Chicago Format Paper Writing Made Easy: 7 Amazing Tips and Tricks

Citing your paper in a precise way is too important and proves to be pivotal in making sure your assignment is not plagiarized. Chicago format paper style is a gold standard for citing your sources, especially for the subjects of humanities and its sub-branches. Students also use the Chicago style writing format for arts, such as Renaissance history, literature etc. To date, it’s the best and most widely used citation style worldwide for generating citations and bibliographies. 

Its evident students need to become more familiar with Chicago style essay citations and their requirements. They need appropriate information on what is a Chicago style format and where to use a Chicago manual style header. This blog perfectly matches your academic needs and will satisfy your curiosities about using the Chicago format. By the time you reach the end, you will have complete information on citations and bibliography and how to use them.

What Is Chicago Style Format?

When it comes to academic writing, adhering to the Chicago style paper format is essential – it provides a set of instructions that all writers, including those well-versed like expert essay writers, need to follow when citing their sources. These instructions, regularly updated by the Chicago Manual of Style, serve as a cornerstone for proper citation practices. Authors have the responsibility to accurately reference all sources used in their papers or essays according to the specific edition’s guidelines. The Chicago writing format, currently in its 17th edition, exhibits slight modifications from its predecessor.

You can use the Chicago format for paper in two methods; one is author-date, and the second is notes and bibliography. Notes and bibliography are used for literature and subjects under the umbrella of humanities. Whereas; author note is used only for science subjects and papers. Apart from a few subtle differences, both are used for academic writing. 

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How to Format Your Paper in Chicago Style?

For appropriate citation format, students need to know how to write a Chicago style paper as their educational institution requires. Here we will take you through all the steps of Chicago manual style formatting so you can easily make a Chicago style research paper. Students may find better help from a bibliography writing service to avoid shortcomings or confusion on their paper. Let’s get to know how to do proper formatting for college assignments and essays.

Select the Cover Page for Chicago Style

For a title page Chicago style layout, you need to follow a few guidelines, as mentioned below. However, these guidelines overlap with other citation styles as well. The first thing to do for Chicago style paper formatting is to select the cover page style for your assignment. Follow the page setup we mentioned here to use this format appropriately. 


For the title page Chicago Manual of Style, students must leave a 1-inch margin on all four corners of the cover page. This way, their content will be more appealing and concise for assessment and understanding. Leaving a 1-inch margin around the page is mandatory for all pages, including the title or cover page. You may also leave more than 1-inch space on all corners of the page if your professor or college requires it.

Chicago Paper Formatting Fonts

Students are allowed to choose any font and size as long as permitted. As a general rule of thumb, using a font size of 12 and a font style of Times New Roman is recommended. If your college or university says otherwise, you may choose accordingly. 

Chicago Style Paper Title Page

For the title page, you need to write the entire Chicago style essay in a center-aligned position, and the title needs to be bold and in capital letters. All headings of the page will be in capital and new paragraphs with increased ident by ½ inch. Page numbers must be mentioned in the upper right corner or lower right corner in bold or in the central position of the page. This helps readers to know what page they are reading. The guidelines for the title page are mentioned in a Chicago format paper example.

Page Title

Center aligned

Writer/Student Name

Center aligned


Center aligned

Teacher/Professor/Instructor Name

Center aligned

Writing Date

Center aligned

General Chicago Format Essay Guidelines 

The general guidelines are followed throughout the Chicago formatting style and applied from start to finish. These instructions are mentioned below.

Font Style

Times New Roman

Font Size




Page Margin

1 inch all around

Indent New Paragraph

0.5 inch increase

The above table contains the guidelines applicable from the first page to the last. These universal Chicago citation style guidelines apply to humanities and science subjects. Therefore, adherence to this format and instructions is mandatory for all students.

Paper Heading Chicago Style

For the chicago manual of style heading, there are certain limitations on how much capitalization can be used. Students are encouraged to use capital letters for headings but sentence-style capitalization for Chicago style subheadings. Here is a demonstration of the Chicago format heading for your essays.




Fires of Mordor

Chicago Footnote & Endnote Formatting

For Chicago footnote formatting, students can use a footnote or an endnote for citing their sources. They need to add the superscript number in the paragraph or sentence end that accurately corresponds to the source cited in the paper. 

For a footnote, you must add the source details at the end of the page. On the other hand, endnotes are featured at the end of the book. An important thing to remember in Chicago style format citation is to add the information in numerical order to find accurate correspondence numbers easily. A short example of a footnote or endnote is mentioned in the following sentence with a superscript added at the end.

“Diabetes causes more than 10 million deaths worldwide”

Intext Citation for Chicago Writing Style

The in-text citation method in Chicago manual style paper uses two types of information for references: author-date and author title. Both methods have just one difference between them. For the Chicago mla format of author-date, students must only write the author’s last name and publication year in brackets.

In the author title format, you must write the author’s last name, the title’s name in italic font and the page number in parentheses. This way, you can create the in-text citation for your paper.


The bibliography includes a list of references and sources used in making and researching the paper. You can add the names of the websites, journals, books, interviews of experts etc. Students can start writing a bibliography by adding the author’s last name, book name, page number, title and publication date and presenting them at the book’s end.

One important aspect to remember is to add all the references and sources in a bibliography in alphabetical order for compliance in finding relevant information. This way, students can complete their work with ease and less stress.

Proofreading For Mistakes

The last step of making a Chicago format paper for a college assignment is proofreading your content for grammar, typos and punctuation mistakes. You must ensure your content follows all Chicago style paper format protocols. Keep looking for deviations, editing mistakes, and maintaining coherence throughout the paper. After completing this step, submit your paper for final evaluation by your professor.

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Chicago format paper is used around the world in a variety of subjects. Students need to learn all the key details of Chicago style formatting for appropriately using citations to enhance the credibility of their papers. In this blog, we presented all the important steps and highlighted the key areas where students need improvements. If you find these details challenging, we recommend you use a essay writing service for this assignment. You will get plenty of benefits that will help you easily secure top grades on your assignments.

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