5 Paragraph Essay: Mastering Steps To Writing A Great Essay

Writing a 5 paragraph essay takes courage, commitment and time. Many students try to make one, but they always fail to do so. These essays are a must if you are completing your higher education, such as a Master’s or Ph.D. Typically it takes a minimum of 5 hours to a full day or more to write a lengthy essay like this.

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What is a 5 Paragraph Essay?

A 5 paragraph essay is an assignment for students of higher education. You must prove your thesis or findings as valid and logical in extensive and detailed arguments. It’s a complex and lengthy task requiring the full attention of the student and their knowledge. Since it’s for Master’s and Ph.D. students, making one takes hours and even days. We will discuss some of the basic parts of the 5 paragraph essay outline for your understanding.

5 Paragraph Essay Format

A 5 paragraph essay has the following parts in its outline or format if you want to make one for your assignment. Typically every essay has one paragraph of introduction, body part and conclusion. On the contrary, a five paragraph essay format consists of one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion part. Let‘s look at the structure of a 5 paragraph essay example from an expert’s eye.

5 Paragraph Essay Structure

Introduction paragraph

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Concluding paragraph

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

We have already mentioned the structure of a 5 paragraph argument essay example; now, let’s learn how to write one. This delicate assignment for your college requires your full attention and expertise to make it through. Don’t worry; if you are reading this blog, you already have enough information to grab straight A’s. Let’s learn the intricacies of writing a five paragraph essay.

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Choose a Controversial & Debatable Topic

As a student, your first step is to choose a topic that has a controversial theme. Any disputed topic will provide space for new arguments, which you can easily debate. Students must choose a topic that broadens the horizon of their understanding. For this purpose, they need a topic that can be debated from multiple perspectives. Selecting a topic worthy of your audience’s and your teacher’s time must have the following qualities.

  • Audience centric approach 

  • Open for debate

  • Controversial (disputed)

  • Must have research available 

  • Debated before many times

  • Add something new or challenge already existing beliefs 

  • Must fall within your domain/discipline 

  • not exceed your expertise or capabilities

  • Makes you comfortable doing work on it

  • Can be completed within a defined timescale

A student can choose a good topic for their assignments by considering these qualities of a topic selection.

Do Research on the Topic

The second step of writing a 5 paragraph essay is to start researching the topic. This step is lengthy, complex and takes half the time of the entire process. While researching, students must note both opposing and supporting statements. This will make their essay more resilient to questions or challenges they will face later on. 

For an outstanding research paper, students must add credible findings supporting their arguments. Your research is the only source of defense for your write-up; therefore, it must be impenetrable. Students may use hours or a full day to gather only valid and legitimate findings from credible sources. A student can use the following sources to complete their research such as;

  • Newspaper.

  • Journals (medical, scientific etc).

  • Books on the topic.

  • Interviews of the subject matter experts.

  • Blogs or vlogs of the experts. 

  • Peer review papers.

These are all good sources of research for your outline for 5 paragraph essay. Following these research collection steps, you can gather outstanding findings for your essay. 

Make an Outline

The third step of writing an essay of five paragraphs is making an outline. An outline is the blueprint of your arguments that are structured precisely. Having an essay outline gives you direction on how to present your arguments on the findings in a hierarchy. An outline helps solidify your case for peer reviews and provides credibility to your content.

A five paragraph essay’s outline consists of the following parts.

  • Introduction paragraph 

  • Body paragraph

  • Conclusion paragraph 

Outlining your essay helps you in various ways, such as providing a framework for presentation and composing. Parts of the outline work in the following manner. 

An introduction paragraph is the first part of your essay that introduces your audience to your work. It ignites the interest of your audience and makes them read the entire essay. 

A body paragraph is the second part of an essay. This part contains all the arguments in favor and against the research. An author answers all the opposing questions in this part by providing a rebuttal. 

A conclusion is the end of a discussion or debate. The writer restates their thesis statement and summarizes the essay’s main points. It’s the last attempt of the author to persuade their audience to accept the narrative. 

Start the Essay with an Introduction Paragraph

After completing an outline, it’s time to start writing an introduction paragraph of the essay. It’s the first written part of the essay and has three main parts; each performs a specific function. As the name says, an introduction introduces your audience to the topic and its discussion.

To provide thorough information on the topic, the author uses three parts of an intro to grab the attention. These three parts are the following;

  • Hook sentence

  • Background information

  • Thesis statement

hook sentence immediately grabs your audience’s attention to the topic. It’s a one-line sentence that uses persuasive language to target readers emotionally. An example of a hook sentence can be like the following;

“Fossil fuels drilling and spillage destroyed more than 50% of the marine ecosystem permanently”.

A hook sentence mentioned above works quickly and ignites an emotional connection between the reader and the topic. This way, you may ensure your reader will read till the end of the essay.

Background information provides a history of the topic in discussion. It informs your readers how it was started in the past and at which stage it is in the present. This way, a timeline of the problem’s existence can be created that further endorses a solution. 

thesis statement is the crux of the writer’s research and brainstorming. A thesis is formed after conducting in-depth research and developing a logical solution. This way writer proposes a reasonable, new, and carefully calibrated solution to the specific issue.

Add Findings, Arguments & Counter-Arguments in Body Paragraphs 1,2 and 3.

The most important step in writing a five paragraph essay is to compose the body part. Your entire research and its scope need to be added here so you can communicate effectively. The body paragraph has the same importance as a heart for the human body. Thus it urges the need for perfection, precision and authority on the topic. 

A body paragraph is started with the topic sentence that summarizes the entire paragraph’s content in one line. If you find it challenging to articulate your thoughts effectively, you might consider the option to hire a essay writer. After that, you may write your first arguments to support your thesis. A counter-argument or opposing statement provides validity to your narrative. In fact, seeking the expertise of a professional can sometimes bring new perspectives; even so, it’s crucial to maintain the flow of your own argument. In the body paragraph, you can have a detailed discussion to prove your point of view. For each point you make, prove it with evidence that shows relevancy and authenticity from the author’s perspective.

After you prove your research’s authenticity, it’s time to add counter-arguments against your narrative or findings. This way, you can show an unbiased picture of the topic and discussion. You must provide your audience with arguments from both sides of the spectrum. This step will enhance your command of the subject and enhance your supremacy in the eyes of your readers. 

Since you are writing a lengthy essay, dividing your arguments into paragraphs is important. Place your most recent and relevant evidence in paragraph one and debate on it. Similarly, add other arguments and findings in paragraphs two and three. Save the best and knock-out punch for paragraph three. 

After adding your findings, arguments and counter-arguments, add a rebuttal where you answer counter-arguments in detail. Answering all the questions your opponent raised on your research cement your position. Your essay’s body paragraphs are the new benchmark for other students to follow. This way, you can write a stellar essay with mesmerizing details in the body part. 

End Discussion in the Conclusion Paragraph

The last writing part of a 5 paragraph essay is the conclusion. You must provide your audience with a closure on the topic’s discussion. To achieve this, an author must restate their thesis statement and persuade their audience one last time. 

Restating your thesis statement is easy; you must mention your research in new words. Repetition is prohibited since the readers already read them before. Create a new way of explaining your thesis. 

The second step of writing a conclusion is summarizing the essay’s main points for readers. Your audience may not remember the entire essay. To solve this problem, you must provide a recap that will help persuade them to accept your research.

The concluding remarks are the third and last step of the conclusion paragraph. You need to reemphasize the points shared in the above paragraphs. Make your audience agree with your side of the story and end the debate with one last blow.

Proofread the First Draft

After completing the essay, it’s time to proofread the first draft of the write-up. It’s common to have typos, grammatical mistakes and lack of coherence between paragraphs. As a writer, it’s your job to eliminate all the errors. 

A golden rule of thumb dictates doing proofreading after a few days. Although for lack of time, you may proofread your document after a few hours of rest. Highlight the key mistakes of your essay and note them in your diary as well. This will make your content fool-proof for the next assignment and give you a clear picture of your writing capabilities. 

Make a Spotless, Mistake-Free Second Draft

In light of highlighted mistakes by proofreading, apply edits to make a second draft of your essay. You must add all the valid suggestions and make your content as robust as possible. A mistake-free essay will provide you straight A’s, guaranteed. 

After applying the suggestions, re-read your essay for any mistakes or cohesion issues. It’s a best practice to hand over your final draft to a college essay writing service. This step will ensure your assignments gets an expert’s opinion on required improvements. 

When you complete this process, submit your essay to the college professor and wait for awarding of the grades.

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A 5 paragraph essay is a complicated and time-consuming task that requires students’ undivided attention. In this blog, we added all the steps that will ensure you get to write an outstanding essay hook for your college assignments. Students must follow the steps and guidelines carefully and understand their assignment requirements. This way, students may ensure their successful completion and top grades achievements.


You can write a 5 paragraph essay by following these steps;

  1. Choose a topic

  2. Do the research

  3. Make an outline

  4. Write the introduction paragraph

  5. Present your arguments in body paragraphs 1,2 and 3

  6. Compose concluding paragraph

  7. Proofread your essay

  8. Make a second draft

  9. Submit your essay

A 5 paragraph essay is typically lengthy, depending on the topic. The shortest essay can be between 500 words to an average length of 5000 words.

To write an introduction paragraph of an essay, you need to start the paragraph with a hook sentence. It will immediately grab your audience’s attention. Then provide a history of the subject under discussion by writing background information. Lastly, add your thesis statement and inform your audience about your point of view.

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