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Writing a perfect argumentative essay is essential, as every student needs to write one at some point in their academic career. According to Seanclaude, “Great topics for argumentative essays are those that are interesting, controversial, and well-researched. They should also be appropriate for your audience and length requirements”.

Sometimes, students have an idea to write an essay, but choosing the topic for an argumentative piece of paper becomes a challenge. Whether you are a student, a history lover, or a philosopher, we have covered many topics and argumentative essay examples.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative writing supports the main point using research, theories, and evidence. The author’s thoughts and opinions do not just support this essay; they need facts and evidence from different sources. 

The primary purpose of this type of essay is to convince the reader to accept a particular viewpoint. 

For example, you have a viewpoint surrounded by different thoughts and arguments. Some of these arguments are positive about the viewpoint, and some will deny this. 

As an argumentative writer, you must provide authentic evidence and counterarguments to show the reader both sides of the main topic. In the end, you must claim your support and convince the reader of your opinion. 

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As Desmond Tutu said: “Don’t Raise your Voice; improve Your Arguments.”

That was a brief definition for you, and you can read more about argumentative essays here.

Examples of argumentative essays

Examples help us better understand any topic, whether an argumentative text or a comparative essay. That’s why we are here to help you find the best example.

These argumentative essay examples range from student life to history and philosophy. We suggest you read them to improve your ability to argue in your daily life. 

Middle school argumentative essay examples

Argumentative piece of writing plays a vital role in developing logical thinking in students. Middle school is the best time for students to develop this skill. 

Here, students have a problem; they have an idea about an argumentative essay but need to know how to start writing it. 

Below, we have included some detailed argumentative essay examples middle school. Read these examples today and start writing an argumentative essay on your own.

6th grade argumentative essay examples

Many 6th-grade students need help finding the right argumentative essay examples. Below are two of the best examples.

1. Should school uniforms be worn or not? Justify your answer with arguments


A school uniform is a dress that every student wears during school time. Every institute has its uniform with unique colors, logos, and monograms. 

Wearing school uniforms is a topic of debate that has gained the attention of parents, teachers, and students. Overall, students wearing school uniforms create a more unique environment, but there are still some challenges.

Opposing Viewpoint: 

Wearing a school uniform takes away children’s right to self-expression. Many mothers find it difficult and time-consuming to prepare their children for school; therefore, they want schools to be free from uniform requirements, as this also saves money for poor parents.

Tip: That’s how you will present claim in an argumentative essay just like our example. 

Counter Argument:

While some people are on the side of banning school uniforms, it doesn’t mean that every school should remove them. 

According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics,

“In the 1995–1996 school year, only 3% of public schools in the U.S. required uniforms, which increased to 20% in 2011–2012.”

These stats show that more and more schools are adopting uniform discipline. I was also once a student, and a uniform boosts discipline and togetherness among students.


Both aspects have benefits and drawbacks, and it is an individual’s opinion on which side they want to stand on. Overall, wearing a uniform has proven more beneficial in students’ lives. As Bryn Tomas Said,

 “Our uniform is part of our school identity, uniting our students, and we hope they take pride in wearing it.”

2. Is homework for students necessary, or is it just an extra burden on them? An Argumentative Essay examples

We are following a standard argumentative essay outline that you need to follow in your work. 


Homework is a task students must complete in the comfort of their homes. Every teacher has different tasks related to their subject that are considered overbearing to students. Some people support this tradition, while others say that it harms children’s health.

Opposing Viewpoint:

People think homework develops a sense of study habits and personal learning in children. It was also believed that students might need to do homework to understand topics they cannot fully cover in school. 

Furthermore, homework makes a sharp-minded student more intelligent than a student who does not do homework.

Counter Argument:

Too much homework can cause discomfort, stress, and health-related problems, especially in 6th-grade students. Students need mental relaxation after a mentally tiring session in school. BY CLIFTON B. PARKER, a researcher at Stanford University, states that. 

“According to the survey data, 56 percent of the students considered homework a primary source of stress. Forty-three percent viewed tests as a primary stressor, while 33 percent put the pressure to get good grades in that category. Less than 1 percent of the students said homework was not a stressor.”

The figure shows that many students suffer from homework, which should be avoided in school, especially for lower classes.


Everybody has their way of thinking. Some people find homework a positive way to enhance self-learning, while others think students should be physically active after school. Most research shows that too much homework is a burden that should not be allowed.

Hope you have learnt to write conclusion for an argumentative essay, otherwise you can read more in detail about this. 

Take a look at these 6th grade argumentative essay examples today and see how you can make your presence in class valuable.

7th grade argumentative essay examples

7th-grade students might find it challenging to write essays. Do not worry; we’ve provided two practical middle school argumentative essay examples that help the students write independently.

1. Should students be allowed to have cell phones in school?


A cell phone is an electronic device used to communicate, play games, listen to music, and for many other purposes. Some of these purposes are beneficial for students, while some may harm them. 

If we talk about 7th-grade students, it is not harmful to say that they should be banned from using cell phones. They need to be more mature to use cell phones for rightful purposes compared to students in grades 10 to 12.

Opposing Viewpoint: 

As everybody knows, after the COVID-19 outbreak, everything went online. Students became habitual in studying using electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. Now, people want an environment where students can access mobile phones within the school. 

According to New York City sources, “On January 7, 2015, New York Mayor de Blasio lifted a ten-year ban on phones on school premises, with the chancellor of schools stating that it would reduce inequality.”

But this is only right for some situations. Some scenarios depict that cell phones should be banned within the school premises, especially for 7th-grade students.


A mobile phone can distract participants during the study. Furthermore, video recording and photo-clicking features may increase violations in societies. 

For example,we see different kinds of unethical videos from the school’s territory daily, including dancing videos, sexual content, and fighting scenes. These types of videos lower a school’s reputation and create a bad image of a country on an international level.


The above arguments show the positive and negative aspects of using mobile phones in school. Some say it’s good to use, while others deny it. 

However, as we all know, 7th-grade students are not smart enough to understand the proper use of cell phones, so they must be banned from using them in school. Yet, students from grades 10th to 12th should be allowed to carry cell phones. 

2. Should parents monitor kids’ internet use? An Argumentative Essay Examples

Before starting an example, we suggest to have a keen eye on paragraph starters for an argumentative essay, so you can follow same pattern in your essays. 


With the evolution of technology in today’s era, it’s impossible to stop kids from using the Internet. According to PEW research center “The vast majority of adolescents (age 13-17) have access to smartphones (95%, 2023 data), desktop or laptop computers (90%), gaming consoles (83%), and tablet computers (65%).”

The Internet may benefit kids, but we cannot ignore its adverse effects. Let’s discuss the topic with arguments to understand it better. 

Opposing Viewpoint: 

Many people state that their children spend more time on cell phones than playing physical games. Excessive use of the Internet leads to eye weakness and neck pain. In addition, kids who watch unsafe content are prohibited under the age of 18. 

This type of content spreads negativity among the kids and weakens their mental health. It is recommended that the kids’ internet activity be tracked to guard them from accessing unethical content.


Internet usage is necessary in today’s world to stay in touch and inform others. Some parents allow their children to use the Internet to stay updated with technological advancements. 

Besides this, they believe that staying updated makes them more sharp and intelligent. A report from UNICEF states that 

“Children who participate in a wider range of online activities are more skilled in using the internet, while those whose access to the internet is more limited tend to have weaker digital skills.” 


Children who use the Internet for excessive amounts of time may suffer health-related problems. A balanced internet usage time may help children stay safe and healthy. 

It is also recommended that children’s internet activities be monitored. Stop them from accessing unethical content and encourage them to participate in online activities to improve their digital skills. 

It is easy to write a perfect essay if you refer to these 7th grade argumentative essay examples. 

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Example of a Rogerian argument essay

A Rogerian essay is a type of argumentative essay proposed by a U.S. psychologist doctor named Carl Roger. To understand his theory, we have provided a comprehensive example of a Rogerian argument essay.

Rogerian model classroom management essay

We are sharing a research based article from Google Scholar to give you an idea. 

“Modernity began with the Renaissance and the Enlightenment and ended roughly in the middle of the 20th century. It was characterized by a belief in progress, universality, and regularity. These beliefs were implicit in modern philosophy, art, literature, and architecture and are best exemplified by modern science. 

Until the mid-20th century, science was grounded in the belief that scientific progress would improve the world—”better living through chemistry,” as the motto of one chemical company put it. 

For Newton, the main progenitor of modernity, natural laws were discovered by observation and experiment, were universal, and were held across time and space. Finally, natural laws were regular and brooked with no exceptions. As Einstein put it, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.”

Argumentative History Essay Examples

Historical arguments differ from others as they focus on how and why an incident occurred. But before you know how to write a history essay, you must choose appropriate examples of argumentative essays. The given table will give ideas for a historical argument essay example.

History CategoriesArgumentative Essay Examples
Human historyWhat compelling evidence and theories support the idea that human history starts in Africa? Based on your understanding, defend or challenge this narration.
Gender HistoryWhat role has gender played in shaping societies, politics, and cultures throughout history? Argue for the importance of gender history in providing a comprehensive understanding of past events.
Ancient History Study the political, social, and cultural dynamics of early civilisations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Develop your argument and show how that era shaped modern societies and their enduring legacies.
Military HistoryWhat are the military strategies, technological advancements, and societal impacts throughout history? Can studying military history help us understand global conflicts? Come up with your arguments.

Pick one of the above samples and start writing your argumentative history essay examples today.

Philosophy Argument Essay Examples

An argumentative philosophy essay begins with a thesis reflecting your main topic. The categories of philosophy below, with proper examples, will clarify your concept and help you write a better essay.

Philosophy CategoriesArgumentative Essay Examples
Political philosophyState the theories of political philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Machiavelli, Locke, and Rousseau. What is the impact of these political philosophies in shaping ideologies, governance structures, and individual freedoms throughout history till the present day?
Philosophy of scienceStudying how the philosophy of science works has become essential in recent years. Scholars are examining the assumptions, methods, and implications of scientific practices. However, one big question remains: What makes scientific knowledge valid?
MetaphysicsMetaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores the fundamental nature of reality. There are many questions in metaphysics; some key ones remain: What is our place in the universe? Does the world exist? Come up with proper arguments to justify these points.
LogicLogic is essential for thinking, helping us make good arguments and reach a conclusion. But there are still questions about logic: What can logic explain? Can we know everything just by using logic? How do different types of logic affect how we see the world? Explain the answers with your arguments.

Choose the suitable Philosophy argument essay examples from the above table and start writing your essay today.

Argumentative Essay Examples for College Students

College students who may need to write an argumentative essay as an assignment or as part of their final exam preparation can benefit from this list. Below, we have provided a table for examples.

TopicsArgumentative Essay Examples
Sex Education in CollegeShould sex education be a part of college study, or should parents teach their children about sex by themselves? Explain the situation with proper arguments.
Use of TikTokShould college students be allowed to make videos on TikTok? Or it should be prohibited for under 18 users. Justify with proper arguments.
Inequality of IncomeHow is income inequality affecting society? What steps can be taken to overcome this issue at the national level?
The help of A.I. tools in college workspaceHow are A.I. tools like Chatgpt affecting the working habits of college students? Should they be allowed on school premises, or should their usage be banned?
Use of cellphone in CollegeHow does cell phone use affect college students? In addition, should college administrations ban it?

These examples can help you write an argumentative essay. But if you cannot find a suitable topic, try our social media argumentative essay topics for College Students to make you shine in class.

Argumentative essay examples for university Students

Looking for a good Argumentative essay example for the University? Choose an example from the list below and start writing it yourself.

TopicsExample of an Argumentative Essay
Use of cell phone while drivingHow does the usage of cell phones during driving cause accidents? Should the government ban cell phones in vehicles?
Uniforms for University StudentsShould university students also need to wear uniforms like school students?
Single-sex or co-educationIs single-sex education at university better than co-education? Prove your point with arguments and examples.
Student councilsShould student’s involvement in student councils affect their study?
Part-time jobIs a part-time job a good option for a university student? Discuss its effects on academic career.

Once you have reviewed the examples and topics of argumentative essays, start developing your own argumentative essay according to the suggestions given below.

  • Choose an arguable topic for your essay which in neither too broad, nor too limited. 
  • You must have enough data to make argues from each dimension on the topic. 
  • Clearly define the purpose of the essay, what idea or view point you want to prove in the essay. 
  • And most importantly try to validate your purpose clearly before writing in main body paragraphs. For this must check argumentative essay body paragraph examples we are providing. 
  • Making a strong thesis on your argumentative essay examples or topic is crucial. 
  • Your thesis must be a combination of observation and personal opinion. The thesis statements are not generally accepted as true because some peoples may disagree with statement. 
  • Write an argumentative essay by making a clear image of your target audience in mind. 

For example if you are writing an argumentative essay on usage of mobile phone in classrooms, then your target audience must be students, teachers, parents, and faculty. If you don’t have a clear idea of your target audience then most probably your essay may not depict the clear view point.

  • These evidences must be from an authentic resource which is trusted. The “St. Martin’s Guide to Writing” lists these following forms of evidences.
    • Facts
    • Statistics
    • Authorities
    • Anecdotes
    • Scenarios
    • Cases
    • Textual evidence
  • Use authentic, clear, and convincing evidence and transition words for an argumentative essay writing. Your reasons and arguments must be backed with proper evidences and claims to support your view point. 
  •  Same like other essay writing, make your first draft for argumentative essay. Check for different flaws and errors within your document.
  • Make sure the evidence supports your arguments and reasons. Revise and edit your document again and again until you get a final error free document.

How can we help you with argumentative essay writing?

Argumentative essay writing is complex, even when you have a topic. Here, we come in front to support your efforts. Don’t make yourself feel sorry, as every student nowadays faces this situation. Without overthinking, check out our argumentative essay writing service to write an essay quickly. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, an argumentative essay is a type of essay that uses arguments and evidence to support your claim on a specific topic. We have covered different argumentative essay examples to help you write a better essay. Whether you are a student, a philosopher, or a history enthusiast, these examples are the right fit for you.


These are the three good topics for argumentative essay examples:

  • Is a remote job better than a physical job?
  • Are students allowed to carry cell phones in school?
  • Should the death sentence be applied in the country?

Yes, it is a positive way to mention examples, research, and evidence to reinforce our viewpoint to others.

Argumentative essay writing is considered to be hard because it needs deep research, solid evidence, counterarguments, and live examples to support your opinion.
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