Top 10 Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples to Use in Your College Assignment

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What is a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

Compare and contrast thesis statement is an absolute cornerstone of your academic writing because of its importance. Since a thesis statement covers your whole topic’s analysis in a few lines of words, it is considered a student’s secret weapon. This is why it carries weight, offers good grades if appropriately formed, and addresses the issues. Anyone can write a pro compare and contrast thesis sentence by cracking few secrets, one is precision, second is effectiveness, another is smart work. But how would you do it smartly? We bet after having expertise in basics you would love to utilize a thesis statement generator for best possible results. 

Now let’s understand the basics. A college thesis statement is a two to three lines long crux of the essay. It is an essential part of the introduction section and is written after the hook sentence. 

Top 10 Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples

Well, well, well, we have reached the stage that you all have been waiting for. Since you all know by now that a thesis statement is the same as an income statement except for the part, it doesn’t show how much money you have left. 

In this blog, we have carefully composed some top-rated compare and contrast thesis statement examples for your consideration. Later on, you can pick the best style and by using AI essay writer can craft a complete contrast and comparison essay. So here they are;


Example 1

Topic: Insulin vs. Oral Anti-Diabetics. Which treatment option is better and should be given free of cost?

“In my opinion, insulin should be given free to all people with diabetes regardless of age, income, and insurance criteria. Oral medications are effective, yet patients still need insulin after a few years of use. 

Both treatment options are costly and put billions of dollars in a burden on insurance claims. Free insulin provisions will result in less hospital occupancy as well as massive improvement in life expectancy of diabetic patients.”

Example 2

Topic: College assignment writing services vs. Self-writing. Using which option can land you better grades?

“I have seen in my experience that using an assignment writing service is better than writing by yourself. Firstly, students, no matter how excellent their grades are, still need a deeper understanding of the topic. 

Secondly, they are so caught up in their daily routine that they cannot give the time required by the topic’s research. Both of these reasons result in failure of massive level and consequently drop-out of the college program.” 

Example 3

Topic: Mercedes vs. BMW. Which luxury vehicle is better and easy to maintain for long-term use?

“Mercedes and BMW are high-end luxury vehicles, each costing more than an average house in America. I have driven both and find them both interesting, but the electronics on BMW are so complicated that even an expert mechanic finds it hard to repair.

On the other hand, Mercedes offers the same comfort but less sophisticated electronics and is easy to repair. That’s why it’s the best car in the market and my favorite overall.”

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Example 4

Topic: Desktop vs. Laptop. Is a desktop computer still faster and better than a laptop computer?

“Programmers and developers prefer desktop computers over laptops. However, I find both devices amazing in overall performance. My preference is always a laptop because it is easy to carry and performs better than desktops. With technological evolution, laptops are far better than bulky desktops sitting on a table.”

Example 5

Topic: Macbook vs. Windows laptop. What are the better options for students with low budgets?

“Macbooks are the new wonders of the 21st century and fast too. I have used MacBook for over 2 years and find it very expensive to repair and use daily. Every app you use is paid, and upgrading your iCloud can make you go broke. 

While windows laptops are a true value for money, you can install any application, such as games or pirated Microsoft Office, and it will work as it should. Windows laptops offer you the best deal in terms of compliance, easiness, and usability.”

Example 6

Topic: Apple watch ultra vs. Garmin Fenix 7. Is Apple finally capable of making adventure watches to beat Garmin? Or not?

“Last year, I wanted to buy one since I heard rumors of the Apple watch ultra. Now that I have used it for over three months, it’s evident that it’s inferior to my Fenix watch solar edition. I find the Apple watch ultra just a high-end gimmick and has fewer features than the standard Fenix 7 watch. Fenix can be connected to any mobile platform, such as iOS or Android. Apple watch needs only an iPhone for connection. It has become clear that Apple has fallen behind many top Android watches in recent years.”


Example 7

Topic: Introverts vs. Extroverts. Who has the upper hand in skills and talents?

According to numerous psychological studies results, it’s proven introverts are more talented than extroverts. American psychological association also seconds this conclusion from more than two dozen quizzes, interviews, tests, and analyses. 

Although both individuals are seen as equals in appearance and age, their mentality differs in many aspects. Although my study found some anomalies, we can conclude that introverts are better at hiding their skills and talents than extroverts.

Example 8

Topic: Tea vs. Coffee. Is there a massive difference between both caffeinated drinks?

Tea and coffee are both caffeine drinks and are considered to have psychoactive effects on the human mind. Many studies and human gastronomy experts think coffee is more potent than tea. Coffee is also an aphrodisiac which means couples enjoy it more than singles. 

Tea, in comparison, is two times less potent and only provides a mild caffeine dose that helps in an overall feeling of relaxation. Though coffee makes you feel, more active but relaxing effects are more pronounced with African tea.

Example 9

Topic: High School vs. University. Do university professors know more than the average school teachers?

“High school and university both are academic institutions used for educating students in their respective degrees. Teachers in both institutions are highly qualified in their fields. Still, there is a vast difference between them. High school teachers are primarily graduates and, to a maximum level, have master’s degrees. 

In comparison, university professors have mandatory Ph.D. This is why they are better at teaching older or higher education students. Exposure to advanced-level studies and concepts gives an upper hand or advantage to university professors.”

Example 10

Topic: Human intelligence vs. Artificial intelligence. Are we living in an age of complete computer and machine dominance?

Human intelligence has developed gradually since the dawn of time, from living in caves and hunting with bows and arrows to living in skyscrapers. Artificial intelligence or machine learning has dramatically overshadowed human thinking and learning capabilities. The similarities and differences between human and computer intelligence are so significant now that it’s a new chapter in academic studies.

Computers can do billions of calculations each second and work 24/7 without the need to rest and eat. In the coming years, computers will take over human thinking and decision-making jobs from us. The age of computer and machine domination is around the corner.”



So, students, here is your weekend gift. Before you send a “write my essay” request to your classmates and plead with them to consider your help, read this blog. We have entertained so much information in compare and contrast thesis statement examples that next time you won’t need any help in doing your assignment. That’s a wrap from us. Select the essay type and start writing to make yourself a top student. If you like this blog, comment below to show your love.


You need to do your research first on the topic. Then gather your insights that would be added in the intro. After having a complete holistic idea, write your compare and contrast thesis statement in three to four lines.

The first process of comparing and contrasting two characters is to write their similarities and dissimilarities. Then evaluate how they both complement each other and add your analysis as a thesis statement. Finally, your thesis statement should be unbiased and based on facts.

An example of a thesis statement looks like the following statement:

“Mercedes and BMW are high-end luxury vehicles, each costing more than an average house in America. I have driven both and find them both interesting, but the electronics on BMW are so complicated that even an expert mechanic finds it hard to repair. 

On the other hand, Mercedes offers the same comfort but less sophisticated electronics and is easy to repair. That's why it's the best car in the market and my favorite overall."

Usually, there are only one to three sentences in a compare and contrast thesis statement. But it also depends on the depth of the topic and its research. For a thesis statement for doctor of medicine (MD) certification, this rule is not followed, and doctors have to write a minimum of ten sentences.

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