting chat….”

Example 2: 

  1. Instead of saying “This evidence shows us…”
  2. Use “Some scientists weren’t happy about the earlier study and changed their view point with the new study.”
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Important Take Away

Here is what you can take away to answer how can you improve your presentation skills.

  • Be creative with your slides.
  • Make your topic relatable to your audience.
  • Be fully prepared and get your facts checked.
  • Be confident in what you are speaking and how you are putting out information.
  • Engage your audience via questions, appropriate humor, and surprising facts.
  • Be enthusiastic about what you are talking about. Be one with the topic.
  • If you need help to prepare and improve your presentation skills, feel free to hire an essay writer for professional advice and assistance.

Activities That Can Help Improve Your Presentation Skills

Activity Benefit
Speak Nonsense It helps in making you fluent in your speech and determines how your tone of voice needs to be in order to create impact. 
Listen professional speechesProfessionals are the best how can you improve your presentation skills examples. Learn how the pros of different fields deliver their ideas, narrative, and thoughts to an audience, how they influence their listeners. 
30-second filmFilm yourself speaking over a topic for 30 seconds and then listen to yourself, notice your mistake in speech and improve those areas. 
1 minute Off-the-CuffSet timer for one minute and then start speaking over a topic you weren’t prepared for earlier, it will help you ease the anxiety and improve your speaking and organizing your thoughts. 
Tell a photo story Start telling a story about how you describe a photo. Storytelling has always been effective in improving presentation skills. 
Make a commercialPick the nearest object to you and start making a commercial for it. Convince your imaginary buyer with your words. This practice helps you extract the speciality of the speech and what make you impactful

Still Confused?

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End Note

Mastering presentation skills is crucial for a successful academic and professional career. The skill set of an effective presentation is to choose a topic you are passionate about, make catchy slides, engage the audience, be fully prepared, and have self-confidence.


Presentations are very important communication modes that help express ideas and thoughts with clarity and confidence to an audience. Presentations are popular assessments in academic settings that help instructors evaluate the speaking and audience engagement skills of the students. Presentations are crucial in a professional setting as well. That’s why it’s important to go through how can you improve your presentation skills, examples and prompts.

Presentations are of different kinds based on the purpose they serve. Academic presentations are for the student's evaluation and mostly cover informative, demonstration, and study-related topics. The professional presentations serve the purpose of advertising and promoting the products and services. Motivational and debatable presentations will help inspire the people. Business presentations aim to report the progress and procedures of the cooperative practices. Each presentation type requires a different set of presentation skills.

Presentations are important assessments that must be prepared properly to achieve the primary objectives. A good presentation has the following qualities:

  • Well structured outline

  • Engaging points of discussion

  • Impressive Slides

  • Confident delivery of the speech

  • Clarity in communication

  • Interaction with the audience

  • A natural flow of events

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